11 Dec 2017

The Cape: One Way To Wrap Up For The Holidays

The Cape on vickiarcher.com



A love affair with the cape continues.

I am a fan of the cape; I love the snuggly ones and I like the more structured ones. The hands don’t worry me, I have that all figured out – especially with the soft poncho style capes. When I wear a cape, I lose the cross body style bag and carry a clutch or a simple handbag.

There is something super snuggly about wearing a cape, especially the cashmere styles. I guess they are really ponchos with a front opening. The ability to draw the neckline in as tight or as little as I like appeals and the voluminous generosity of the fabric over a tailored look is attractive. In these colder days leading up to the holidays, they really are a brilliant alternative to multiple sweaters or layers.

A classic sweater style dress is one I wear often and when worn with a pair of ankle boots and a soft cape it is an easy ready-set-go outfit. It will probably be my Christmas Day choice or at least to date, this is what I am thinking.

The Cape on vickiarcher.comThe Cape on vickiarcher.com





































Typically, I like them all.

The art of the cape lies in the fit across the shoulders and the weight of the fabric. Knitted fabrics don’t pose problems generally as they can be arranged over the body in a way comfortable to the wearer. They are light in weight and wearable with most outfits.

A well-tailored cape requires soft shoulders, the right positioning of the arm slits and a weight of fabric that won’t feel like you are hauling your life on your back.  I fell in love with one recently and everything about it looked right except the weight was impossible. It went back before my back went out.

Short capes look wonderful over a sheath style dress in the evening and are a perfect and most elegant accompaniment to the favourite LBD. There is something very glamorous about a short cape in the evenings.

I’m not entirely sure where my cape-crush came from but I do know it is not a new one. I will admit to stocking up on one this sale time.

If you don’t wear a cape, do wrap up in one, I think you will absolutely love it once you do.

Start soft and work up. xv

One Way To Wrap Up

wool and cashmere cape   ||  chelsea cape with faux fur  ||  eileen fisher cape ||  wool cape with collar   ||  maj zip front

burberry reversible  ||  st john milano knit ||   stella mccartney knitted cape   ||  sofia cashmere cape with  leather trim

images, balenciaga 1953 louise dahl-wolfe archive

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Mimi Gregor

…So, not only are your arms incapacitated because there are no sleeves, but you have to have one of them out of commission by carrying a clutch instead of slinging a bag over your shoulder? It’s amazing how much of women’s fashion hobbles us in some way (stiletto heels, I’m lookin’ at YOU!) More amazing, is that we drink the Kool-Aid. I guess you’ve figured out that it’s not a look that I’ll be wearing anytime soon!


I can’t say I’m surprised Mimi ;) ;) You are a woman who knows what she likes … as am I :)

Truthfully, I wear cape styles ( and kitten heels ha ha ) a lot and never find it a problem at all.. I find them remarkably comfortable without the constraint of sleeves. Cosy too… I have the woollen one on today and it’s perfect..

Vive la difference and all that ;)

Taste of France

I have seen a lot of capes around, but not yet as many as some years ago (5? 8? 10? I can’t pinpoint it now) when they were fashionable, especially short ones of wool.
A gift tip: a cape is a great option for a woman whose age makes it difficult to twist arms to get into a regular coat. I remember this with my grandmother, and I ran into it again with my mom. I had a wonderful cape, like a black blanket, with a chic velvet collar and velvet buttons, and I handed it up to my mom. She was thrilled at how easy it was to get on and off. It’s rare to have something practical and stylish–even better, DRAMATIC–in one package.


I love capes- they are easy to wear, keep you warm and are very chic! Any you don’t see them everywhere!


Yes… I am so snug today, Dana…
I’ll probably wear this everyday.. and by Christmas, I’ll need to figure out something else!

Sharon E

I have always loved the look of capes. Last year a prominent woman in town died, and her family gave me a collection of her custom made capes including the fur trimmed one. I was thrilled! Whenever I wear them, I feel so good. Love them. I feel fortunate to have received such a wonderful gift.


A truly wonderful gift, Sharon… enjoy and I am sure her family loves the idea they are well loved.


I too am a love of the cape, maybe the unknown drama inside a sleek exterior. While I’m always on the look out for the next perfect combination, balanced well on ones shoulders, free arm movement, warming without the restriction off sleeves, they remain the most elusive item on my list.


They aren’t easy to find.. which is why I have been wearing the knitted variety more often… a little more casual, Alaina, but equally as elegant. :)

Leslie Bacon

I have a seal skin cape, my grandmothers, from the 1920’s —- her initials embroidered inside… It is fabulous, and when I am not being intimidated by the anti fur lobby, happily wear it… incredibly warm and the most beautiful fur… and now, in style once again. If you keep something long enough………


I love capes!!! Bought a mallard-blue baby alpaca cape in Ketchikan, Alaska, about 5 years ago. Button down the front, with long scarf ties on both sides. Coziest thing I own. Too bad it doesn’t work so well in Seattle rain, but today – in the 20s, frosty, foggy . . . Perfect!

anita rivera

I will take any one of those capes and I would wear them and enjoy them in our outlandishly COLD weather! Lovely, Vicki, as usual!


The only cape I’ve ever worn was for fun from our dress-up box when I was a child. My mother’s old evening cloak – it was in black velvet, lined with burgundy silk and with a large jewelled clasp at the throat. I felt like a princess dancing around the house in that cloak and imagined arriving at balls or being a super-heroine flying across the night sky to the rescue. Somehow other cloaks later in life never quite measured up. Best wishes, Pamela


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