17 Oct 2017

White Boots: Everybody Is Wearing Them

White Boots: Everyone Is Wearing Them on vickiarcher.com

Well, not everybody, but I promise it is a big deal at the moment.

White boots – all sizes and shapes – are this season’s footwear. Céline probably started the movement.

Are you shaking your heads and thinking, “no way” and “never in a million years”?

I hear you.

Except one part of me secretly thinks they look quite good if worn in the right way.

Digging deep in the memory bank had me remembering a few pairs of white boots. It would seem I have succumbed to this look before. As we know, there isn’t much we haven’t seen in some version or another, when it comes to fashion.

Here’s the thing.

I will wear white footwear but I don’t think I will be investing heavily in the idea. I like that white feet can shake up a too-familiar palette and can make edgy a classic look. All white feet do provide an unexpected twist.

The white sneaker is a trend I am heavily promoting, the white chelsea boot I love and a rain boot for weekend rambles is a definite. A high heel and pointed toe (as gorgeous as Sylvie is) may have to wait until I get a little more certain and then by that time we will all probably have moved on.

This theory of adapting the trends to suit us works brilliantly in this case.

White it will be when the occasion merits but in my way and my fashion. xv

White Boots: Everybody Could Wear These

 with a pair of black fishnets peeping out?

**rebecca minkoff chelsea  ||  **tony bianco chelsea  ||  vince chelsea  ||  lanvin chelsea  ||  isabel marant point-toe  ||  **dolce vita chelsea

come rain or shine underneath a cosy cape

hunter high gloss  ||  jeffrey campbell chelsea rain boot  ||  ilse jacobson rain boot  || adidas gazelle  ||  nike thea flyknit


i wrote this very early, before i dressed for the day, now i’m wearing an all black favourite dress with my old white adidas. it would look much better if i had these

just saying, i do follow my lead ;)

image, roberter benteler at london fashion week

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Mimi Gregor

You know… before I saw any of the text, the picture came up in my window, and I thought to myself, ” Nice outfit. Don’t like the boots, though.” This is another look that only the tall can pull off. The contrast between the shoes and the trousers would make me look shorter than I already am. And I don’t care for fashion that “looks good if worn the right way.” Part of my having a capsule wardrobe is that everything goes with everything else. If someone actually has enough time to stand in front of their closet designing a look around their shoes… then possibly they need a hobby. (And probably a smaller wardrobe.)


Each to their own, Mimi ;)

I understand not liking white boots – they are a particular look and feel – but I’m not sure about the looking shorter part. Perhaps… I have just got up and gone to the mirror to see if my white sneakers with long black dress are making me feel/look even shorter… back again… truthfully, I don’t know… I think they look cute and are easy for my day ahead… mmmm… I will wear them :) :)

Taste of France

Been there, done that. When I was maybe 6 or 7, I wanted white go-go boots in the worst way. It was some time after the Nancy Sinatra hit. We barely got by, even though my dad worked two jobs. Somehow he scraped together the money for my boots. I was invincible in them.
I wouldn’t want to disturb that magic of that memory.


Love this and a similar experience for me, except it was the white go-go boots worn by Penelope Pitstop who appeared in the Hanna-Barbera cartoon Wacky Races.


I had a pair when I was about 6. Every time I see white boots I think of the Beatles! I’m not sure I can pull of this look at 60!!


I agree with Mimi, this contrast in colours is for the tall. I am 175cm (5 foot 10 inches) and can pull it off. A lady who i work with is 5 foot 4inches and her legs look so much shorter when she wears contrast like this….but each to their own ….We need to own our indviduality.



This is one fashion fad that I am going to pass on. While there may be some people that can pull off the look, I sure can’t. IMHO, the white boots ruined the outfit in the photo. But as you say Vicki, ‘each to their own’. Go bravely if you dare;)


I had them back in the day. I loved them. I wore them to death. I love them today, but this go round I will not be participating. I’ve opted for a pair of silver flats as my homage to edgy.

Love them, love everything about the look. I say go for it if you are so inclined.


Love the look!!
At 5’2″ I can’t pull it off.
I too have great memories of my patent leather go-go boots. Thanks for the past-blast.


Right away I thought of Nancy Sinatra’s These boots are made for walking…. Ahh, good memories. But, I’m afraid this trend is going to remain as just that – a memory.
I do like white sneaks though and have a pair of white oxfords that I adore.

Serena Armstrong

Hi Vicki,
I’ve been a reader of your blog for years and it is still one of my all-time favorites. I love the things you introduce us to. For me, it’s what I imagine it to be like to have a sister and hearing her advice, suggestions and preferences. Your positive ‘voice’ comes through and it is so nice to know I will open one of your posts to something wonderful and uplifting. So thank you. As for the white boots… I had not given them thought until your post… I’m 50, 5’6″,and pretty fashion forward. I think they are super cool. I will look on my fav sites for lower price range options. I’m thinking very high waisted pants, perhaps a top with a white color or with a bold colored midi skirt. Thanks for the inspiration!


