10 Oct 2017

Vogue Italia, Lauren Hutton: On Point

Vogue Italia, Lauren Hutton : On Point

Timeless for sure; fabulous forever.

Lauren Hutton has become the oldest cover girl featured on Vogue.

Steven Klein shot three different covers to celebrate Ms Hutton and Vogue’s tribute to women over 60. She is actually seventy stunning four years old and looking every bit as beautiful as she ever did.

“It has made me feel most useful. I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but it took Vogue Italia’s courage to make it true. This is a cover that can change society, because it shows a woman who is vibrant, attractive, who still laughs, and who for the first time is a woman my age.” Lauren Hutton

Vogue Italia, Lauren Hutton : On Point

What I love about these cover shots of Lauren Hutton is she looks all woman in each shot.

Suddenly sex appeal isn’t about young girls with perfect bodies. Thank you Italian Vogue for making such a winning statement. Yes, she is a beautiful woman and has been forever but how fabulous to celebrate her now as much as then. We can’t all look like Lauren Hutton and carry our clothes so successfully but we can be proud of our years and go forth and conquer. I did think along with my new navy and grey obsession I might just have to add a new rouge/orange lipstick to my spectrum of red shades and a touch of emerald to my clothing wish list.

This is yet another engaging combination to tear me away from the all black.

Age prevents nothing as long as mind and body are in a healthy state.

That’s the first priority and then come the heels; they take practice ;) xv

Vogue Italia, Emerald Highlights and Bright Lips

divine inspiration

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just like lauren
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Mimi Gregor

Thank you for posting this! Lately, I have been rethinking my hair. Not the color… god, no. I’m still on the “color” bandwagon. But the length. I’ve been wearing it in a short, reverse-bob for a few years, and I’m getting a bit fed up with some aspects of it. For one thing, because it is longer in the front, shorter in the back, it MUST be parted EXACTLY the same place each time. AND it MUST be styled to lay smoothly (a difficult feat in hot, muggy weather.) Although it is quicker to dry it and style it, I cannot wear it messy. It must be symmetrically and constantly combed whenever I go out.

I’ve already decided to grow it out to chin length. But this post on Lauren Hutton really makes me think about going even longer. She manages to look womanly and sexy AND mature… all at the same time! Something for me to aspire to.

Good post!

Catherine Baudet

I have always thought about a magazine using the mature women as models. You are almost there Vicki! Fabulous post. Are you aware of fasshion designer Daniela Gregis- she uses very gorgeous older models
Google her. She has great fashion as welll- very edgy


I was shocked when I saw her photo .. I didn’t expect her to look that old but I didn’t realize she is 74 years old !! Good for her :)..


She is stunning. Your writing about her cover, and why it matters, is equally as stunning. Thank you, Ardith


And that is what 74 CAN look like. What a fabulous idea to feature her on the cover to encourage all of us “boomers”, as does your blog, Darlin Vicki!


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