20 Jan 2018

Five Tricks: Five Years Younger

Julianne Moore, five tricks and 5 years younger, vickiarcher.com


“Enjoy being 50. If you sit through the year wishing you were younger, before you know it, it’s going to be over, and you’re going to be 51.”


julianne moore



Are there five easy tricks to looking five years younger?

I am not sure if these ideas really make me look any younger but they sure do make me feel a lot better. There are certain “grooming” (for want of better word) jobs I need to have done regularly otherwise I don’t feel well with the world. Simple beauty, hair and make-up rituals that make all the difference to how I look and present myself. They are not complicated or revolutionary but they inspire confidence. When I am behind on these, I am well and truly behind.

The Hair

A good cut and blow dry on a regular basis is one of those can’t-live-without treatments. Recently, I have avoided a haircut for no other reason than time and schedule. I feel, not to mention how I look, terrible. Most likely it is 99% in my mind, but that is where it counts. A good haircut not only boosts the confidence barometer sky high but also does take years off. The blow dry is my weekly ritual and a professional job really makes the difference. If you are lucky enough to manage your own hair then I am jealous. Mine is difficult and is much friendlier, we get on so much better, when blow-dried professionally. If my hair is good, I am well with the world. Silly, I do get that, but we have to do what we have to do.

The Nails

A manicure and pedicure are absolute musts to feel well put together. The latest colour on the fingers and toes is an easy, non-confrontational way to stay up to date. Don’t forget to wipe the nail with remover before the base coat; the manicure lasts so much longer. I don’t do gels as my nails are not strong enough but this move means my manicure will see me right through the week. A new shade, a simple pleasure but it brings all smiles.

The Smile

Smiling takes years off the face, especially in photographs and besides who doesn’t want to be the recipient of a beautiful smile. Invest in teeth; they deserve it. They are hard working, long lasting and define one of our most important features, our mouths. A million red lipsticks won’t hide unhappy teeth.

The Brow

Brows are one of those features that I really care about. I have mentioned before that I am cool with the grey hair but not the grey brows. Brows define the face and a darker brow can lift the eyes and subsequently rejuvenate the face. Well-defined and not pencil thin brows mean less eye-make-up is needed. In between tints, I shade the eyebrows myself. Finding the happy medium between Twiggy and Groucho takes years off.

The Glow

Hydrate constantly and sleep well as no one product can duplicate the wonderful benefits of water and rest. Invest time and energy in skincare. Know your products and use them. I am often guilty of skipping my routine when I am tired or rushed. There are no valid excuses; I know my serums and moisturisers help give me the glow I am looking for. Wrinkles are not the ageing baddie we are lead to believe; a lifeless and dry complexion is the guilty party.


Five Tricks: Five Years

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image, julianne moore by alisdair mcclellan

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Design Chic

5 great tips, Vicki! I love getting a great haircut and blow dry and treat myself to that frequently, but need to work on the manicure…not quite as good at that! Happy Tuesday ~


I never did much with the manicure either… and now… well.. I think it makes a huge difference to how my grooming feels… :)
Try it.. and tell me what you think…

April, styleblancetnoir.blogspot.com

Vickie, years ago when I was young (and dinos roamed the earth), I over-plucked my eyebrows. Too thick, I thought. Well, they never grew back and now there is too much space where hairs should be. This has been my one make-up problem…filling in where nature once did just fine. So, word of caution to your younger readers….pluck slowly!

I read your blog first thing in the morning with a second cup of latte. Always good advice!


Have you tried filling in your brow shape with permanent ink?… Some friends have done this and say it’s fantastic.
I never plucked much… only one disaster that I remember… and even now one of my brows is smaller than the other! So no over plucking… I am with you there… :)


Hi, had to write in for this one. At 55 and after years of drawing on wonky eyebrows in all sorts of wrong shades, I finally took the plunge and had my eyebrows tattooed. It’s life-changing! I feel so ‘done’ even first thing in the morning. No more pfaffing about with eyebrow pencils etc. I would highly recommend cosmetic eyebrow tattooing with a very well trained therapist who offers the hair stroke method. It’s amazing how realistic they can look. Yes it is extremely anxiety-provoking to tattoo your face! But really worth it.


Do you have permanent tattoo eyebrow specialists for stroke hair method to recommend?


