29 Nov 2017

She Wore Winter White

She Wore Winter White on vickiarcher.com

Yes, she did. Winter white and the most glorious smile on their engagement.

The prospect of a Royal wedding has sent us into excitement mode. We love a wedding and particularly when it involves members of the Royal family – especially, Prince Harry, who is a true favourite.

The engagement announcement, while not much of a surprise if you believe the tabloids, was so endearing to watch. They are obviously a fabulous couple with an exciting future ahead. Not to mention they appear head over heels in love with each other.

Their interview was refreshingly open and candid; their joy infectious.

Meghan Markle was a delight to watch. I am a long time fan of Suits so as an actress she is familiar to me. She looked gorgeous for the announcement; her winter white coat, emerald sheath dress and Aquazzura pumps have sold out in a heartbeat.


I have been meaning to talk “winter white” as a classic and as a great change from our traditional dark topcoats. She gave me the nudge I needed.

Winter white, especially in coat form is an elegant departure from the grey, black and navy shades I am prone to wear in winter. The lightness can be so refreshing on a dull and sombre day; not to mention a fabulous contrast for what is underneath.

It’s wonderful to have Meghan in London and as a future member of the Royal family. It’s also exciting to watch her fashion choices, as she is a woman of great style and beauty.

Winter white, here we come. xv

She Wore Winter White

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Taste of France

I like a winter white sweater/skirt combo–indoor clothes aren’t as subject to messy weather as coats are. I can guarantee that if I wear white (or anything pale), then somebody will splash a puddle near me and splatter it with gray sludge. We really must get to work on a stain-repelling aura.
Meghan Markle is likely to have any splatters shielded by bodyguards from now on.
Harry has matured nicely from youthful indiscretions and dubious taste in costumes to someone who seems like a truly lovely person.


I was so impressed with him during the Invictus Games – he is an amazing speaker and motivator – truly come of age… And super cute :) :)

Anne Campbell-Crawford

Hello Vicki -Really a very attractive couple! I liked her fashion choice for the interview, but the shoes, did they really fit her anywhere? Sorry to be the “Fashion Police” here. It is great that he has chosen someone who has not grown up under the wings of the British Royal Family, although I am sure she is totally respectful towards the institution. It should make life easier for both of them.
I look forward to seeing the wedding dress and I am sure little George and Charlotte will play a big part.
Thanks for posting,


I’ve always liked Harry, in spite of his wild behaviour. He lost his mom when so young and in such a tragic way. My heart went out to both boys.
We will miss Meghan in Toronto and on the show Suits but I am excited for her as she enters this totally different world as a royal. It must be amazing but a little terrifying, as well.
Their interview showed just how suited they are to each other. Both caring, fun loving and so much in love. God bless!
We will all be watching to see what fashions Meghan is wearing, as we do Kate. I love winter white and have a short jacket that I love.


Harry’s rapport with children is beautiful to observe. He’s just so natural. And who doesn’t love a royal wedding?


He has spoken from the heart about the psychological torments he battled when a very troubled youngster. Totally understandable to all – they explain his wilder behaviour and some bad choices of costumes. His mother would be so proud that he has fought his way through to the wonderful young man he has become. Strong, brave, caring yet with a remarkable humility and sincerity – and also a great sense of humour. There is a real sweetness to him but strength at the same time. So heartening to see that both he and William are doing their best to carry on their mother’s legacy – in her genuine compassion and empathy for the strugglers and the downtrodden and her efforts to make a real difference in the world. And not just through her fashion choices. Hopefully Meghan will be able to share this with him. Best wishes, Pamela

anita rivera

I am so thrilled about Harry and Megan being together. She is a Los Angeles girl, like ME! She is beautiful and I’m sure she has a heart of gold. God bless them both!


I feel like his mother…all I can say is I just want him to be happy! I did not know who she was but she seems GREAT! (I am also LA born so that shoots her way up on the ‘richter scale’ for me!


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