30 Jan 2018

Need To Know: Holding On

Need To Know: Holding On on vickiarcher.com



A fashion debate has been raised at VAHQ.

‘Could our next handbag splurge be influenced by the rising handheld trend we’re currently witnessing everywhere?’


Everyone has their perfect style of bag, don’t they?

The one they find themselves approaching each time they hit the stores but could your next spend be the boxy handheld bag. Or will a classic tote, shoulder bag or cross-body eternally be your top choice?


We are in two minds.


Thinking logistically, the structured silhouette trend is what we are familiar with. Hurling everything into a slouchy bag or a tote can often be an issue and forever hunting around for a lipstick or the house keys can be annoying. However, there is a great advantage to being hands-free and knowing our handbag is safely on the shoulder or across the body.


Fashion-wise, the structured handheld bag gives a polished approach to any outfit and works amazingly with understated garment choices. Think roll neck cashmere on the top, a pair of leather leggings and chunky black suede booties – add the bag, and you are put together, ready to go.


Ultimately who are we kidding, we can never have too many styles of handbags. The longer we look at them the more we like them. Besides so many have a strap that converts them to cross-body; problem solved. The decision will be about shape not whether we add one to the wardrobe or not. Yes, we are definitely in.

What are your musings on the matter is the structured, handheld for you?

Hold On Tight

softly softly

straud crush velvet in ballet pink  ||  straud crush velvet in baby blue  ||  straud crush velvet in mock crock  ||  grace crush velvet in black

happy medium

**building box block in black ||  mark cross josephine  ||  cuero & mor perla  ||  manu atelier box

divine inspiration

mark cross grace shoulder box  ||  chloe nile small bracelet  ||  chloe pixie round handle  ||  chloe small round double handle

less is more

**calpak small hat box  ||  rebecca minkoff box cross body  ||  studio 33 embroidered box  ||  baye small hat box

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Taste of France

I have a teeny-tiny bag I bought for a formal event ages ago. It has come in handy a few times but really, it’s too small for a phone AND keys AND driver’s license, which is the bare minimum. Something a bit bigger. Or better yet, pockets and hands free, like the guys.


Agree – all these must fit in.
I’m going for the box idea with a shoulder strap as an add-on so I can use it either way. :)


An old shoulder injury reared it’s head a few years ago and I had to resort to a small handheld clutch for about six months… There were few to be found back then but in the end I was able to find that liked. One has a plaid wool body with a brown suede upper and the other is a deep red leather with a decorative clasp. Both have wrist straps that can be detached for a true clutch look. It took a little bit to get used to their petite sizing but I grew to love them very quickly. I love the idea of a proper hand-held so will be keeping my eye out.


I do worry about heavy shoulder bags and our posture – never ideal.. You will find some gorgeous ones this season..


Sorry, not with you on this one Vicki! I cannot see the point of carrying around an accessory that would not only be useless to me – but structured as well???? My two pet dislikes I’m afraid and I would never succumb.
At first I thought you were going to raise the topic of the high top sneakers. I do like them very much and that fabulous dress – oh my, now I could really be persuaded there.
Thanks for always endeavouring to ‘widen’ our choices and allowing us to imagine a myriad of ‘you cans’.


Well whether we like what’s around or not… it’s always good to know :)
Yes, that dress… looking hard to find that! And high tops… an oldie but a goldie ;)

Wendi Yates

Too impractical for the everyday I’m afraid. One hand is lost keeping a grasp on the handles whilst the contents bulge out even when most carefully edited and packed. It is the constant handbag dilemma really…the bigger the bag, the more difficult to fine what you are looking for, the smaller the bag the more difficult it is to fit in all the various points cards, sunglasses in case, lipstick and other necessities…. It is my conjecture that Stephen Hawkings based his theory on black holes in space while observing women rummaging through their handbags…yes, a vacuum that sucks everything into it never to be seen again!!!


Definitely not an everyday bag ;)
I will use it for evening or those moments when I need carry only the basics.

Mimi Gregor

Even worse is when all your handbag accessories are also black: wallet, cosmetic pouch, comb, etc. That being said, I already have my perfect bag, and it is slouchy… but made to resemble a motorcycle jacket, so there are lots of pockets to keep everything organized. Structured is not for me. Hand-held, even less so.


Hello Vicky, thinking about PINK – did you see Roger Federer’s tennis shoes at the Australian Open Men’s finals on Sunday night? Bright, bright pink and with a logo of Melbourne’s Flinders Street Station on the back of one! A sort of “homage” to Melbourne, where he has won the Australian Open six times now.


I like a “hand” bag when I want to feel like a lady. It can not be to small because I need my things. The very small only work for a formal event. I fell in love with the Mark Cross the first time I watched the movie Rear Window. Love love love but I am not a fan of the way it opens- like a brief case, impractical for me!


Impractical perhaps… but anything to remind me of the wonderful fashion in Rear Window has my attention :)


I bought my forever structured bag, a black 28 cm Kelly, in Paris in 1982. I have been carrying it ever since. I also have a handled, trapezoid shaped gold suede evening bag with embroidered harlequins circa 1980’s from Isabel Canovas. I haven’t carried it in a very long time. Time to dig it out!


I have a few small bags like that, they are great for evenings out when you aren’t needing to carry much with you.
But for during the day, when I have marketing and this and that , I need a bag that holds more than a Kleenex and keys lol
I do have a couple of wallets ( one from Coach-fave) that have a strap that can go around your wrist and they are sufficient for carrying just what I need if I was going to the market or a quick run to a shop. Otherwise, I rely (too much) on my voluminous hand bags .. part of a large collection that I am obliged to use lol


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