18 Feb 2018

3 Reasons To Hoop It Up

3 Reasons To Hoop It Up on vickiarcher.com

Think hoop earrings and our thoughts are back in the 80s and early 90s.

Not exactly. While hoops might not be new,  they are back.

Small and dainty or chunky and extreme, hoop earrings are doing the rounds.

We’ve seen many women wearing these earrings because they work with almost all face shapes and hair lengths.  They are perfect to add that something extra to an outfit without going overboard.

3 Reasons Why

1. Easy Peasy
Hoops are a versatile accessory and compliment women sporting both long or short hair, dressed up or down; they are tricky to get wrong. Opt for small hoops for a toned down style or a shoulder-sweeping pair with hair up for something more intense. Watch the weight of the earring and if the hoop is to fit through the ear make sure they are light. Heavier hoops need a different fitting that protects the ear and doesn’t cause it to droop. Here at VA we have a crush on both the small ( she has a pair that is barely there but catches the light from time to time) and the large; rose gold being a bit of a favourite.

2. Frames and Illuminates the Face
Bye-bye contour powder. Unlike dangly or stud earrings, circular shape earrings compliment the jawline and cheekbones. Next time you’re frantically contouring to achieve definition, pop on a pair of hoop earrings; framing becomes quick and easy. A flash of gold or silver highlights the face too, not quite in the same way as a pair of diamonds but enough to make us feel pretty.

3. Endless Choice
Today, there are so many innovative styles that have switched up the classic hoop game. Brands have added embellishments and geometric shapes to define unique and original designs. There’s a pair for every occasion.

Time to rifle through the jewellery boxes and find out what all the hoop-la is about ;)

Jump Through Hoops

keep it simple

gold hug  ||  lana endless ||  hammered tube ||  modern rose ||  flat magic   ||  vanity hooked  ||  ovali brass  ||  pearl embellished

up a notch

sea of beauty pearl  ||  double hoop  ||  golden gleam  ||  endless hoop ||  criss cross magic  ||  sunrise hoop

images, victoria beckham by inez and vinoodh, sarah harris by danielle castano

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I still have the gold hoops I bought in 1974. My first earrings, and no one knew I had even had my ears pierced because they were hidden under the curtain of long hair brushed down past my books.


Oh Vicki, thank you. I found two pairs of hoop earrings that resemble the ones Audrey Hepburn wore in Sabrina. When I wear them, all I need is red lipstick and not even any eye makeup to feel that my face is ready to smile at the day. Hoops are BACK!

Linda B

I totally agree that hoops are fantastic in every way. I have a medium sized rose gold pair, and a similar size in brass/gold. The rose gold ones are honestly my favorites; two weeks ago when I had to do a short business trip over three days/two nights, I just wore those and didn’t bother with bringing any other earrings. These probably get more wear on a regular basis than any jewelry I own, actually!


Gee, I didn’t know that hoops ever went out of style. Sade alone kept them in vogue for years. I’ve always thought of hoops as classic must haves.


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