19 Jan 2018

Need To Know: Meet Jade

Need To Know: Let's Meet Jade on vickiarcher.com

Have you met Jade?

Apparently “the jade” is the most popular treatment for the face right now.

Facial massage has always been a great idea and touted as the way to guard the tautness and vitality of the skin. The idea of rolling the skin has long been a treatment of choice in China since centuries past. The Jade Roller apparently is very easy to use, wherever and whenever and regular rolling guarantees excellent results.

You won’t find any argument from me if Jade is as good as they say.

The only downside will be finding the time to add to the day’s skincare routines but it will be well worthwhile to include a few minutes of facial relaxation and rejuvenation.

Need To Know: Let's Meet Jade on vickiarcher.com

So let’s say farewell to the early morning puffiness.

The Jade Roller, a handheld massaging tool, can boost circulation, reduce puffiness and encourage the absorption of our skincare products. The jade roller works to remove excess eye fluid while the stone constricts the blood to minimize further puffiness. Win/Win.

The idea is to use the Jade Roller regularly and for about 5 minutes at a time. The smaller stone works well around the eye area and the larger can be used on the forehead, neck and cheek areas. The gentle massaging motion can stimulate the lymphatic system and provide lymphatic drainage throughout the face.

Tips and Tricks

*Keep one in the fridge/freezer for a few minutes before rolling for an extra cooling effect. 

*Massage gently over your favourite serum or facial oil.

*Work it over a facemask when extra tired or jetlagged, from the under eye area and outwards.

*Work downwards on the neck.

Like most beauty treatments it is unlikely we can expect miracles but it sounds as if the Jade Roller is a very relaxing treatment in itself. I like the idea of continuous cold pressure under my eyes – as I am prone to puffy-eyed mornings. If nothing else spending five minutes each day relaxing with a facial massage can only benefit our better not younger philosophy. There is something to be said for a treatment that promotes and maintains calm.

It’s time I met Jade. xv

Need To Know: Meet Jade

shiffa jade roller  ||  chi jade roller  ||  spiky and smooth jade roller

images, kristen scott thomas by john akehurst

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Such a beautiful presenation, Vicki! Another fun idea to research! And Kristin Scott Thomas is fabulous here!

Taste of France

Did you read about facial exercises? There was an article in the New York Times a few days ago. Apparently a bit onerous (30 minutes a day), as quite a few of the test subjects dropped out, but free, non-invasive and, based on the tests, effective.


As our lives become more sedentary it is essential to keep the circulation running smoothly. Clarisonic sells a firming facial massage attachment with an instructional video…apply cream first then massage. A cellulite brush is key for the bottom and thigh area. Spa treatment at home!


Not familiar with Jade … but wouldn’t think of starting my day without icing my face. Puffiness gone in an instant ! One ice cube does the trick. ….. Jxo

Mary D

Second time I have read about these in the last month, cannot wait to read your reader’s comments.


Your presentation has inspired me to try it Vicki. Love the way you introduce us to new products. Can’t wait to see the provencale cour palette x


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