12 Jan 2018

After Black Lace: What Next?

After Black Lace: What Next on vickiarcher.com

What’s next?

Yesterday’s black lace talk had me thinking about another very easy way to update a winter look?

As much as I am enjoying the balmy days and tropical interlude it is fast coming to an end and the realities of how to dress in a colder climate will start intruding any minute.

One great idea?

Textured tights. Lace, patterned, polka dot or opaque – these are an easy way to liven up a plain dress or skirt. If you rather, go OTT with the whole lot; add lace with lace or wear fishnets with patterns. Right about now in our winter calendar, I’m fairly tired of all my safe options and longing for a little drama to spice up the outfits.

And plus I do love the look of patterned tights peeping out from an overcoat.

I’ll be back in mine before I know it. xv

Tighten Up: One Of Each Please

commando opaque ||  losange knit  ||  rose tights  ||   wolford dot   ||  commando herringbone

commando chainlink  ||  crochet control top  ||  diamond pattern  ||  sarah borghi elisa

image, kristen stewart chanel

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Yes, Vicki! Let’s dress how we want to dress, regardless of what the Millennials are doing! If it strikes a chord with you, wear it and enjoy! xoxox, Brenda


If I can wear my cashmere sweater three days in a row, you can wear your lace dress for three days.

Love the look of those rose tights.

anita rivera

Excellent notion. Even on a dreary January day, a simple dress or skirt with a pair of patterned tights always lifts the spirits!


I have a blouse if you can call it that, made of ivory with a hint of pink, lace. Totally lace .. I have to wear a really nice camisole under it .. I saved it for Special events but it would look so fab with a pair of jeans :)


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