30 Nov 2017

Softly Softly: How To Care For Cashmere

Softly, Softly: How To Care For Cashmere

Cashmere season is here.

At least where I am. It’s seriously getting nippy and all I want to do is cosy up in cashmere everything.

I hope you managed to take advantage of the sales last weekend and add some cashmere to your wardrobes. Cashmere is wonderfully soft and delicious to wear but it requires maintenance. What doesn’t? It doesn’t really matter whether you shop The Row for your cashmere or stock up at Uniqlo – the looking after is the same.

  • Like pearls, cashmere is a pleasure to wear well and wear often. xv

How To Care For Cashmere

*Use the handwash cycle of the washing machine or hand wash in baby shampoo.

  • *Lay it out wet on a flat surface to dry. Make sure the shape is as it should be.
  • *Be sure not to wring out excess water – treat very gently. The sweater can be pressed against the side of the tub to remove excess water.
  • *Make sure the cashmere is 100% dry before folding and putting away.
  • *Moths and cashmere are the very best of friends – seal cashmere in ziplock bags before storing.

  • Softly, Softly

  • help! one of each please

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image claudia schiffer for tse cashmere

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I find it so strange watching Outlander in the here and now. I started reading four of the books back to back twenty years ago. I encouraged everyone in my life to read them, men and women alike – they were just fab! However as cashmere is the main topic – way way out of my price range so I really don’t know what the “fuss” is about.


Mine are purchases from the Goodwill and other thrift stores. No reason not to enjoy luxury where you can find it… but that much more reason to give it a thorough washing.

Mimi Gregor

Indeed. You can’t throw a grapefruit in a consignment shop without hitting something cashmere. And they are très affordable.

Mimi Gregor

I’m glad that you mentioned the hand wash cycle of the washer. I always use this cycle for my woolies and have never had a problem with shrinkage. I use this cycle for my bras and hosiery (in net bags) as well. Cashmere isn’t nearly as difficult to care for as some would like you to believe. I suspect a plot by the dry-cleaning industry. ;)

A trick that I’ve found for getting rid of pilling is to keep a clean, dry ScotchGuard scrubby pad in my closet to run over pills to remove them. Works better than a sweater shaver.

Linda B

I am a total Outlander fan, and have been since a dear friend gifted me the first book of the series many years ago. I’ve read them all, and some multiple times (because I used to be active in a knitters group who did themed activities based on the books!) I am really enjoying the TVseries.

I do love my cashmere. Many years ago, a dear aunt gave me a black cashmere tunic that is a staple of my winter wardrobe. Last year I added a grey v-neck from Everlane and I love both of them. I do handwash the grey one, and it is so easy to do. The black one I take to the cleaners–it is such a perfect inky black that I fear that washing would gradually fade that; what do you think? Maybe it would be fine with the color softened over time, I suppose.

Mimi Gregor

I can speak from experience. My favorite color is black, and I have quite a few cashmere sweaters. I ALWAYS wash them in the washer. Only caveats: You MUST use cold water, and you MUST use the hand-wash cycle. Other than that, dry flat, and you’re good to go. I’ve never had a problem with either shrinking OR fading.


I would say ‘if it’s not broke then don’t mend it’
There is no going back and washed out faded black looks just what it is ‘washed out faded black!’
Never say ‘I wished!’
WOW three quotes and four exclamation marks!

Jenny Barton

Like Fiona, I started reading the Outlander books in 1991, being Scots-born and in the market for anything which reminds me of that beautiful country. I have read each book cover to cover, over and over, and always find something new. The TV series troubles me slightly in that so much wonderful detail has had to be omitted, and there have been some changes which I don’t feel are appropriate to the narrative flow of the series, but the central performances are brilliant. Regarding cashmere, I have been collecting it for a long time, the oldest item being an Eric Bompard black knee length dress, at least 15 years old. Nowadays, I hand wash it in cold water, use the rinse & spin cycle to get rid of the water, pop it in the tumble dryer for perhaps four minutes, then spread it over the back of an upholstered chair. Works beautifully.


I’ve recently learned the cost of a cashmere item does not determine whether or not it will pill, which happens to be an annoying feature of cashmere in my opinion. The determining factors evidently are the shearing length of the fibers and tightness of the yarn twists. The shorter shorn and the tighter the twists = less pilling. The manufacturing process however does not make this discernment easy to identify. Tighter twisting creates a more dense, heavy weight, which does validate my first experience. It was a cashmere sweater purchased in a thrift shop more than 30 years ago for $19. Lasted until I “out-grew it” after my second child. From Scotland, it was a heavy ply and never ever pilled. What a shocker I had when I could start paying full price for cashmere and it all pilled. Very disappointing:( If you have any experiences or more information about cashmere pilling, it would be helpful to know. LOVE your blog! Many thanks!

Mimi Gregor

Susan, I also have had trouble with cashmere pilling. I’ve tried sweater shavers and files to no avail. The best thing I have found to remove pills is the ScotchGuard scrubby pad. I keep in my closet one just for sweaters. Also, since cashmere tends to pill, I’ve become more fond of merino wool, which doesn’t.


Sorry to say that cheaper cashmere is rougher and more itchy whereas better cashmere is not generally itchy. However, if you have a sensitivity or allergy to wool, all cashmere will feel this way to you. After some sad experiences with ‘affordable’ cashmere, I’ve decided to invest in the good stuff or wear a nice merino wool instead.

Our French Oasis

Nothing beats cashmere and I must admit I cannot wear any other type of wool, just too scratchy. But cashmere is an investment that is worthwhile, yes it is expensive but some of my sweaters I have had for many many years, classic black turtle necks that never go out of fashion and when the weather turns cold I roll them out and wear them again and it is as if they were new. Hand washing and good care is an absolute must, along with drying flat, but they are worth that extra little bit of effort because they make us feel so great when we wear them!


Outlander! Yes! I am also an amateur knitwear designer so you have hit two of my interests with one post here. I’m on my second read through the books and ordered DVDs of the first two seasons to watch at my leisure. But regarding care of the sweater…
Try tying up a sweater in a pillowcase to prevent damage and felting, and always on the gentle cycle in cold water. I also roll up the item in a towel to blot out excess water. Just a few tips I have learned the hard way.

Lynne Savage

New Zealand makes a beautiful soft fabric mixing merino wool and possum, called merino mink. Exquisitely soft, never scratchy , hand or gentle cycle washes beautifully and mine have not lost tbeir shape after many years. Possums are protected in australia but are an introduced pest in new zealand.


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look at that color combination, just amazing, i think i would try with a little feminime color with some of them, btw amazing work, keep it up


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