My eyebrows & lashes were becoming sparse and I starting using Rapid Lash with excellent results – not a problem anymore!

Mimi Gregor

Oof! I did this, too, when I was a young teen, and my eyebrows have never grown back properly. I wear eyebrow pencil always. Yes, even to bed. I find that Rimmel makes the best brow pencil; so many of them out there are too soft and go on too heavy. I’m able to get a fine point with the Rimmel, and it goes on with lighter, finer strokes. They also make a light enough brown (sable) for me. After I draw in the brows, I go over it with clear mascara. It defines the hairs that are still there, and makes the whole thing look almost natural (if you don’t look too closely!). This may sound like a lot of work, but after decades of doing this, it only takes a few minutes.

Beth Anderson

One big reason a smile takes off years – because you don’t see laugh lines, you see the laugh! Mouth lines and eye crinkles – they don’t “disappear” so much as look animated and happy. If you are busy making the smile and laugh you don’t see the lines.


So true Beth,
I never notice lines on happy people… :)
And actually it’s the glum/sour faces that draw the attention..


Vicki these are all excellent thoughts on beauty and looking younger. I have neglected my hair and it is time for a lift, new color and cut!

The Arts by Karena
Halloween Artistry


I would like to add if I may taking care of your teeth! Whitening strips work very well! A nice smile with nice white teeth (not too white) takes years off as well!


I agree with most everything you say — re: greying eyebrows, I have a friend (in the USA) who colours hers with that stuff you buy over the counter for men to easily cover their grey hair. FYI she also uses it to take away the grey — hmmm,— down below — Two places she feels woman should not go grey!

splendid market

Perfect tips, I truly believe in each and everyone. I have recently been focusing on my brow routine, and it makes such a difference. I’ve found a great powder that allows me to fill in, I think it really does lift the eyes. I always get those “what have you done differently” comments when my brows are groomed nicely. I also swear by my Clarasonic and the “even better” line from Clinique for bring on that glow! Loved meeting your friend Carla. We cruised the Amalfi and the Aeolian islands last summer, her amazing images really brought me back. I’m working on a post on Li Gilli, a remote island off Positano, and can’t wait to share her promo with my Italian~loving~readers.

Heather in Arles

I owe you a big thank you because I only started doing my brows because of you! Yes, I over-plucked but found a good Urban Decay pencil that works nonetheless. I used to “do” my brows only when going out but because of our wonderful friend DA’s makeover series, I have been making an effort more even when I am just here around the house…it makes a difference in how I think!

PS. Am jealous of Emily’s time with Carla in Italy!

Cathy Wong

Thanks Vicki! These are great reminders….manicure is my challenge:) Not like it’s difficult, but I’m terrible for keeping up with it! I love the comment on wrinkles….I used to worry about getting them, and now that I’m in my 50’s, as you said, there are worse things for our skin!

Sandra Sallin

Phew, now I don’t feel so guity for getting my hair blown out every week. It started when I broke my wrist and could do nothing! While getting my hair blown out the stylists recomended that I let my hair grow? They said I should emphasize my high cheekbones. Who knew? Now my hair is long, it’s grey, it has a dificult texture and needs to be blown out once a week. I tried to do it. I failed. Nails? I know I should have manicures but I never seems to take the time.I do take good care of my skin. Love serums, moisutrizers, etc. Thanks for your recomendations. Love them. Keep them coming!


I look forward to reading your blog and the ladies comments, they make me smile and my wrinkles disappear. I do try to take care of myself but there is always a need for improvement.


I love a good cut with highlights. I always leave feeling uplifted. Several years ago a clinician recommended I get my brows waxed and tinted ( pale blonde). Well, what a difference! And, now I always have eyebrows. Lol
Pedicures are a must even in winter. I love pretty toes. It’s one of the simple things that can put a smile on your face. Manicures ….not often enough….nails filed and clean….polish chips too quickly due to cooking and gardening.
Those little lines around your eyes are endearing. They mean you enjoy life. So Smile!

Donna clark

Vicki, I will SWEAR by Biotin for nails and hair. I’ve been using it ( a tiny pill found at the pharmacy over the counter) for over 6 months and my nails are so pretty and healthy and rarely break or peel anymore. It has to be taken daily and it says you will see results after 3 months. I have and they’re so lovely I rarely do anything but buff my nails. Also, my hair which is super short has thickened up considerably!!


