29 Jan 2018

Running On Empty: Energise In 5

Running On Empty: Energize in 5 on vickiarcher.com

January is a difficult one.


I start the New Year raring to go, I jump out of bed in the mornings looking forward to cracking on with my to-do lists. But as the last days of the month near, I am running on empty.

It is Vicki’s infectious energy that has made me think, what could I be doing to get back on track.

 Energise in 5

  1. Ditch the Caffeine

Staring at the bottom of a vanilla latte, I am waiting for my energy levels to soar but it’s not long until the sparkle fizzles out. Our mind triggers us to believe that consuming multiple cups of coffee is the key to a burst of energy but really, that’s all it is, a burst. It’s draining us. It is time to say goodbye to the caffeine and hello to the recommended water intake.



  1. Improved Nutrition

It started off so well.  The cupboards were full of nutritional foods but then I lost inspiration for meal ideas and time to meal prep. From now on, I am going simpler but still eating healthy. When it comes to snacks, I will be adding natural sugars from fresh fruit and a handful of nuts packed with fibre. For evening meals I am switching to brown carbs, as they will release a steadier supply of energy to our bodies.



  1. Up the Exercise

My 2018 fitness regime is not exactly ready, steady, go. It is ironic, isn’t it? We feel exhausted by a workout and depleted of energy but we need to understand it is often the exercise that will power us.

More exercise every day; the more we do the more we love it.



  1. Take Time Out

I struggle with understanding when enough is enough. I need to take a break, relax and have a good night’s sleep. Getting enough sleep ensures we have the energy we need to be productive the next day. From now on, I will be making a conscious effort to get to bed an hour earlier and switch off all technology well before I get there.



  1. Get Creative

Energy and creativity go hand in hand. Don’t you find that it is much easier to avoid hitting the snooze button when there is something you’re excited to be getting up and doing? Creative projects spur on energy, help to stimulate the brain and can also have a positive impact on your emotions.


I am looking forward to taking action. Feeling energised in five, who is with me? xA

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Taste of France

Good points. Decaf (I love coffee too much to give it up), daily exercise, regular sleep schedule and healthy meals (no sugar!) make a huge difference. When we feel good, anything is possible.


I think sugar is the big one!
I’m aiming to reduce if not eliminate sugar from my diet this year… Fingers crossed… it’ all doable… but the chocolate is my temptation ;) And I know I should learn to love the strong dark… but… not so far :)


New Year Resolutions – I fall down on #5 not getting enough sleep therefore hitting the snooze button . I think that a long night’s sleep might cause me to miss something happening in our world, or even my private world. This means my eyes are baggier than they should be and the dark circles more evident. Oh how I wish I could get to bed just that little bit earlier. In my “septenial” years I should have more sense but I want to live every minute. So my advise to myself and other “septenials” is to say not so much happens in the last hour or so before midnight, so put on the perfect night cream or moisturizing mask and SLEEP. We’ll be beautiful in the morning and more able to take on the exciting world in which we live, even if it is just in our heads !
Bonne week from Paris,

Mona Louise

These resolutions are exactly the ones I have made for myself for 2018, although I’m pretty good at getting my required sleep. I do like to indulge in a tiny square of dark chocolate and do not like to admit that it contains some caffeine…. but it’s just a bit of caffeine right, so does that still count? I would love to know what your dear mother’s habits and routines are to have reached the wonderful age of 100. You’ve been blessed with great genes!

Mimi Gregor

I cut down on caffeine a few years ago. I noticed that it made me more wired than alert. Coffee fell by the wayside, and even black tea has too much caffeine for me. I find that green tea has the right balance. It also is loaded with antioxidants.

Sleep is primo. I like to get up really early (around 5:30), so in order to get enough sleep, I generally get to sleep around 9:30. Yes, that seems excessively early. But I feel so much better after a good night’s sleep. And anyway, whatever would take the place of this sleep (a TV show… a book) is probably not as interesting as whatever I am dreaming. (Last night, it was stiletto heels made of pretzels. A commentary on the frivolousness of fashion? Who knows.)

As far as meal prep, I like to make big batches of things and freeze them, so that when I don’t feel like cooking, or don’t have enough time, I can still serve a healthful meal. I also freeze brown rice, breads, home-made broth, homemade meatballs and hamburger patties, breaded chicken tenders, and beans, so that I can pull together something healthful quickly and easily.


Living in northeast U.S. I think most people tend to gain that extra 5 pounds over the winter. I decided I was not going to regain those pounds I lost over the summer so I cranked up on the amount of water I drink daily – not only do I feel fuller longer and cut my portions down, but it has made my skin look a few years younger. It’s amazing what that 64 ounces a day can do. I eat pretty much what I want – never been a big snacker – but I keep portions smaller by fixing our dinner plates in the kitchen and no second helpings. I think I have more energy besides. I have read that sometimes people think they are hungry, but in fact they are really parched for water instead.

Our French Oasis

I gave up sugar in October 2015, at the time I sort of did it for fun, sounds bizarre, but our eldest daughter came home from University and announced she was giving up sugar and I laughingly said if you can do it so can I! That was over two years ago, and I have never looked back. The chocolate, which I did adore, no longer tempts me. I never suffered any side effects which I have read about, so guess I was lucky. I still eat naturally occurring sugars in red wine of course and fruits. But giving up everything else has really been far easier than I imagined. I still bake for the children, they do the tasting for me, I still make desserts on a very regular basis and I still buy croissants and pain au chocolat for everyone else. What has spurred me on though is the fact that I no longer suffer than mid afternoon energy slump, I no longer run out of energy and I feel fantastic. I truly believe that sugar is a modern day poison that we can well do without. People say but we must be allowed to treat ourselves but I would far sooner treat myself in a myriad of other ways other than indulging in a sweet patisserie, it truly no longer holds any fascination! So I say go for it!! Trust me 99% dark chocolate now tastes quite sweet!!!


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