23 Apr 2018

Style Notes: Introducing Yellow

What do you think about yellow?

Styling an outfit each morning can become a tedious task. With warmer weather finally making a comeback, the VA girls were discussing adding a change of colour. We all wear what is in our comfort zone but equally, we want to mix it up a bit.

The discussion on the agenda is yellow.

A hue associated with happiness, positivity, energy and sunshine. Styled correctly it can brighten up an outfit so effortlessly. But can we wear it? We know we can in the rain but what about in full sunshine?

We think we can and we will; it is about finding the right way. Starting slow and finding the shade to suit is where it all begins.

Introducing Yellow To The Wardrobe

Shade Range

There are various shade ranges to consider. A mustard tone is a foolproof option. A primrose is perfect for Spring. And for the brave who like to dress spontaneously, what about neon? We are thinking the pastels will be an easier entry point for those of us who are first-timers.

Start Small

Introducing yellow doesn’t have to mean to dazzle like the sun. Dip into the trend by adding a subtle shoulder bag, a tee or a simple piece of jewellery. Sunglasses or reading glasses have always been a classic option.

Break It Up

Consider incorporating yellow with prints and patterns. A floral helps soften, making it more wearable.

One Piece

Welcome a yellow piece into your wardrobe by styling it with the neutrals you already own. Try styling a pastel linen shirt with your everyday black pants.

Head To Toe

When you are feeling brave; move on to the final level. Go all out. Wear a dress and pair with a black or neutral slip-on mule.

Hopefully wearing yellow doesn’t have to mean ‘make way for the canary bird’. Start small and wear often is our new mantra.

Style Notes: Introducing Yellow

bit by bit

pst bell sleeve sweater  ||  treasure & bond sporty tee  ||  gibson slouch sweatshirt  ||  everleigh gingham top  ||  1901 full floral skirt

mih cropped pants  ||  joie  silk top / skirt  ||  simon miller stripe blouse  ||  caroline rose all-in-bloom jacket  ||  see by chloe scalloped top

all over

robert rodriguez floral dress  ||  merlette off-the-shoulder dress  ||  joseph silk-twill dress  ||  malene oddershede bach floral gown

st.john collection metallic dress  ||  roksanda fluted silk dress  ||  vita kin embroidered dress  ||  carolina herrera dot print trench gown


images, marie claire russia, jamie nelson

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Works for me…blue/yellow/white stripped oxford shirt this weekend with blue leather blazer! franki

Mimi Grego

I assure you that mustard is not “fool-proof”, as fools are so ingenious. It makes me look horribly ill. However. I was looking at some pictures of myself when I was young, and in one of my better choices of fashion, I was wearing a pastel yellow and white knit sheath dress with a v-neck and a yellow scarf tucked into the neckline. I looked SO sophisticated…. and I was maybe 14? 15? I had the same coloring that I presently have (by which I mean, I am currently coloring my hair what used to be my natural color. Oy vey….), so I am actually thinking that a light yellow might be a good choice in color for a summer dress if I were to find one that I liked. There are cool variations of what we think of as “warm” colors, so it’s really a matter of finding the right shade.


I wore yellow occasionally as a teenager but I think for me those days have long gone as my natural colouring has changed a lot since then. I don’t like it near my face any more as it makes me look horribly ill. Doesn’t flatter my older skin tones. But a few years ago I won a fabulous small bright yellow patent hand bag. So I bought a bright yellow bangle and for some years wore it with white, navy or black. It’s a wonderful colour so bright and cheerful. But I could never wear it in clothing. Best wishes, Pamela


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