23 Oct 2017

Walking Into Fall

Walking Into Fall on vickiarcher.com

I’m happily walking into and through fall on my way to winter.

Actually I call it autumn, but what does it matter?

Fall and I think of turning leaves. I imagine the sound as we kick our legs and feet through piles of crackle. Fall and I long for cosy sweaters and puffer jackets; the coming of the cooler temperatures is a joy for me. Fall is the start of frosty mornings, cold cheeks and the lingering vapour of a chilly breath. In Europe it means shorter days and twinkly evenings. Some find the end of summer hard to bear; I am fortunate to find it rejuvenating.

I am a cold weather girl.

Cooler days put a spring in my step and make me think of long hikes in the countryside or through urban parks. This moment I can hear the sound of raking as the leaves are pushed from their scattered patterns into orderly mess. Fallen leaves make me want to run and jump, toss them all about and let them soar. Silly and childish I know; but that is what autumn means to me.

We didn’t grow up with the tradition of Halloween and while it gathers momentum as a time of celebration in Europe, it is not a holiday I actively engage in. Autumn for many conjures up glowing pumpkins and costumes, simmering spices and trick or treat candies.

I welcome the change of season for the activities and for the colour.

The fall season immediately brings to mind a stronger palette for our wardrobes, perhaps a foray into something golden, but also a re-vamp of the casual.

Walking Into Fall on vickiarcher.com

I’m in need of new walking boots; sometimes the all-round-best-friend, the sneaker, does have limitations – sodden feet for hours being one of them. A waterproof boot is essential in most country areas for long walks and they even have their place in the city. I am going walking this weekend – so while the clothing might be easy, the boots need some help.

They need to be first and foremost comfortable and they need to be strong enough but not make me feel and look like Frankenstein; they need to be Goldilocks right.

Not too tight, too loose, too hard or too soft; a tall call, you might say? xv

Walking Into Fall: Just Right

***sorel emelie (wear these with everything)  ||  sorel tivoli  ||  helly hanson  ||  sorel danica  ||  timberland somers  ||  ***timberland keniston

Today marks the return of a group of writers creating their spin on a chosen subject, “Welcoming The Change of Seasons”. Different styles, viewpoints, visions and ideas make for fabulous reads. You can find the By Invitation entries HERE.

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Linda Boardman Kerr

Tra-la! Thank you for this post. I just ordered the Timberland Somer boots in black. Just what I was looking for!

D A Wolf

Ah, Vicki… you have flawlessly captured the magic of autumn mornings. And oh, childhood and raking leaves. Then, of course, the delight of jumping into them!

Now about those walking boots, they are indeed beautiful. I popped over to check them out. But my goodness, the booties that grab my footwear-loving heart! The Zanotti’s, the Weitzmans… glorious opulence in boots this season. I WANT THEM ALL. (Shameless, I know.)



Just beautiful Vicki …… what a splendid time of year Autumn is …… and, for clothes, I’m a cold weather girl especially jackets and boots !! It’s so good to have BIO back … I’ve missed writing my monthly BIO posts and have missed all of the contributors. So many lovely blogging friends have disappeared haven’t they ?
Hope you and your family are all well. XXXX


I love the versatility of the Timberland Somer, but when it it is wet and muddy I always go back to my LLBean leather boots with rubber toes. They are not glamorous but they sure are functional when romping in the woods!

Linda B

How I get vicarious pleasure of your description of autumn! I miss it so much here in the SW desert. I was lucky a week ago to travel to Kansas for work, and get just a hint of fall weather. Here, it is lovely and cool in the morning–but it will be 40 degrees warmer by mid-afternoon, closing in on 100 F! So layers are the name of the game.

When I lived in Minneapolis years ago, my Sorels were my saviors. I had the really big and bulky ones for the Minnesota winters.

Can I just say that I still love boots of all kinds? Here, I have hiking boots (and shoes) for the outdoor jaunts but my nearly daily wear in winter is ankle boots of various kinds. They just make me feel like I am walking well on the daily journey of life!


Today’s blog post could not have been more wonderfully timely! I adore autumn and miss it desperately. I grew up in Montreal and miss the seasons so much, especially my two favorites, autumn and winter. I live in Texas where it is finally in the 70’s and we are enjoying every minute of it- but nothing replaces the sound of crunching leaves underfoot and feeling the change of seasons. And the clothes? The best! Thank you so much for this delightful post.

Mona Turner

I have the same sentiments for this gorgeous season of autumn. It has been exceptionally warm in south western Ontario making for beautiful days enjoying it all. To me, this is the most romantic season of all!


One can never go wrong with a fabulous pair of Sorel’s! I wonder if they would accommodate the dreadful bunion I am dealing with!

Mimi Gregor

I love autumn! As a hiker, let me offer this advice on hiking boots: You’re right — sneakers will not make it. You need treads on the sole. But make sure they are ankle boots. I got a pair that did not support my ankles and I had to get rid of them and buy a pair that did. It makes such a difference.


Oh yes, raking of the leaves with the dogs running through them faster than we could work. I, too, love the cooler weather, I feel more alive when it’s chilly and even when it’s frosty. I have to leave town, however, to go to the really cold because in Houston we have 2-3 days of Fall, 3-4 days of Winter, 4-5 days of Spring, as everyone knows. But, we do need water-proof boots! WooHoo! So happy Wolfie decided to reprise our beloved BIO, and SO happy some of our original members, as you are, have decided to return !!!!!


Autumn is the rustling sound of leaves in the breeze and their casual drop to the ground; the smell of warm spiced cider wafting throughout the house; pumpkin and butternut squash soups; and, cooler temperatures that necessitate the lightest of sweaters. After all the leaves drop I love to sit and look at the natural sculptures of bare trunks and branches. As always, wonderful post Vicki!

Anita Rivera

That’s the way to make the transformation from warm to cold. Do it in style, enjoy every falling leave and every budding rose.

Karin - La Pouyette

It works now! It was me, sorry. please delete previous one.
Just want to say that I’m pleased to see you back at our BIO event. Great idea from D.A.
Beautiful Autumn image, beautiful colors, wonderful light and I can feel and hear the rustling leaves under my feet.


The park photo and benches reminds me of the many days that my husband and I would sit on a bench in the Luxembourg Gardens or one of the smaller ones in Paris and just people watch and be happy :)


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