Wow Vicki…I haven’t had my second cup of tea yet this morning and I just had to really think about what – 5 = three! I couldn’t agree more on your five tricks. All spot on. Have a lovely week. Mimi xxx


And a good bra. No, really! Takes years off! I invested in 3 really good, properly fitted ones last year. They hauled my girls back up where they should be & about 6 people asked me if I’d had a face lift. Still makes me laugh as I explained it wasn’t my face I’d had lifted!


Never… :) :) :)
I’ll need to add that to the list.. ;)

You girls are the best… xv

La Contessa

CHECK CHECK and DOUBLE CHECK……….Off to the facial GAL TODAY.Due for a haircut next week and MANICURE was accomplished YESTERDAY!Water here on my desk as I sip the CAFE!I would LOVE a full face photo of YOU………………..PLEASE!XO


You can see me plastered everywhere on my About page at the bottom… they are small snaps but you will get the gist… ;)
I’m not posing today as I am 100% ugly with a terrible cold… I need more than beauty advice!!

Lorraine Wafer

Hi Vicki I saved this blog for a time I had a moment with a cup of tea. I am in Australia and in my mid 60’s….love all these tips and the good bra:):) have always been uplifted by getting my hair cut, coloured and blown..every 6 weeks is good for me. Until recently did my own manicures but decided a couple of years ago to treat myself each month to pedi and manicure….absolute best indulgence….with that has come the eyebrow tinting now a must have too. My lady books me in for all the treatments automatically. Teeth and smile always a priority too. Have just looked up the MAC lipsticks ….are they dry or creamy? .thought I might try one. Thanks again Vicki.

Trish Murphy

Fantastic post Vicki could not agree more with all of the above.I am much more HIGH MANTENIENCE ! these days as I approach the dare I say sixtieth year????.A good hair cut and blow dry and well tended brows make such a difference.Really enjoyed all the tips must try the nail one.Hope that you recover soon Vicki.xx


I love it. I think I’ve taken care of all of these areas; I know my hair and its limits, and I keep it short now. Teeth? CHECK. I can wear my red lipstick and my smile with confidence because as I inch toward 60 in April, my smile and better yet, my attitude is what will carry me through from now and beyond. Skin, rest, hydration? CHECK!

Taste of France

Excellent points. On the manicure, I avoid bright/dark colors because, as a recent photo of Sarah Jessica Parker points out, hands don’t lie. Having well-groomed nails is, well, being well-groomed, but no need to grab anybody’s attention to my hands.

Audrey Friedman

I’d love to hear about the new project in St. Remy. You know what a big fan I am of Le Petit Bijoux.
Sounds like you are busy and that’s a good thing. I, too, am working on a new web site. Why not?
I’m looking forward to seeiing you, hopefully sooner rather than later. You’re the best.
Much love to you and your family.


I recently bought Essie Treat Love and Color nail polish. My nails were getting so thin from gel manicures. And normal manicures do not last on me. I needed something to make my nails look “groomed”. This works perfectly and does not require a base or top coat. It’s a treatment polish, so I am anxious to see if it strengthens my nails. But in the meantime, I love how my nails look. Sheer color, and healthy polish glow.

All in the Detail

Five Great Tips, Vicki!
It is easy to just get a little lazy with one’s self and not maintain. (shame on me!)
I just found your blog and have fallen in love. What a beautiful space to stop and take a moment or two…
Thank you so much for sharing.
Have a wonderful Saturday,


Agree with all tips including the good bra. I find the comments so interesting. I never even think about my non bushy eyebrows, but will take a closer look from now on. Re the cold- I have been sipping on lemon juice, ginger and tumeric for a while now after reading about it on the Mind Body Green blog. It boosts the immune system and if you have a sore throat add a bit of honey. It works for me. I have it every morning instead of tea or coffee.


Totally agree with these top five tips. Getting my hair ‘done’ is such a confidence boost and makes me feel much brighter and more confident. And brows are a must! Can’t wait to see the new french project in progress.


Do you mean to wipe the nail with remover and not rinse before the nail polish is applied?

Cosset Moi

Wow. These tips are great! Getting your hair done is definitely one of the easiest and more permanent way to look younger and more confident.


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