22 Feb 2018

The Can’t-Live-Without Trench

The Can't Live Without Trench on vickiarcher.com

It’s true; I can’t live without the trench coat.

All trench coats, any trench coats.

I like them longer, shorter and anywhere in-between and I wear them open or done up. The belt is easiest tied in a bow. Trench coats and I go way, way back; my Dad always wore one and I guess I got the habit from him.

The latest and maybe my favourite of all is the new raincoat from Burberry – it’s a trench with more protection against the elements than ever and plus it has a hood, which I love.  (I never get my hair wet if I can help it and don’t be deceived by the photographs – three drops of rain and it is a grey frizzy mess.) I found this one at Bloomingdale’s – another one of my online destinations and favourite department stores.

It’s a sentimental attachment, having first visited Bloomingdale’s in New York when I was a wide-eyed and inquisitive 20-year-old girl with a passion for fashion. I might be less wide-eyed now but I am still enamoured with them. Can you believe my first little handbag, bought all those years ago in the downstairs department of Bloomingdale’s,  is still one of the best? I’ll never forget my excitement over, “the little brown bag’.

The Can't Live Without Trench on vickiarcher.com


My daughter, her sweetest pup Marloe and me were in the countryside figuring out the interior details for her new cottage. Much of the time I struggled to sneak M’s attention away from her towards me and the rest we chose wallpaper, paint colours and bathroom fittings; my idea of heaven.

The Can't Live Without Trench on vickiarcher.com

The cottage sits in a row of cottages with the most beautiful vista over rolling farmlands and on the street side, she faces a medieval church. Right out front, there is a red telephone box equipped with a lending library with the give one, choose one, read one and repeat philosophy.

I packed light with the trench, my jeans and a favourite pair of black trousers.

A couple of sweaters did me on top and I walked between a new fancy pair of grey/gold trainers (love these, so comfy and kind of fun with a touch of sparkle) and a pair of mules for the evening.

The beauty of the trench, whatever shade you prefer, is its practicality and ability to dress anything up.

We stayed overnight in one of those deliciously cosy pubs with an open fire, copious amounts of tea and high four-poster beds. I swapped my trainers for the slides and the black pants for jeans – we were ready for a lazy night in front of the fire. The trench came in handy as we did our late night promenade with M. He’s such a cutie but seriously, he only has eyes for his number one.

The Can't Live Without Trench on vickiarcher.com

It would seem the trench, like the hoop earrings, is back in a big way this season. For me, it has been the best travel companion since forever. xv

Can’t Live Without

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Taste of France

Trench coats seem to be “in,” as my teen is lusting for one and we see them in the not-classics shops aimed at that age group. Mine is off-limits!
Gorgeous photos. Such beautiful buildings.


Oh Vicki, how marvelous you look against the glowing backdrop of Britain! YOU ARE MARVELOUS! Your hair, OK….you are once again inspiring me to try to let my hair down long! But your trench….I had one just like this, and I wore it down to threads. I have been wanting one in PINK. You are amazing. Thank you my friend for the inspiration (and the shout-out on IG!)


Thank you Anita.. and yes, go for it with your hair… the long does make life easier… the wind playing havoc with it, less so ;)

Donna De Luca

Absolutely…the trench is a must in a girl’s wardrobe! Interesting that all the fashion “must have items” from our youth are still those in play today…ie the trenchcoat, the ballet flat, the turtle neck sweater, the capri pant, the classic Gucci/Dior monogram medical/bowling bag…they never date, are practical and look fabulous on any size or shape! Love love them all and I love little Marloe almost as much as my little “grand-pup”! … so cute and such great company aren’t they? Enjoy the girl’s catchup!!!!

Mimi Gregor

I have a vintage black velveteen trench in pristine condition that must be as old as I am at the very least. Hard to tell, because it is so classic that it’s undatable, but I am going from it’s label, which was a high-end store around here when I was a child. It went out of business when I was still very young. It always looks fresh and beautiful. I should only hold up so well!

I hear you on the hair. Mine also gets frizzy with just the mere hint of humidity. And I live in a place that is humid most of the year. Probably explains why I’m growing my hair longer again. If you think long hair frizzes up, try short hair! Aye carumba!


That’s why I have the long… it’s too hard… and maybe why I love Europe so much… ha ha.. less frizz!


Vicki, what a sweet, sweet post. You look fab and so very, very happy! And why would you not be — with that sweet pup, a cozy, a fire-warmed pub, and an opportunity to create a wonderful new space and lasting memories with your daughter. :)

And yes, about our trusty trenches. My Sandringham (mid-length like yours) is the wrap I reach for more than any other this time of year. Then there’s my lighter-weight, longer, navy trench that’s perfect for warmer days. Come on, spring!


Like you, I have a strong aversion to being in front of the camera…but it is so great to see who you are having a conversation with every day! Love the cottage and, of course, the sweet little dog!


Your daughter’s new home looks wonderful. I wonder what it looks like inside. Hmmmm Your description of this village is darling no. It’s everything I imagine. We are planning a trip to the British Isles in 2019. My husband was born in England. Now, it seems too long await.
I love my trench coats. I have a long, khaki one and a shorter, camel coloured coat. They are my go to coats.
Loved seeing you!

gina o.

Hi Vicki, Your post is timely. I have been trying to figure out which Burbery trench to get. Are you wearing the Amberford raincoat version or the Kenstington? Have you tried both? I’d love your feedback. I live in California but spend a lot of time in Provence in winter as well. Hope to visit your new place in St. Remy!


In the photos I am wearing the Amberford..
I love it! It’s very similar to the Kensington but with hood and slightly more waterproof fabric. The Kensington is also a great fit and style – depends where you live I think. I would also wear the Amberford for travelling because it doesn’t look like a regular rain coat.


wow love it, what an entrance. Hum, your photos are making me want to grow my hair out. I was already thinking about it but that seals it.


What a wonderful post. All three of you look gorgeous; that’s you, the house, and puppy of course!


That location has to be in the Cotswolds! I lived there for many years, and one of the great attractions of moving to Provence was the similarity of the beautiful glowing golden stone. Your daughter is a lucky girl to live there, and to have who will help her make her new home even more lovely.


Lovely photos. Thanks to you and your daughter for sharing the joy.

M’s a cutie!

Suprise guest – the cupid or the person upstairs in the window perhaps? Or is it Marloe?

Best wishes from hot n sticky Sydney.


Yay Vicki, keep modeling for us! It is fun to see you….grand to see you. You look wonderful and keep me from chastising myself thinking “no matter what she says she probably spends everyday looking like Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy” Nope, you look like you. Attractive, busy AND stylish! Thanks for the blog.


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