24 Jan 2018

Stand Out In Burgundy

Stand Out In Burgundy on vickiarcher.com

It’s not that we want or need to stand out.

I am feeling more as the gloomy winter months roll in that I need a slight shake-up, a refresh to see me through until spring fever puts a spring in my step.

I’m stuck in sweaters and pants most days with the hair strung up if it hasn’t had a decent do and I’m running back and forth to our building projects, so sneakers are the go. A lift is in order and lipstick is my solution. A deep dark burgundy that warms, not chills but one that is less bright than our classic vermillion red is the go-to.

This colour works a treat and for whatever reason it simply makes me feel better groomed.

Small treats /big results – I’m all for that.

Which burgundy is the question?

Like all reds, there are shades and shades.

I like a dark burgundy, a browner rather than blue tone and the braver I feel, the darker I go.

Like my red- reds, I have a rainbow of burgundy shades to work with.

I know, who needs a handful of burgundy lipsticks – I’m not justifying – I know you understand. 

The trick is to wear a burgundy not only with confidence but also one with a little life.  Right now “Deep Brown Berry” from the Bobbi Brown range is my bestie. It’s dark and deliciously creamy.

Late January, if your world is in the northern hemisphere,  deserves a little brightening. Try burgundy it works for me. xv

Stand Out In These

the best of the burgundies

nars velvet matte mysterious red  ||  bobbi brown deep brown berry  ||  estee lauder desirous   ||  chanel crayon cassis

image, charlotte rampling for nars

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Mimi Gregor

Even though makeup artists try to warn women away from dark lips after a certain age, I think it must be decided on a case-by-case basis. They are operating on the assumption that older women automatically have thin, wrinkled lips. That is certainly not the case with me. I have always taken care of mine, sloughing, moisturizing, and I’ve never smoked. So they are still full, and have very few lines. So deeper colors it is! I find that the vibrant color takes attention away from the fact that I have slight “marionette lines” developing.


I agree completely Mimi… a darker lip is very flattering .. and it’s an easy way to wear makeup without wearing make-up. Everything is easier with a fuller lip! That’s where the pencils can help once you get the hang of them.. I use mine to make the top lip even and correct.


Question for YOU………..is there a VITAMIN C serum you like and use for your face?If not maybe one of your READERS could pitch in here……….XX


I use it from time to time… but struggle sometimes with the fragrance.. Skinceuticals do a very good one. xv

Catherine Baudet

And on the other side of the world we are struggling with day after day of relentless heat and humidity. The wardrobe is limited to silk or light cotton and no sleeves. Makeup seems to slide off the face. Any suggestions for January in Australia? Definitely no burgundy lipstick here this month!


Short of a swimming pool and large umbrella… ;)
I remember January and February well… especially humidity which would send my hair into crazy mode.
It’s neutrals and nudes all the way!

Liz Detrich

I’ve worn burgundy lipsticks for years, my favorite is Ellis Faas Creamy Lips 102 Lipstick in Deep Plum Wine. It’s not tested on animals and is fragrance and mineral-oil free. Once the lipstick wears off, it leaves behind an elegant lip stain. Plus the packaging is sleek and elegant.


While I love the IDEA of a strong red lip. I find that it can be tricky to adjust my other makeup. My lips are very full, but I don’t have large eyes. Normally, I wear a nude lip and concentrate on defining my eyes. With a red or dark lip, I find that I must play down the eyes. I buy lots of red and deep colored lipsticks for winter, then rarely wear them. I have to be in the right frame of mind.

Contessa- Obagi makes a GREAT C serum that comes in different strengths. I use C serum 20% daily along with glycolic acid. I’m about to try a new 30% serum from a company called Rise and Shine. The ingredients look wonderful and it’s much less expensive than Obagi.


I particularly like the Chanel Ink lipsticks for the darker reds and burgundy tones – some really beautiful colours. So easy to apply too – I usually outline the lips first with the same applicator and then fill them in with it. The colour just takes a bit longer than normal lipstick to set and fix. Problem is I just find a colour I LOVE and then they seem to discontinue it. But that happens with all brands. The crayons are lovely too but I find they work better in the spring/summer peach/pinky tones. Also, on my lips the crayons don’t seem to set as well as the inks – they come off more quickly on glasses and cups. In Oz Chanel does special champagne evenings in David Jones where they bring in experts who demonstrate new products, colours and make-up techniques. They’re always such fun and the Chanel girls give really good individual advice for the right colours and products for each person. Best wishes, Pamela
I sometimes use Aesop rose oil – but not sure if is also a provider of vitamin C. I’m a great fan of the serums – they’re so great morning and night on cleansed skins before applying any other creams etc.

Betty Kondrich

Curious. What other makeup is she wearing? Understated yet enhancing. Beautiful look.


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