6 Dec 2017

Cate Blanchett: Steal Her Style

Cate Blanchett: Steal Her Style on vickiarcher.com

Cate Blanchett has a style to steal.

I’d really like to steal her porcelain complexion but as that’s not possible style must be my focus.

This photograph of Cate Blanchett has all the style elements I admire.

The simple black dress – check. The gold bracelets paired on the wrists – check and the ruby red lips – check.

Simple and elegant, this is look I fall back on. Recently I have been re-assessing my wardrobe choices and analysing what are the pieces that give me the most confidence and comfort. I can’t deny they are the classics, the wardrobe essentials that take me anywhere and everywhere. As much as I might like to channel a little boho or dress in a more artistic and creative light; this is my comfort zone. It is best if I learn to accept it.

When I saw this image it was a gentle reminder to wear what feels right for me and to be happy with that. It is not to say there are not enough “me” outfits in the repertoire; the answer is to know and respect what they are.

At this time of year, this is the perfect ensemble.

Besides, It doesn’t hurt to re-kindle the romance with the little black dress, does it? Never, ever too many and all that. xv


Cate Blanchett: Steal Her Style

add to the lbd collection

**felicity & coco pencil dress  ||  **eileen fisher velvet kimono ||  ** teri jon 3/4 sleeve sheath ||  ** kendall and kylie high neck bell sleeve

adorn the wrists

liquid gold  ||  crystal lattice  ||  crystal snowflake  ||  ashley pittman stack ||  textured cuff

image, cate blanchett by annie liebovitz

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Have long been an admirer of Meryl Streep – I think “Out of Africa” was my favourite film of hers. Haven’t read what she’s supposed to have said that seems to have inflamed some of your readers though. I did hear that she expressed surprise about Weinstein and claimed not to know – but that’s all I’ve heard. Think Judi Dench said something similar – but went a bit further saying she had an old tattoo on her bum (JD’s word) saying JD loves HW. Stars like this who owed a great deal to HW over the years for their success must have been greatly shocked, if they really didn’t know. And very conflicted. Will be very sorry though to hear if they have not declared against him and this sort of heinous treatment of women. And also of course to hear of anyone who condones similar treatment of boys and men. With best wishes, Pamela


Ooops! this was supposed to be a comment on the post about Meryl Streep. Not sure what happened.

But I am also a great admirer of Cate Blanchett. She’s a brilliant actress and also an intellectual. For these qualities above all – before her great beauty and style – I admire her. She knows exactly what works for her and at the same time is quite innovative in her choice of gowns/clothes. She is usually a standout on any red carpet – and a lady at the same time. Dignified and down to earth and natural. Yes, she’s wearing black here, but many of her stand-out gowns are in unusual colours – and she always seems to look brilliant. She has played so many wonderful and varied roles – at times is almost unrecognisable. Best wishes, Pamela

anita rivera

Gorgeous. Oh how fabulous this image is. She seems “settled” but not complacent. She appears relaxed in her skin, but not satisfied quite yet – there is more to discover. Growing mature is about the style within. She exudes that so well.

Mimi Gregor

I, too, love her porcelain skin, and would love to have it. Although, I am pale, I am not that pale, though heaven knows I do my best — using sunscreen, staying out of the midday sun, even carrying an umbrella to outdoor events. Contrast helps to make one look paler in comparison (wearing black, red lips, even darker hair), so I must avail myself of these sleight of hand tactics to get the look.


Personally … These are people who are there to amuse us and entertain us, they are actors. Beyond that, I sort of don’t care what their political views are.. But they are free humans and have the Right to say whatever they wish .. and when it concerns the United States and its leaders, good and bad, everyone has an opinion and they are entitled to that. It rarely makes their film better or worse.


The red lip color does it for me. It brightens the whole face in an instant. In fact, I am buying a red color for a stocking stuffer for my daughter this year. She is a professional that has a home office, but she does frequent skype meetings. If she puts on a crisp white shirt and a splash of red lipstick she will be all set for those busy days when she has to present a professional look but is extremely busy with 2 toddlers! I fact, I am going to buy a lighter more cherry red for myself as a gift!


On the NYC subway over the Thanksgiving holidays I noticed an ordinary, middle-aged woman who was wearing a black turtleneck, black pants and black boots with an assortment of stretchy ‘gemstone’ bracelets and black/gold bangles. None of it was expensive but she was simple and elegant. An inspiration!


Another wonderful actress! Yes, I would love to have her porcelain skin but to do that one has to stay out of the sun. I love the sun too much!
Many years ago, an older women (in her forties) gave me a piece of advice. Always have a LBD in your repertoire. You can dress it up or dress it down. I took that advice and it’s saved me many a time from the “what should I wear?” dilemma.


She always manages to look stylish, sophisticated and polished. I admire that about her and in this photo she looks incredibly feminine.


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