3 Apr 2018

Tailored: But Not Always

Tailored But Not Always on vickiarcher.com

Tailored But Not Always on vickiarcher.com

Tailored doesn’t have to be worn “tailored” so to speak.

Not all the time.

I like wearing the tailored suit with the less than tailored accessories if you get where I am going.

A suit, man’s style, must be one of the best ever wardrobe additions; it can be what you want on any given day and in any given place. Instead of dressing the suit up, I am going to dress the suit down – wear it in the sunshine, on the weekends and just about anywhere. Maybe I’ll dress it down enough to add it to the travel wardrobe.

There are a couple of French brands I absolutely rely on, Sandro and Maje. I have mentioned them before and they are synonymous to me with Parisian dressing. The two brands are related, they were created by sisters and like sisters, they have their own unique personality. They are brands for all ages if we look carefully enough and that is always my “test” when it comes to brands.

If a brand can have something for my two very different daughters and me then I know we are onto something. Sandro and Maje are just like that.

Saks Fifth Avenue stock these French beauties and as their Friends and Family bi-annual sale is fast approaching, it is the best time to buy designer favourites on sale. (25% off a selection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Plus 20% off jewellery.) Now I can peruse Saks online anytime I like but I still remember when Fifth Avenue and New York City was where it was all at.  There is still nothing better than a stroll down Fifth and looking out for their iconic awnings. Not to be missed and the same can be said for their Friends and Family event.

How to de-tailor the tailored?

For starters, I’m crushing on this straw trend this coming spring and summer so everything from Eric Javits would work. Think jaunty fedora or wide-brimmed and fringed sun hat paired with some mule style espadrilles. The suit worn with a shorter cropped pant replaces the serious with the more jovial.

Then there is a lace blouse and sneakers if those are your thing. You know they are mine.

Or why not a lace-up wedge espadrille? Wear the blouse out or tucked in and throw the jacket over the shoulders if you are simply sitting pretty.

Sunglasses and a jazzy shade of lips will do the rest. xv

Tailored: But Not Always

sandro soazic cotton blazer  ||  sandro houria cotton pants  ||  maje valila plaid print blazer  ||  maje puya plaid print pants

dress down with

sandro lace top  ||  soludos tassel mules  ||  soludos stripe lace-ups  ||  soludos wedge lace-ups

eric javits floppy fringe sunhat ||  eric javits fedora ||  eric javits brigitte bag  ||  web aviators

Thank you, ShopStyle and Saks Fifth Avenue for sponsoring, ” Tailored: But Not Always”.

images, sandro spring summer 2016, eric javits pagoda hat for nars 2016


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Cynthia Vellis

Oh my god.. your Instagram Stories brought me here – fabulous!! Thank you for the inspiration x

Taste of France

It’s nice to see some looser options than the shrunken suits that have been the norm for years.
A loose suit with sneakers or espadrilles seems so classically nonchalant.


It’s why we love a tailored suit, isn’t it Vicki? It can go full-fledged “serious” but combines in so many ways for a more casual look. Jacket with jeans, lace, skirt. Pants with a more casual top. If ever there is a place to invest your money, a great suit it is!
So funny, like you, I have two very different daughters, and that’s my test for brands, if both my girls and I can find a few amazing pieces for our style, I count it a well-rounded brand!


I love all of the accessories here, Vicki! Those beautiful sunglasses, that hat! I love the idea of “dressing down”, using only pieces that speak for themselves, that hang on us, flowing with our moves. Now, if only we could get some warm weather around here, I’d start sporting some fun, new attire!


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