2 Dec 2017

What She Wants: “A Rosy Glow”


My obsession with a rosy glow continues.

I am seeing pink everywhere and I feel the need for pink, everywhere.

Interiors, wardrobe and accessories are calling to me in all shades of rose – especially the soft ballerina tones. We will be renovating soon and this shade is going to play centre stage; I am not sure exactly where but I feel compelled.

I can’t help it; I’m smitten.

When I thought about Christmas gift guides this year my first reaction was, “rose”. I would like everything rosy, so if you (my darlings) are reading – take note. Why not colour code and have a colour crush? There are worse obsessions.

Call me girly, but I don’t know many women who don’t flirt a little with all shades pink. It might not be a full-blown affair but a mere temptation. If nothing else we can all wear a nude lipstick or a blush lip balm; every handbag should have one.

The thought of gift giving and the what-to-give can be excruciatingly long-winded or remarkably easy.

I give with two thoughts in mind- what I would love to receive and what I know would be appreciated. If it’s “what I want” then hopefully it’s “what she wants”.  Present ideas for girls are far easier than for the boys. Can I say that? Yes. I find it so much easier to shop for my girls than for my boys – I try hard to be original but the boys seem to know what they like much more than me.

When it comes down to it there is nothing wrong with practical gifts. Sensible combined with a little whimsy makes for many winners. And besides, when do we ever buy for ourselves what we need? (These definitely count as practical  with a side of frivolous.)

The art of giving is a shared pleasure – one for me and one for you.

What She Wants

Vicki Archer Gift Guide1Vicki Archer Gift Guide2

Take It From The Top

1. GLAM Slippers – what’s not to love?   2. Chan Lu Pearl Bracelet – never too many.   3. Coqui Coqui– orange blossom scrumptious.

4. Catbird Alphabet Earrings – monogram magic.   5. Ambeur Luggage Set – have wheels, will travel.

6. Personalized Nikes – the best gift in town.   7. Charlotte Tilbury – hot lips minis in the best shades.   8. Silk Pajamas – always.

9.Illesteva Sunglasses – style and comfort.   10. Fracas – the original tuberose.   11. By Terry Baume de Rose – every bag should have one.

12. Shrimps Faux Fur Jacket – whimsical and fabulous.   13. Adidas – superstar sneakers.

14. Saint Laurent Tote – the colour alone.   15. Shrimps Clutch – adorable and on sale.

Thinking gifts and giving does put me in the holiday spirit.

I found these other fab lists to be extra inspirational, especially the “Millennial Pinks” and this one. I’ve made my Christmas lists and started ticking  off already, thanks to some of these cute ideas.

Next week I might try and come up with something for the boys. Not promising though ;) xv

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anita rivera

Oooo, you are inspiring me! I found the most gorgeous blush pink cashmere sweater with a white silk collar and black bow. I’m wearing that today!


I absolutely love blush pink with black and white – I’m having a serious crush… ha ha… and thinking not only of wearing pink, pink, pink but also painting everything pink! Help!

Mimi Gregor

I’ve never been the “girly” type, so I avoid pink like the plague. I cross to the other side of the mall when I have to walk past a Victoria’s Secret. I shake my head and roll my eyes when “Pinktober” comes around. For me, my color “crush” is red (after black, of course!) Red lifts my spirits and others seem to react positively when I wear it.


Had to smile when I read this post, especially after reading on more than one shelter magazine post that the color pink (especially the flesh/pale pink) and rose gold are “out” with a capital “O”! Love to be able to change my interior based on when an editor states that ‘x’ is “out”, but frankly, I just don’t have the budget. I suspect I am not alone….
Like Mimi, I’ve never been a girlie girl, ruffles and sweet pastels (other than lavender) look silly on me. Happiest in a wide-leg menswear Bermuda weight pant and cashmere sweater (or set), or crisp white blouse. Now, that being said, a dear friend purchased the most wonderful pink Chanel suit in the early ’90s that still looks fabulous on her, and if she wasn’t such a dear I’d rip it off her body and run like heck!
If pink suits your coloring, then by all means, go for it! Life is too short for us to not feel good about ourselves when we look in the mirror.


I don’t mind if someone says “blush pink” is out… it’s going on my walls regardless… :)


Frankly, I don’t give a damn – if someone says something I like is OUT, either! I just do what I want, as I’m sure you and most of your readers do. Love that pink as well. Strangely enough I wore exactly that combination of colour for pre-Christmas brunch with friends today!
Was relieved to see that your “practical” gift suggestions weren’t TOO practical. I told my husband early in our marriage – “don’t give me a mixer and I won’t give you an electric drill”. In our house the rule is if you really need something as practical as that, buy it anyway but not as a present. Buy something special as a present – doesn’t have to be expensive – perhaps even a book or a magazine subscription. Or one of your lovely gift suggestions. Best wishes, Pamela


Blush pink or any kind of beige or “nude” (nude Caucasian, that is) looks dreadful on me. I just look fat, tired and washed out. But I do love a hot pink in spring or summer. Maybe not fashionable but it makes me happy to wear. And I never care much for fashion fads, only what works for me.


This post reminds me of the movie, Funny Face with the ‘Think Pink’ theme!
Unfortunately blush pink washes me out. However, a blue based, heavily saturated pink gives a rosy pick-me-up feeling. As for decor, a muted Belgian pink on the walls would be divine, Vicki.


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