18 Jan 2018

Oversized: Over Wear It

Oversized: Over Wear It on vickiarcher.com

Do you ever over wear something?

I read somewhere; I think it was about shoes, you should never wear the same pair two days running. Apparently changing them and allowing a day’s grace improves the life expectancy. Cashmere sweaters are probably the same; I seem to have failed with this advice.

I wear the same piece over and over when I like it; day after day and back-to-back, especially in the winter.

After the balmy days in Antigua, where my only thought was a light dress and a pair of slides, the freezing days of London have caught me off guard. An oversized cashmere sweater has been my go to with a pair of black woollen pants or leather leggings. The balloon shape of an oversized sweater suits me well and as they sit just under the bottom a pair of narrow trousers are essential. If I was a skinny Minnie I would wear the wide legged style of pants and my sneakers with an oversized jumper; for now, I’m better to keep the excess in one place, not two. A big sweater can also work very well with a pencil skirt.

The beauty of these oversized sweaters is they are not only practical but also good looking.

They are super comfortable and look elegant if accessorised properly. I’m wearing the black, grey and blush pink numbers as per normal.

Over-wearing tells me I’ve made a good fashion decision. I don’t mind repetition if it works well. Don’t you think?

I could easily over wear these over-sized beauties. xv

Over Wear It

eileen fisher funnel neck  ||  equipment lucinda v   ||  theory button sleeve  ||  helmet lang distressed v

treasure and bond x something navy crew  ||  frame cable-knit  ||  rib knit bell sleeve  ||  raey balloon sleeve

image, karl lagerfeld for barrie knitwear

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Taste of France

An oversized sweater or a sweater dress with leggings is possibly the most comfortable winter outfit. Add tall boots and it’s also very classy.
T-shirt weather in the south of France today, so the sweaters are in the closet.

Mimi Gregor

There’s no such thing as “over-wearing”. If you wear something to death, that just means you made a good purchase. I have two cashmere turtlenecks that I’ve been wearing almost every day, since it’s been agonizingly cold here lately. Layered over that has been one of two slightly oversized merino wool cardigans… and even, sometimes, a Uniqlo down vest. Indoors. You should see what I pile on to go outside!


I’m with you, comfort is key, especially when it comes to warmth. And good luck with the house BTW. I know decisions can be stressful, but isn’t it fun? There’s nothing quite like getting to plan everything out just the way you want it! We bought an old house and completely re-vamped it a couple of years ago. While it was a lot of work, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m ready to do it again. But my husband would kill me…

Kathy Kelada

Vicki, I’m heading to London on the 29th of January. What kind of boots should I pack? I’m coming from Los Angeles so I’m sure I have to buy some that will be warm enough and waterproof????


Kathy, regular boots should be fine by then. As long as they are comfortable, they will take you everywhere.
I’m still wearing sneakers or my regular booties despite the cold.. and it should start warming up a bit!


How did I MISS THAT!


Yes , absolutely. And I say to myself what my husband said to me one time … Do you think people really remember what you wore yesterday ? :)
I remember ! but I have a sweater in black that has fitted arms but the body is just full of floaty and light and I wear it with black leggings .. my uniform for days when I am home and maybe going to the market.
Being in Florida right now, where it is Cold !! I wore that black sweater of mine with black jodhpurs and a pair of “Chanel” quilted black work boots … I was the best dressed girl in the A&P ! :)


I have a favorite black sweater from a shop called Babette in Portland Oregon .. oversized, loose , soft .. I have to be careful not to wear it every day . It looks so good with a pair of jeans or a pair of black trousers .. It’s funny, I lost a lot of weight after my husband died and I only wanted to wear that big loose black sweater ..


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