21 Nov 2017

Wink, Wink: Eyes Made Easy

 Wink Wink: eyes Made Easy on vickiarcher.com

Wink, wink, I actually never find the eyes easy.
The older I get, the harder it is to make my eyes up.

Do you have that problem?

It is a combination of elements really.  Obviously, the eyelids are not as supple as they once were and nor is my eyesight which makes the application of eyeshadow, liner and the rest somewhat tricky. Thank goodness mascara doesn’t require too much management. I do like eyeliner and when applied correctly it does make a great deal of difference. Whether you like it subtle or in a full-on cat’s eye, the more artful the job, the better we look.

Recently I was recommended an all in one pencil – eyeshadow, eyeliner and pencil together. I picked the khaki and steel shades up and yes, they are really good.

It was super easy to apply and looked good – plus the colours are the ones I like and that work with a mature skin. The brighter ones would be gorgeous for my girls but for now, I will stay with the more classic shades. The khaki, if you haven’t tried, is really a fabulous shade and most flattering.

Add a couple of coats of mascara and that’s it.

I have been using these new pencils for a few weeks now and while they are a little more I think the ease of use and the longevity of colour will well make up for it.

Colouring between the lines was never easier ;) xv

Wink, Wink: Eyes Made Easy

khaki  ||  steel ||  bronze

images jean patchett by erwin blumenfeld, vogue 1950

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Thanks Vicki! BTW your tip about pressing with the eyeshadow brush versus stroking with it is right on the money, very helpful! And you are right, eye makeup becomes a greater challenge with age, and less is more if you know what I mean. The more natural the better. I look forward to your posts, it’s not easy coming up with new topics every day but keep it up, you are doing a stellar job!

Mimi Gregor

My eyesight isn’t what it once was either, but I have found that using a magnifying makeup mirror with good lighting compensates nicely. In fact, it’s a bit high-def for my pride, but I just take a page from Joan Crawford; it is said that she used high magnification and relentless lighting because she figured that if she looked reasonably good under that, she must look magnificent under regular conditions. I find the same to hold true.

Also, I find it much easier to apply MAC eyeshadows, as they are finely milled. I stick with neutral shades, just a bit darker than my skin. Must be matte, though, or it magnifies lines. I’ve always found pencils difficult to use for some reason. Even with eyeliner. I use a black powder eyeshadow to line my eyes, then a gel liner on the waterline, always using an angled eyeliner brush. I can never get pencils to go on smoothly, and unless I press down harder than is comfortable for me, it skips.


Oh Vicki you are so right! Now I finally understand all those older ladies with the crazy makeup and lipstick way over the lip line . . . it’s the failing eyesight LOL!
I even need my glasses now for doing a home pedicure as otherwise there is toenail carnage with the bordeaux red polish.
Sorely tempted by the khaki pencil . . .

Taste of France

I have found gel liner to be the perfect in-between. Longer-lasting than pencil, but easier to apply (well, less fussy) than liquid liner.
As for eye shadow, all it does is creep into folds and wrinkles and emphasize them. No thanks. I don’t have a ton yet, but I’d rather go out in glory.
Mascara and gel liner do it for me.


OKAY I Just bought THE KHAKI……..tell me is there a smaller line pencil in the opposite side?
Than I got into TROUBLE with another PRODUCT from NORDSTROM’S but the PERFECT GIFTS for GIRLFRIENDS. Not going to say in case they are reading!
BY the way I did BUY that LEOPARD long dress from NM.I was not SOLD on it……….I felt the fabric was too cheap but it hung here for awhile and long story short instead of returning it I use it as a NIGHTGOWN which I ADORE!!!!!A jersey knit fabric…………moves with me……and I feel OH SO ELEGANT IN MY BOUDOIR IN LEOPARD!
Did you see the SOUTH AFRICAN SHOES I JUST GOT on INSTAGRAM………I believe they are right up YOUR ALLEY!OFF TO BAKE another PIE for OUR TURKEY DAY THURSDAY!!!!!!

anita rivera

Good morning Vicki! I wear eye makeup every day to school. I love the way I feel, the way I look, as my makeup accompanies my well-chosen outfit for the day. But like you, I see that my eyes are no longer as beautiful as they once were and that my eyesight is making it difficult to see how I’m applying my makeup! So yesterday, I wore a more casual but still crisp and bright outfit, let my bangs hang a little over my eyes, and left my eyes bare, with only our signature lipstick to make the statement. It worked. I felt like a college kid, bouncing around my classroom, black tights, mid-calf boots, black turtleneck and red lips. Some days are good days to simply go simple.


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