25 Apr 2018

Exercise Personality – What’s Yours?


You are in a discussion with friends, and the topic turns to lengthy exercise routines. Do you yearn for the conversation to be over already?

Of course, you are happy for them, they are working at something they enjoy and have built a passion for, but at the same time, do you feel envious?

Why can we not attain the same thriving enthusiasm for fitness?

Often, we forget to comprehend that we are all diverse. One person’s exercise personality is different to the next.

So, What’s Yours?

The ‘Duracell Bunny’
Every morning you are raring to go.

Workout gear on and out the door. You are eager to burn calories at the gym, stretch out at your weekly yoga class, or bound towards your local park to complete a run of the perimeter. Noticing results has made fitness your healthy addiction.

The ‘Fake It Til’ You Make It’
Working out, you dread the idea of it.

But you know you have to do it. In fact, when you eventually start immersing yourself, you realise it is OK, bearable in fact. You could get used to it, maybe even enjoy it? Re-occurring mind battles over exercise are over. You envision getting your fitness fix on a weekly basis.

The ‘Dawdle Will Do’
Light walks and occasional physical activity is manageable.

Nothing too complex yet something that gets your heart racing. You find yourself falling in and out of love with the notion. You are happy to potter around in your fitness attire, and if you find the time to workout, bonus.

The ‘Reluctant Couch Potato’
A total sum of… zero fitness sounds like the best idea of all.

The sheer thought of any form of exercise makes you weak at the knees, and that is not from hitting the gym too many times. Perhaps you could stretch to a few situps whilst binging on your favourite Netflix series of the moment.

Some people strive on exercising every day of the week, others are unsure of the last time they dusted off their running trainers.Remember foremost that everyone approaches exercise in different ways.

Find a routine that slots perfectly into your lifestyle. Plus, who can resist shopping for new activewear?

Exercise Personality – What’s Yours?

The ‘Duracell Bunny’

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The ‘Fake It Til’ You Make It’

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The ‘Dawdle Will Do’

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The ‘Reluctant Couch Potato’

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Mimi Gregor

I exercise every afternoon at the same time. If it’s part of my daily routine, I do it. Mind you, I’m not one of those people who do an hour of yoga at a time. No. Both with my strength training and my yoga, it’s a half hour tops. I figure that a bit of exercise every day is better than meaning to devote an hour to it, but not finding the time. Plus, I do 15 minutes or so of floor exercises first thing in the morning to get me going. It’s kind of like brushing my teeth and flossing: I do it because it’s good for me, not because I particularly enjoy it.


I would love to know your floor exercises. And while I enjoy yoga, half an hour is the most I can tolerate, the sad thing is, most classes are an hour, hour-fifteen, or an hour and a half. REALLY?? can’t someone come up with 30 minute yoga classes? I bet it would be very popular.


I was, still am and hope to always be, a Duracell Bunny! Yes, I go and go until it’s time to eat then I crash!


I’ve always been a home exerciser, I tried gyms but didn’t like it. With YouTube I have found routines I really enjoy and do something every morning after my coffee, usually 45 min to an hour. I vary what I do from strength, cardio & stretching. On weekends, if the weather is good, I go hiking. I love challenging myself, so I am definitely the energizer bunny. I wasn’t always this way, I exercised on and off, but getting older made me realize I have so much I want to do and I want the energy & strength for it. Now, it’s become part of my day & I love how I feel.


I do 15 minutes on the treadmill 5 days a week, then I’m off to the stable. 🐎

Dee Wood

Does chopping and stacking wood, trimming bushes and trees, sweeping, raking, and all manner of manner of home maintenance count as exercise count, I certainly hope so!

Mona Turner

Begin my day with meditation (mind exercise), and a morning walk for 30 minutes, followed by yoga stretches. I ride my stationary bike if I’m on the phone with my sister. I turn on the music, and dance in my living room everyday for at least 30 minutes. I enjoy every bit of all of it!


I prefer to exercise at home. Strength training, rebounding, brisk walks and I use my infrared red, low EMF sauna most everyday to work up a good sweat. Happier when I maintain my routine, must be those endorphins! Definitely not a Duracell Battery but not a couch potato either. I am not envious of the Duracell Battery exercisers, but rather in admiration of them. They genuinely are peppy and happy!

Teddee Grace

There was at one time, and perhaps still is, a dance aerobics class popular in the Chicago suburbs through their park districts. It was absolutely my cup of tea and you could not keep me away. I altered my schedule to attend three days a week for nine years. I Was In Shape! It started with a warm-up segment on mats that included stretching and core strengthening, then went on to set dance routines to specific tunes, a little like line dancing, that changed each quarter. This was followed up with a cool-down segment, again done on mats. The dance routines, which had to be memorized, kept the mind pleasantly engaged while the body benefited. I have never been able to find anything like it elsewhere and my physical conditioning has lapsed as a result. I now tediously walk on the treadmill at a gym for half an hour three days a week. I hate the environment and just slog it out, put on my ear buds and watch CNN and hope for the end. It keeps my lymph from stagnating and that’s about all. I’m actually contemplating signing up for ballroom dance lessons just to see if I can recreate the past!


I would have to say I’m a Duracell Bunny. I’m mostly a walker, though. I keep a good pace and I focus on the very hilly neighborhood (who would have thought North Arlington, much less on the banks of the Potomac river, would be so hilly?) and especially a few streets which are especially steep – I walk up and down up and down during my walk, the neighbors probably think I’m nuts. My fave thing to do on vacation is to walk and see the neighborhoods and it is literally nothing to go over 20K steps a day, occasionally well over 30K steps in a day, while on vacation especially urban ones. I mean, I can just be hanging out in DC doing nothing in particular on a Saturday and hit 16K steps without even trying.

I have a few arm exercises I do both while my espresso pot is brewing and while my shower is getting hot (IE morning) and I now that I am working I split my walk-time into three chunks – 20 minutes AM (hills hills hills), 20 minutes mid day, and whatever is needed in the evening to get me to 10K steps, usually around 30 mins or so.

As mentioned above I LOVE yoga and how I feel afterwards but my God does it have to be 60-75-90 minutes? Why? I know it is antithetical to the yoga experience to not slow down and savor the time, but as Mimi mentioned above, some is better than none and I wish I could find just one studio who understood that and offered a few 30 min classes. Again, now that I’m working, if I chose to do yoga on a given evening, that would literally be my evening. Home, change, yoga, dinner, bed.

Michelle à Détroit

Since I’ve been in Detroit I have hit the gym at least 4 days a week. I spend 11/2 hours biking and doing resistance training, free weights and stretching. I swim daily at home in the summer. When I lived in Manhattan I walked virtually everywhere. That and indoor swimming were my main forms of exercise.


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