27 Jan 2018

Weekend Wardrobe: In The Pink

Weekend Wardrobe: In The Pink on vickiarcher.com

What to wear on the weekends?
Hopefully, it’s playtime and our weekend wardrobe can reflect that.

As my “pink renaissance” continues – my delicious obsession with pink interiors only goes from strength to strength – it has now taken a new direction, into my weekend wardrobe.

In hindsight, I was never going to avoid a pink infusion.

The right pink acts as a neutral in many interiors and can do the same in our wardrobes. Here’s the thing, I won’t be doing a full-on pink Mrs Maisel, as fabulous as she is, but rather a delicate accent of pink here and there.

For two reasons,

Wearing head-to-toe pink is probably not in my repertoire; too strong, too much and too ott for me. I won’t spend a great deal for an accent colour that I could grow tired of very quickly. I am not suggesting for a moment this love affair with pink is not serious, but you never know. Interiors are one thing, fashion another.

My imagination is an entirely different story – I would be dressed in French haute couture in the barest shade. This last week in Paris there have been some of the most beautiful creations shown and many of them pink.

This  one isn’t haute couture but it’s one of the prettiest at a fraction of the price.

Then there are the shades of pink.

I like them all but in particular, I love the ballerina shades of soft pink. They are softly flattering to most skin tones and can be worn as a neutral with black. They make a subtle change from the creams and greys.

For the weekend wardrobe, the pink is a great edition.

Who knows? We might even start wearing it all day, every day. xv


Weekend Wardrobe: This Goes With That

treasure & bond cotton tee  ||  eileen fisher cardigan  ||  champion sweatshirt   ||  freeboard sweater  ||  topshop tee

**karen walker sunglasses  ||  **woven cross body bag  ||  feathered jacket  ||  twill topcoat  ||  mackage car coat

embroidered sheath  ||  **mary janes  ||  needle and thread gown  ||  **mother of pearl drops

Photographed by Oberto Gili, Vogue, December 2015

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I’ve just bought a slightly oversized, ballerina pink cashmere crew neck sweater. It really does perk up winter darks. It also looks great with beige and winter white. The pink room pbotos are gorgeous. Can’t wait to see what you’re doing with your new flat!


Mrs. Maisel IS magnificent is she not!! I’m in an affair as well…I’m in luv with blush pink and burgundy and black…oohlala!! franki


Definitely with you on a blush pink Vicki. I have a recently purchased a v neck blush loose fitting jumper and I love it. Great with jeans and flats and just as stylish with tailored navy trousers and kitten heels. A lovely mocha eye shadow complements too!! I love a blush pink but then I love a blush glass of rose from Provence too Vicki!!!

Pauline from Phillip Island

I love, love, love pink. The soft, pretty shades of pink that don’t dominate but look so lovely and feminine in fashion and interiors. I love pink flowers in a room and I have just bought a barely there blush pink handbag that will go with just about anything.
I love the wardrobe you have featured, Vicki. I don’t suppose it’s yours? I certainly wish it was mine!


Adore this room. So pretty! The large central pouffe-seat that anchors the room is OTT gorgeous! Cette chambre est un reve! Vraiment! So looking forward to seeing what you do with both your new home and the new place in Saint Remy. Best wishes, Pamela
PS You were right about the acupuncture – it hasn’t helped. But at least I’m on a better pain management regime until I can get an MRI scan etc when we return home.


And I was planning my wardrobe for school tomorrow and it involves a darling pink cashmere sweater with a white collar and a black tie around the neck. I’m going to be in the pink on Monday!


Love pink in small doses, especially when paired with menswear fabrics ie. crisp white shirt, lightweight grey flannel wide-leg pants, soft pink (or lavender) sweater.
A neighbor, whose farmhouse (prob built in the 1920s) is off the beaten path here in NJ horse country, painted her house pink, and it looks fabulous! How she got away with it, being the only female in a house full of men, I’ll never know, but it is the perfect color, surrounded by tall pines and maple trees. It was a brave and fabulous choice, just hate to think that when the day comes that they sell the house that some realtor will advise her to change the exterior color because she read on some blog that white is the preferred exterior paint color of home buyers…


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