3 Mar 2018

“Wide Berth” Or “On Deck” With Sailor Pants?

"Wide Berth" Or "On Deck" With Sailor Pants? on vickiarcher.com

Are we “getting on board” with the sailor pant trend?

Sorry for the sea puns but far too tempting to resist.

When we talked about the white blouse earlier in the week there was a lot of positive comment about the pants Olivia Palermo was wearing. They were very cute and sailor style.

Here’s what I think; they are wonderful and I love them if they suit. It’s all about finding the right ones for our shape.

They are difficult for me to wear because I am fuller in the hips and look better with a narrower leg. Extra detail around my middle is probably not ideal either. That’s where the importance of the shape comes in and the styling and placement detail of the buttons.

A cropped length is better and I can wear them with a pair of flats.

If I were deliciously tall, as Caroline de Maigret is in this photograph, I would wear them all day and night long.

She wore this wonderful combination during Paris Haute Couture this past January and she did the sailor pants proud.  The tucked in turtleneck sweater is a great one with the sailor pant detail and the white coat is a marvellous contrast.

I feel like wearing them again and think these are just about right. xv

On Deck With These

a.l.c pierce  ||  chaus crop

image edward berthelot

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Taste of France

I could see wearing these. The buttons are attention-grabbing, but not in a bad way. The styling is classic.
I think I recently saw a photo of Megan Markle in a pair…

Mimi Gregor

If something isn’t flattering to one’s body type… why would one want to wear them? To be “in style”. Pah! That’s not style. That’s blindly following “fashion.” Big difference between the two. These trousers would make me look dumpy, so I am not even the least bit tempted.

Vicki Ford

As a patternmaker/designer, this style is completely wearable on a tall person with flat midriff, no doubt about that. However, when I consider good design, I do not necessarily think of size 8 people with generous height. I have always admired a size 14 or 16 who knows how to groom and dress in accordance with their own body proportions. I remember seeing a heavier set lady wearing a jewel bright linen shirt over cigarette leg black pants, a good shoe, collar up and wearing a stunning chain and hair and skin immaculately groomed. And perfumed. Wow, stunning! Going back to the image above, I would put this pant style on a bigger hip frame as well as the narrow hipped, but not necessarily dress it on someone with excess front midriff as those beautiful shiny buttons would draw attention to an area that you normally want to camouflage. If so, a slightly longer top to cover said midriff and let those buttons peak out from underneath would work. Also paying attention to how wide that leg goes is what curates this style onto a body that is not model perfect. In my opinion, model perfect figures are just one type of body, not the be all and end all body type. Designing and choosing according to the person’s figure that happens to be standing in front of the designer makes style. Trust Caroline to take a classic and shake it up though! Nice and fresh and well groomed. Just lately I have been rediscovering the British singer Sade and looking at her style. She studied menswear design before her career in music took off and I wonder if this directed her style somewhat. She also had the knack for wearing a good pair of tailored trousers during performances.


Thank you for the thoughtful and informative comment, Vicki Ford. It helps one’s eye when looking (and wearing) fashion to be mindful of these details.


I believe I can do it; I’ve never really worn a true sailor pants but if I had a FABULOUS white jacket as the one above, I’d try it! Lovely as always dear Vicki!


I’m loving this look. I did read an article that said, if your hips are big the button placement will make them appear even larger. Mine are slightly bigger than my top, made even more so by a tiny waist. Being tall, I can carry the wide leg but would not want it quite as wide as the one pictured above. I’ll be on board with this trend!


How timely is this post Vicki! I’ve just purchased, for warmer weather as still got snow in UK, a pair of sailor trousers. Mine though have the same waist and button feature but are cropped and not wide and I love them with a shorter style blue blazer.
After the post about a mac and your love of them Vicki, it made me think how much I enjoyed one I had absolutely years ago, so today out shopping with my daughter have purchased a shorter style Hobbs mac. Love it! Thanks for the reminder post about these!!!

Mary Dickinson

So glad I kept my white sailor trousers I bought in Saint Tropez years ago! They’re perfect for Brisbane anyway! I often wear them. Now I’ll be on trend


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