19 Oct 2017

This Season’s Hero Is All about Being Cosy

This Season’s Hero Is All about Being Cosy on vickiarcher.com

The winter chill is not all bad, especially when there is plenty to be cosy about.

This season the shearling jacket, faux or real, seems to be dominating the horizon.

I was debating whether to mention these fuzzy furs after the white boots yesterday – many weren’t convinced they were a good idea – but I will, because I absolutely love our chats when we get involved and agree to disagree. I appreciate we aren’t all on the same page and the interaction that flows from this is where my ideas to show and tell originate – without that I would be working away in a vacuum and that is no fun.

It’s the best.

This Season’s Hero Is All about Being Cosy on vickiarcher.com

Back to today.

What about faux shearling and the like?

It’s another trend I won’t spend big on but it is one to consider, especially as a prop for weekend and casual wear. Yes, the real thing is heavenly too and that is a matter for personal preference.

Shearling can be worn inside or outside on the coat, depending on how much you like the shaggy sheep look.

Yes, I like it. The winter white appeals to me worn with jeans or with the black standby, not to mention as a foil for khaki. Then there is the colourful shearling, which is totally fun on a bleak and rainy day in London. I can a see this would be a total mood lifter.

And about the pugs.

Our family has totally fallen in love with a little fellow called, Marloe. When I saw the Vuitton campaign featured here, I couldn’t resist; I had to show you. Ours is a black pug, with the sweetest personality ever. Actually he isn’t really mine, he belongs to my daughter, but that doesn’t change a thing. It’s true love.

Marloe would be delightfully happy to snuggle up with me, wearing the cosy. That is one very good reason for a new coat. ;) Don’t you think?

This Season Snuggle Up

near enough to shearling and worth a snuggle

***top shop not-exactly-shearling cocoon  ||   ***eliza j faux persian not-exactly-shearling lamb  ||  shrimps ramsay shearling

shearling shine, don’t draw the line

mr & mrs italy shearling parka  ||  raey shearling  ||  isabel marant shearling pea coat  ||  gianni firenze silvia shearling  ||  theory shearling

images louis vuitton 2011 fall winter campaign

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Taste of France

I had a long shearling coat, with the fur inside and leather outside, that I bought when I lived in the Midwest–perfect against a blizzard. But it weighed a ton, and the weight deterred me from wearing it much. I eventually gave it away, but sometimes I wish I had kept it just to wear around the house!

Joanna Ahearn

Fuzzy Furs, I think are just fine. Really, it’s all about how you wear it and what you wear with it. Just need to keep it away from da cats…😊

Mimi Gregor

I have a vintage Persian lamb maxi-coat that I bought at a garage sale. I balked at the price and offered then half. They balked at half… until I showed them how wonderfully it fit me and alluded to how tiny I am… and how most Americans would not fit into it. I think they saw that if they didn’t sell it to me, they might not sell it at all, so they caved. Game goes to Mimi on that one!


I am totally in love with the faux lamb shearling coats although a white coat is a terrible idea for me.
I am in a warm climate right now so not serious coats needed but I am hoping to return North and I will be well coated lol

Maria Sorrell

Since we are on the subject of coats, would you be able to advise me what sort of coat or coats I’ll need for New York this Christmas. In fact general advice on Clothing, boots, beanie, gloves. I’d like to look stylish but have heard instead of the romantic notion of snow, it may just be raining, slushy & very cold. I will of course want to see the beautiful stores & Christmas lights. Also dressing for dinner at say Eleven Madison Park when it’s freezing outside but warmer indoors? Vicki can you please help or any of your wonderful followers please advise.


Maria, I will do a selection of coats for the Christmas weather very shortly … it’s a great idea :)


My mother bought an off-white Mongolian lamb shearling coat years ago to wear in England when she was visiting us. When she left to return to Oz she gave it to me. It was heavy but so warm. Finally when we were leaving England to return to Oz as well some years later I knew it would be too heavy and too warm so gave it to G’s college librarian. She loved it. We saw her on return to Cambridge a long time later and she reminded us how we’d given her the coat. She said it was the best gift she’d ever received- she wore it for years and it kept her warm as toast. So nice to think of the history that coat had. Best wishes, Pamela

Anita Rivera

Good morning Vicki! I have to admit, and I may get a backlash for this, but I do love real fur, especially of this sort. I don’t wear furs however, since I don’t think it’s worth wearing and causing someone anger toward me over it. But what a beautiful feel and way to keep warm. These days, and due to the extreme cold here in Minnesota, we wear unattractive parkas to keep warm!


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