6 Nov 2017

“Get The Boot”: Velvet Essentials

"Get The Boot" Velvet Essentials on vickiarcher.com

Velvet essentials – do they include a pair of boots?

I’m hopeful they do.

What is it about velvet that seduces me so?

It truly does, whether it is clothing, boots or interiors. I am a massive velvet fan.

Yes, it is the texture; the richness of shade and the pleasure to touch but it is also the familiarity I love about velvet. It reminds me of times past, happy times and childhood memories. I can practically recall the velvet pieces from different homes and wardrobes.

Memory is a strange companion and particularly when it comes to the senses. The touch of velvet brings to mind our childhood home – my mother went overboard with the velvet throw pillows – I have inherited her habit. Let’s not start on the velvet curtains, they are dancing before my eyes this morning, but I can’t quite conjure up their whereabouts. It was probably a relative’s home and childhood holidays.

"Get The Boot" Velvet Essentials on vickiarcher.com

"Get The Boot" Velvet Essentials on vickiarcher.com
































This season there are many velvet boots on offer. I am a fan and can see the beauty their texture can add to a simple outfit. They cast sheen that a leather or suede doesn’t and they also suggest an element of cosy. I like the shades of grey and burgundy velvet I have been seeing; unlike leopard print, I don’t think there can be too much velvet. Velvet and denim is a winning combination – especially these blue velvets booties – when worn together.

Velvet boots, booties in particular- the ones that come up just past the ankle – look fabulous with dresses. Try them on with the sweater dresses we talked about and even a simple sheath style. A tailored man style blazer, a pinstripe fabric would look beautiful with a burgundy or navy velvet.

I’ve found the best velvets this morning  and I don’t think we need to look at only the designer brands when it comes to these.

Some pairs are more dash than cash but it doesn’t mean they won’t make a splash. xv

“Get The Boot”

(scroll through the colours once the page is opened, the velvets don’t automatically show on first click)

marc fisher navy grazie   ||  linea paolo bobby  ||  vince grey  ||  halogen anita burgundy  ||  westing bootie bordo ||  sam edelman blue velvet

vince velvet  ||  patricia green  ||  joie yulia lace-up   ||  stuart weitzman clinger   ||  stuart weitzman onthefringe  ||  stuart weitzman the behalf

images, diningandlivingroom.com

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What is it about velvet, Vicki? Like you, I remember the velvet dresses from my childhood with so much fondness. My very first vintage piece of clothing was a gorgeous velvet dress I bought myself for Christmas when I was 16 ( my mother was not amused- used!) and loved for decades after.

I haven’t found the perfect velvet boot yet, but the ones you featured are definitely an option. Velvet just makes us feel regal and stylish. Thank you for the fantastic options.

Taste of France

I love velvet sofas, and also had a magical green velvet dress with big sleeves when I was a child. Now I like a velvet blazer. Boots? I’m a little too practical. I’m leery of suede, too.


Velvet feels luxurious. That is why we love it so. Like cashmere, velvet makes me feel good. A velvet sofa would certainly elevate any room. I’m afraid I’m a bit too practical though. I have eight grands and I don’t want to have to worry about the furniture while they are visiting. They are far too precious. And, as far as velvet booties, I simply can not invest in them. We get too much rain and occasionally snow during our winters. I do love them though.


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