9 Apr 2018

Cowboy Boots: Yes, No or Not Sure?

Cowboy Boots: Yes, No or Not Sure on vickiarcher.com

Yes, no or not sure?

Cowboy boots are filling all the fashion pages right now. Mmmmm, I am in the “not sure about that” camp. Full-on cowboy with stitching, embossing and V’ tops are something I might leave to the westerners amongst us.

That’s not to say I haven’t worn them and that is also not to say a pair hasn’t tempted me during my stays in Colorado. There is a shop, Kemo Sabe in Aspen, with the most amazing Cowboy boots of all time; I have tried them but come home empty-handed each year. Thankfully, because who knows how many outings they would have on the high street in London.

Right now, they are big.

As I waded my way through the Texan styles online I was surprised to see that many of the less urban, more cowboy styles have well and truly sold out. Those who live in Texas are not the only ones with an interest in this boot.

In the interests of disclosure, it is only fair to admit my past penchant for a cowboy boot. Yes, I wore them, loved them and thought I was pretty fabulous at the same time. If memory serves me well we were invited to a business dinner at a very smart and chichi New York restaurant. Those days a tiny frame helped. I wore a bronze coloured taffeta full skirt, fitted long sleeve black silk tee, wide embossed leather belt and a pair of extravagant cowboy boots, like this. The skirt was just above the ankle so I could well and truly flash their pointed toes and Cuban heels. Hindsight, probably a pretty strange outfit; at the time, it worked.

Fast forward a couple of decades and my tastes have changed.

I still pair the classic with the unexpected and I still love to follow the trends but the difference is I adapt. I don’t rush headlong into the latest and greatest without a thought. It’s also an impossible task – the body doesn’t allow such fashion forgiveness as it did back then.

Let’s work this trend to suit us.

I’m going to adopt a pointed toe and a Cuban heel but leave the wild, Wild West to the real cowboys amongst us. I could even take a few studs and a line or two of embroidery if discretion worked its way in.

Cowboy boots are a big trend – I will follow with my version, but cautiously.


These could work. xv

Cowboy ‘Style’: Yes, Very Sure

**grey city texan ||  tony bianco western  ||  isabel marant dicker  ||  isabel marant western ||  isabel marant grey

frye flynn  ||  gianvito rossi western   ||  tods western

images, porter magazine

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Mimi Gregor

I actually have a pair of cowboy boots very similar to the ones that you had: all black, even the stitching. Understated rather than “yee-ha!” I’ve worn them quite often over the years, with trousers and with dresses, because they are comfortable and, I think, stylish. I always get compliments on them. Didn’t realize they were now considered “trendy”.


OK….I agree with you. I had a pair once, and I got away with wearing them with shorts. But I was in my 20s. Unless you have the right “look”, I guess you can get away with almost anything at any age, however, I believe in sleek lines, minimal detail when it comes to boots, so give me a pair of smooth leather boots with no frills. Let the frills be in my swagger, my confidence!


How many pairs do you have, Audrey?? ;)
I imagine you have some fabulous ones :)


Dear Vicky, please post some images of R M Williams boots! They are so simple, so comfortable and look great with trousers, or skirts especially with dark tights. They are worn by all ages here in Australia. They never date, I’ve had mine for years. Quintessentially Australian. Men love to wear their RMs too, even our Prime Minister.

Donna D

Me too….love the new shapes as well. One year whilst wearing a pair in Paris I had had Aussie (who had moved to France ) stop me in the street with “you must be from Australia”… our International calling card!

kedra sugg

May I suggest, as a former Texan, that ankle boots , of any kind, when worn with anything other than long pants, are never attractive because , they make the leg, regardless of shape, unattractive, despite style, or price of boot. Western boots, otherwise rely on when they are worn and as always why – outfit?, need for a higher boot?(ie. pasture, mud?etc.), place, etc.


They look brilliant in their environment… I agree… but these days, those “cowboys” have strayed far from home ;)


I have a soft suede pair, in a light beige. Understated, and I do love them, when, with emphasis on the when, I find the right outfit to wear them with. I’m usually like you and Anita, I love classic, sleek lines with a touch of the unexpected. The cowboy boots work with long skirts, denim, and days when I’m in the mood for something different. I’ve tried on some glorious pairs over the years, which I never buy, because somehow I always feel like I would look like I was “dressing up cowboy” rather than trendy. {I’m sticking to my big, bold jewelry for my frills. and confidence.}

Paul A Robbins

Women wearing cowboy boots are very sexy looking. My wife wears them and it drives me crazy.

Victoria B

Love, love, love them! Both the traditional ‘Cowboys’ and the RM’s. With boot cut jeans and dresses and across the seasons. I actually prefer the Spanish designs which for me are a tad more subtle, their leathers are softer and thus more comfortable. And they seem to make me smile! What’s not to love?


I love my red cowboy boots. Have had them for 5 or 6 years. Very different from my usual rather plain style and always fun to wear.


I never wore cowboys boots when I was younger so I am really enjoying them now ….. could you tell me who makes the ones with the red stripe in the picture above.


I have been looking… will let you know when I find them… so far no luck..
Does anyone else know?

anna barrow

Ah – they are Calvin Klein .Thank you very much for the info and link. No,they don’t have my size, also a bit more than I would normally pay, actually quite a lot more than I would normally pay ! Might eventually be reduced in the sales I guess/hope .
Thanks once again.


I’m a Texas girl, so YES!! That said, I love the short ankle boots. Unless you’re wearing a skirt or have your pants tucked inside your boots, you don’t get to see the tops of the boots.

Angela Muller

Well Vicki,
I live in New Jersey and work in New York often. I wear cowboy boots with my slacks, tee and blazer every day. They are extremely comfortable. If you’re wearing authentic cowboy boots, I recommend investing in the special paraphernalia that enables you to pull them on and off with ease. I have fifteen pairs…varying colors and embellished designs, depending on the occasion:
casual, business, or formal.


I’ve had a suede burgundy pointed pair which even has a little tassel on the zip and have worn them regularly during winter. The have a Cuban heel and I do definitely feel like saying ‘yee ha!’ when wearing them especially with my leather jacket – this has no fringes on it though and I haven’t acquired a cowboy hat!!!
Only wear with jeans though never a dress or skirt!!

Michelle in Detroit

I feel as though at this point in my life I have earned the right (and have the obligation to) choose my trends carefully. I had a wonderful pair of red cowboy boots back in the late 70’s. Think I’ll leave them right there. That said, I think they could work for those who want to wear them. After all, in certain parts of the US, cowboy boots are perennially in fashion.


LUV THEM!! I wear mine all the time and honestly, just about everyone else around here does too. I was just at a University of Virginia, Charlottesville concert and just about everyone (including me) had on western booties. Why not! I don’t wear with a dress or skirt either…well, yet…Seventy plus and still two stepping!! franki


Well I actually have a horse. And several pair of cowboy boots. Oooo they’re are so many beautiful ones out there. I should be thankful my wallet won’t support that kind of addiction ;). But if a woman is somewhat outdoorsy then yes wear them properly. And own it! There is nothing SEXIER than a man or women strutting their stuff in western gear. But to do it properly be humble and confident. And just maybe you’ll discover a little something new in yourself. It’s a wonderful life. 😍

Debby Woods

For me, cowboy boots have always been acceptable, not just for rodeo’s either! I bought a pair 35 years ago and I still love wearing them with certain jeans; not ready to wear them with skirts. They are caramel colored with tan stitching and in very good shape. Shoes can be an investment that never go out of style.


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