23 Jan 2018

What She Loves: The Game Changer

What She Loves: The Game Changer on vickiarcher.com

This one is really a game changer.

The sneakers; they have become a game changer in the footwear collection.

When comfort is a key factor in fashion; we aren’t complaining that this shoe is still on trend. I have talked about my crush on the sneaker often but it seems it is not going anywhere soon. As Jane Birkin would note, the sneaker and in particular the Converse has been a staple forever.

Originally we wouldn’t have been caught outside the gym in a shoe like this, now the sneaker has converted to the go-to footwear for style and comfort. Recently we’ve been pairing our favourite sneakers with just about everything in our wardrobes and loving how versatile they are.

It’s not a trend for everyone and there is a definite line where the sneaker can look dowdy as opposed to fashionable and like everything else, it is all about the style of shoe we choose and how we wear and accessorise it.

I don’t like to make too much of a statement with my wardrobe but adding sneakers to simple outfit choices can work and bring everything up to date. Wearing sneakers can feel all out of kilter or at least unfamiliar, but after looking at many street style images it would seem there is no wrong way to wear the sneaker.

The Game Changer: Add All White To All-Black

Staying in the comfort zone more often than not means an all-black outfit and the ever-growing collection of cool all-white sneakers is making an easy outfit accessory. All black with white sneakers is a win/win.

TRY – an oversized sweater, tailored pants and a pair of sneakers.

The Game Changer: Dress Down

Finding balance and pairing the unexpected is where the sneaker comes into its own. Forget fancy worn with heels, the sneaker can dress down piece in the wardrobe and make it extra wearable. I wore my favourite lace dress with sneakers often in the summer.

TRY – a silk dress and sneakers – try it, you will be surprised.

The Game Changer: 9-5

Building in a pair of trainers to a tailored outfit is a comfortable way to style work outfits. Even if sneakers don’t cut it in the professional office, it is one easy way to run to work.

TRY – a man style pinstriped suit with a pair of simple white sneakers.

The biggest problem I see is ever getting out of the sneakers. xv

 What She Loves

converse in blush pink ||  nike presto fly  ||  nike free training selfie  ||  adidas superstar   ||  superga white

Image, Jane Birkin by Annemarieke van Drimmelen for Smythson

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Mary Sullivan

I do love leather sneakers, favorite brand being ECCO , so comfortable. I have several pairs – black, rust, beige, grey blue. I always take a pair of black ones wherever I travel for sightseeing or casual days on ships. I prefer the traditional look, not the new ‘knitted’ running shoes in wild fluorescent colors! That said, I may break down and purchase a pair of Cole Haan’s new 2.ZEROGRAND Stitchlite Oxfords with the knitted look – in either traditional b/w or the awesome Stormcloud Grey – lightweight for travel/packing, and perhaps the perfect ‘sneaker’ for my Tai Chi classes!!! BTW Vicki, I love Cole Haan footwear – all my winter booties are from that company, perfect fit, wear well, and they have awesome online sales! Just a heads up.
How about one of your great articles addressing the type of socks to wear with our sneakers, especially low-cut ones that don’t slide down – an ongoing problem!
Hugs – Mary

Nancy Brisson

Try Gekks. I haven’t yet tried the ones for sneakers but the ones for ballet flats are a game changer for those of us who are not comfortable with bare feet in closed shoes. As far as I know, they are only available on their website.


I’m going to look into the Ecco brand. I need the arch support, especially when walking during travel. Thank you Mary!

Our French Oasis

As you so rightly say, by far the biggest problem is not wearing sneakers now! Gone are the days when every article wrote about how no French women would never be seen dead in them, I see them everywhere here all the time.


Even the fashion designer brands have got in on the act. But having inspected Chanel etc sneakers – they look stylish and glam and often glittery on the outside but inside they mostly don’t seem to provide the same level of foot comfort and arch support as the traditional sneaker brands. The main reason most women over 50 wear sneakers is for the foot support/comfort, No? Not just to get with the trend. I try to work at being better not older but sometimes the body lets the mind and spirt down. Currently suffering a pinched sciatic nerve and can hardly walk!! Having lot of physio – and they’ve even mentioned acupuncture! Not sure about this yet. But I might get desperate enough. Best wishes, Pamela


Be careful Pamela… that is so painful… I had a herniated disc earlier in the year and it was agony! Painkillers, heat and rest… I tried acupuncture and I am a big fan but generally, it is better to let the nerves settle… Good luck!

Mary-Jill in Canberra

Pamela, getsome Magnesium powder from the Chemist & make it up in a glass of water – I had a ferocious back pain from nowhere & I think it really helped. Worth a try? I now take it every day.


Many thanks, Vicki. Sorry to hear about your herniated disc. It is really panful. Not getting much sleep because even in bed it’s so dreadful. I can’t stray far from a hot water bottle and am taking lots of painkillers. Seeing the physio again tomorrow. I’m in two minds about acupuncture. Husband dead set against. Physio very keen to proceed. Best wishes,Pamela


I have acupuncture regularly Pamela and I love it… but I can’t say it helped the disc truthfully. It was time and a certain group of stretching exercises.
It’s an awful business and I hope I don’t go through it again! Best of luck.. I do feel for you :( xv


PS Have just recently joined the Instagram club. Such fun! You can find me at pamela.in.oz777 Best wishes, Pamela


I have all those ballet flats that I bought in Buenos Aires, I have to think of a good excuse to wear sneakers lol
I want canvas though, not leather .. I am currently living in Florida .. ho hum :)


I must say running around Sydney to business meetings in Black leather sneakers or the white with a navy pin stripe suit or stripe sheath dress and navy jacket has made life a whole lot more comfortable.


I have a two pairs of Chuck Taylors; navy and black and three pairs of classic Keds; black leather, red canvas. and white. I wear them with casual clothing only: khakis, blazers, jeans, tee shirts, gym clothes. I love my feminine flats, ballets and loafers too much to ever let sneakers steal the show. Chunky white sneakers are absolutely verboten in my world. No can do. Frankly, I have never seen a single soul on whom I thought they were flattering.

Lynne Savage

We will know women are truly equal when we stop wearing anything other than flat shoes and comfortable bras or if comfortable, no bra.

Su P

Acupuncture is amazing, I was sceptical until I had it for tendonitis, it banished the pain pretty much immediately!


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