Thank you so much Serena,
Send me a pic… I am sure you will style them to look wonderful :)


Had a pair of white zip-up boots about 20 years ago. But I always wore them with white pants or beige, never with black. I remember I was wearing them when overseas in a tropical island developing country and twisted my ankle badly. – I’d stepped back inadvertently into a massive hole in the pavement and then fell/sat on that ankle/foot. Sheer agony. I dragged myself to a café and put the boot up on a chair for 15 minutes while I had a coffee and took some strong painkillers. Then I continued on with my work program, including a visit to a nickel smelter, somehow. But the boot supported the poor ankle. When I got back to the hotel and took it off, the foot and ankle ballooned in minutes to about three times the size. In the morning it was black/blue and I couldn’t get the boots back on. I finished my program in my rubber shower thongs (flipflops to the English) but by then could barely walk! But I loved those boots! And they looked good with all white in the tropics. Best wishes, Pamela


White sneakers – yes; white boots – definite no….fine for a young, fashion-forward miss but I think on a woman of some years, definitely trying too hard and impossible in Canadian weather to maintain that crisp white. I think that this is a trend that will be quite short lived.


Hahaha…the lovely lady in the photo clearly doesn’t do winter à Montréal!! These boots are very pretty and I could see them for certain occasions but outside? On the Métro or Subway agh by the time you got home they would be a mess! I won’t even go into detail of what the back of the left boot would look like if you drive a standard car! As a rule I won’t wear a light colour or suede shoe on my ‘clutch’ foot…I carry my fancy shoes in a tote and wear old sneaks to drive.
I certainly wouldn’t spend good coin on this look…unfortunately it goes into my TTH file ( Trying Too Hard)
I don’t hate but can’t love this look either, but it might well turn someone’s crank, so be it!

Mimi Gregor

Laughed at Pamela’s misadventures with the boots. Reminded me of when clogs were in style, back when I was 18. I bought and wore a pair. But I had to walk like a geisha in them or they would fling off my feet when I walked. Not my best fashion moment.

This has nothing to do with boots, but with leopard print. Today, while browsing in a consignment shop, I found a leopard print silk shirt and tried it on, even though I usually don’t do shirts, and don’t do prints. But, hey — it worked! It looked fabulous, so I bought it. So I’m not totally intractable, even though sometimes I do have rather strong opinions against things that are “in style”. The lesson for me is: If you like something in theory, but think it won’t work in practice… try it on anyway. Sometimes you will surprise yourself… which is always cool.


Vicki, I know exactly where you’re coming from and I say good on you – be brave, you could carry it off! I started searching and even though Gigi Hadid is way younger than me, there was the most fab pic of her on the Harpers Bazaar site dressed in washed out denim cropped jeans, a white tee and gorgeous med. heeled white boots (looked like CK’s on Nordstrom). Her hair was out and flowing, looking tussled and French, and she looked fantastic. Not so sure about the sharp contrast when teamed with black but with washed out denim it looked superb and was an ageless look. I liked it so much I could see the right pair being added to my spring and autumn outfits!


“Every body’s wearing them ” ….. But me :)
I never liked the look .. back then or now. It is too dated looking … the old GoGo look ..
I wonder how many people really will wear them ..

Mimi Gregor

I’ve read that if you have worn a trend first time around, you should generally pass on it the next times it goes around. I remember go-go boots, although I did not own a pair. I thought they were impractical then, even though I was very young and impractical in oh so many ways. They are still impractical. Plus, who wants to look like mutton dressed as lamb?

Anita Rivera

Good evening Vicki! I’m trying my hardest to make my blog rounds in the morning as I’ve done for the last 10 years, but these days, I’m running out the door so early to get to school early. But when I come to visit your blog posts, I am reminded of a world that I love: fashion. White boots take me back to the 60s when I was young. My cousin and I had wanted the white GO-GO boots made famous by Nancy Sinatra’s song, “These boots were made for walkin’.” I begged my father to buy me some, but he resisted. One day however, he came home from work beaming and told me, “I found the boots you want. Let’s go get them!” We drove to a store that I immediately was suspicious of: a second-hand store. He was sure of his path toward the shoe section and lifted up a pair of boots from a large pile of shoes. They were white indeed, but were a pair of RUBBER GALOSHES, lined in dirty white faux fur. I wept.


I love this trend! Just bought white boots, mules and flats. I’m short but I don’t feel like they cut me off. But to each her own!


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