7 Feb 2018

Be Mine: Valentine’s Day


Be mine.

This year, like many, I like the idea of being my own Valentine.

Funny? Well, the reason being, there is never enough time to spoil and take care of us – so why not on Valentine’s Day. Some celebrate and some don’t and some feel it is a meaningless and commercial holiday; others put much store on this day.

Either way, I am suggesting we have a treat day for us and let the rest take care of itself.

What do you think?

When I saw the interpretation of Valentine’s Day from Grandiflora – the multitude of roses in shades of pink and red – I did feel that girly romantic twinge. There is nothing like an excessive bunch of flowers to stir the heartstrings. It only reinforced my thoughts and spoiling myself is high on the agenda. Not only will I be pampered but I’m going to have it in a rainbow of reds and pinks.

This Valentine’s Day, Be Mine

I’m going to experiment with my makeup and add some new lip shades to my collection. This is long overdue.

Really, some new silk PJ’s and a pair of cosy run around slippers would be a great idea. There is nothing more luxurious feeling than new lingerie and fragrance. I found this fabulous kimono jacket which I would love to through over. Well, over anything really.

Ever since we took over La Maison du Village (there is a Diptyque shop in the hotel), I have been ready to burn their Rosa Valentina.

At the same time, I will be spraying Rose 31 from Le Labo. This is the most sublime fragrance and perfect for right about now.

Do I need an excuse for a new handbag? Never.

Look for creative inspiration from one of my favourite photographers? Yes, most certainly.

And a long, long soak in the tub with face mask and as many bubbles as it (and I) can take.

If only every day were Valentine’s Day. I am ready, set and racing towards the 14th.  xv

Be Mine

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Taste of France

Like a lot of holidays, Valentine’s Day has become so commercialized, and so unpleasant for going out or getting flowers or whatever, that it’s a day I prefer to ignore. Unplanned romance, not scheduled by the calendar or society, is more to my liking.


A Diptyque shop in the hotel . . . how exciting Vicky! When I had my shop in Fulham I stocked Diptyque and even back then they sold really well, the eau de parfum as well . . . Fig was the best seller then and I still love Feu de bois! But the new packaging is sublime!! So pretty and very Valentine Day! Looking forward lots to seeing some photos of the hotel.


I will hopefully have some soon… I’m waiting for the rubble and mess to be cleared and something pretty to come out :)
Yes! I love all the Diptyque range”’ it’s a bit of a temptation!

Mimi Gregor

If I had only one day to “spoil” myself each year, I’d be heading to the bathroom to find the straight razor. I like the idea of a “Sabbath”, even though I am not remotely religious. So every week, I have a day to myself. I don’t cook, or clean, or exercise. For me, this is Tuesday. What do I do? Whatever the hell I want! Sometimes I visit favorite consignment shops. Sometimes I go hiking in the woods. Sometimes I visit the library to peruse magazines, as I don’t subscribe to any. I do make time for a nice, long afternoon nap. And we go out to dinner, and later watch something on Netflix. Everyone should keep a Sabbath, and it doesn’t have to be a Sunday or Saturday, but whatever day works for you!


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