10 Apr 2018

“Spring Dress-ing”

"Spring Dress-ing" on vickiarcher.com

“Dress” is the key here.

I want to be wearing dresses, dresses and more dresses.

It is what happens after a severely long winter where hibernation and cover-up are the focus.

I am not wearing another winter coat, even if I do freeze. The thought of freedom of movement, no tights or socks and a lightness of fabric is making me giddy. Haha, not exactly but I can’t tell you how long this winter seems. As much as I love my winter woollies, even I am ready to chirp with the birds and sprout with the bulbs.

"Spring Dress-ing" on vickiarcher.com

Back to dresses.

Dresses are a go-to from now until next winter. The wardrobe needs a refresh and a stock up. There are many styles to make a great collection but for now, I am looking for lighter, easy dresses. Dresses that aren’t fussy and dresses to make me feel feminine and at the same time fashionable. A dress in a solid colour is the one I find most flattering because there is nothing to break the line of the body. I’m always on the lookout for styles to give the impression I’m longer and leaner.

A dress is an easy one to wear because our decision making is already halfway there once we know our style. It takes the worrying over “if this goes with that” away. The occasion and our preferences dictate the choice. A simple dress means I can change mood depending on the accessories. You know I’m a fan of the dingle dangle earring and a collector of handbags – not to mention, shoes. A simple dress shape, with a bit of a twist, means the additions are an easy add.

For every day, I like plain colours when it comes to dresses.

Safe, I know but as one who can very easily become bored with clothing, it does make investment sense. Fortunately, there are many gorgeous dresses this season that could have my name on them. I want to stay true to my lbd but also tempted to work the jewel colours for a change. This is a good option with the grey locks. Simple shift style, a destructured neckline or a lace insert can make the world of difference to a plain dress. What we add means there is actually no such thing as a plain dress. Never.

I have introduced you to Halsbrook before and it is a site I love both for their curation and their choice of brands. They asked me to “talk spring” and I couldn’t move past their beautiful collection of dresses.

A dress has a tendency to flatter if it is well cut and the right fit; you will have no arguments from me there. I prefer a nipped in waist and fuller skirt or a shift style. A shift dress and killer earrings is a winning combination always. Think Audrey Hepburn and some of her best outfits – all we need are the oversized white frames.

The beauty of the dress is in its simplicity.

Wearing a dress takes the decision making away and I am all for that. xv

Spring “Dress-ing”

divine dressing

max mara embroidered shirtdress  ||  nanette lepore poplin shirtdress  ||  luisa cerano drawstring sleeve  ||  max mara emerald shift

ginessa one shoulder  ||  shoshanna keiko  ||  paul ka red embroidered shirtdress  ||  tara jarmon navy

add a touch 

lucque navy leather  ||  serpui embroidered clutch  ||  serpui camelia clutch  ||  aranaz banana leaf

jennifer behr blush earrings  ||  nest mother of pearl earrings

Thank you Halsbrook for partnering with, “Spring Dress-ing”.

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Taste of France

I saw a woman yesterday in the prettiest dress. She was springtime personified. Simple, with a full-ish skirt, in that silhouette Anna Wintour likes when she isn’t doing sheaths. It had a white background and was covered with flowers. Not in a floral pattern kind of way, but as if they were growing up the dress. I suspect she brightened the day of everybody who saw her.


SWOON. Not only is the thought of wearing lighter clothing appealing, but you and your team have put together a glorious collection of images that are rockin’ my BOAT! Those photos Vicki, the yellow daffodils, the textures of the topiaries, the pots, EVERYTHING! I love dresses. Even in the winter, I wear my dresses and jewels and make each day a fashion statement, as much as I can. But in the warmer temps, linen and even a little lace, cotton and espardrilles, this is what I crave. Wow. You have inspired me today. I am going to send you an IG DM to ask you a question.


Love the daffs in pots – all so gorgeous! I’m sure there will be a lot of fans for the black dresses. Just not me. When I dressed for work, especially attending international conferences with a fairly high profile delegation, I could almost never wear all black because maybe 3/4 of the other women at the conference did (and there weren’t really all that many women). Although many of the African women wore spectacular colourful national dress in eye-catching prints and matching head wraps. In a crowd of over 1000 attendees, my delegation members (and our driver) needed to be able to identify me quickly. So I always wore colours like emerald green, bright red, fuchsia pink or bright orange. As I had strawberry blonde hair I could wear all those colours. But nearly always in the form of jackets with white shirts under and classic black pants – and the right scarves. Worked really well. They could always find me! I’ve always wondered why so many women wear black dresses because they just tend to blend into the background with all the others at parties. But I can really empathise with wanting to feel springlike so some of those coloured dresses you mentioned might really elevate the mood after the cold wet weather. They can also lift the spirits of all those around you. Best wishes, Pamela


I would prefer a jewel colour dress for spring but it is quite cool in here in the east of the UK this morning so jumpers are on! The emerald dress is beautiful Vicki and certainly would suit you with your grey hair. My gorgeous daughter suits this colour with her titan hair colour and I think if your hair colour is such that it stands out these jewel colours look stunning. Hope you opt for this one Vicki!!


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