14 Apr 2018

Taking Care Of Number 1: Our Hands


The routine of looking after our hands is one that is often neglected. GuiltyI raise my hand here. Our hands, a vital support system in everyday life, are frequently forgotten about.

They play a significant role. We express ourselves with them and show affection with them. But, we also put them through some tough doings; the stress of daily actives and chores.

We should be taking more care of them. (WHY is it I neglect to do what I know I should?) With this in mind and making more of a conscious effort to consider Number 1, hand cream must become a vital part of the beauty routine.

Here is what I’m thinking.

Tips for Taking Care of Number 1

* Use a gentle soap when washing them.

* Exfoliate at least once a week to keep them feeling revitalised.

* Like our face, our hands are exposed to the sun’s rays. Protect them when walking and when driving.

* Moisturising is crucial; washing regularly to prevent germs dries out the skin. We need to replenish hydration.

* Massage, using a nourishing cream, up and down fingers and palms in a circular motion, help release stress and pain.

* Avoid extremely hot water.

* Pat gently after washing rather than rubbing; it is less likely to irritate and dry out the skin.

* Seal in moisture by applying hand cream whilst hands are still damp.

My latest crush on hand cream comes from Byredo. My friend, Fiona introduced me  – every time we meet she would open her handbag during the course of our time together and dab a little on her hands. I was curious and she told me she has a baby tube not only in all her handbags but also for her travels.  These are available in 30ml tubes, making them so easy to move about with.  She loves Blanche  – so do I and recently I tried Bal’d’Afrique – heavenly. These little tubes are a bit of an addiction but my hands are reaping the benefits.

I like them for their light consistency and nourishing texture but there is something else. It is rare to stumble across a hand cream that delivers delicate fragrance, without having to compromise on hydration.

Try Blanche and tell me if you stop at one. xv

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Taking Care Of Number 1

blanche  here and here  ||  bal d’afrique  here and here  ||  gypsy water  here and here

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Mimi Gregor

Ooof. My hands can rival any longshoreman’s. I do a lot of physical labor around the house, but I only seem to use hand cream at night before bed. I find it too greasy for daytime use, and I have to make sure I wash it off before doing any food prep — and I always seem to be doing food prep! But the real hand killers in my case are gardening in the warm months and the fireplace in the cooler months. Even with fireplace gloves, adding logs to the fire really sucks all the moisture out of one’s hands. They get cracked… the cracks get stains that won’t go away…. Let’s just say it isn’t pretty. It’s why I play up my other better features and forego nail polish and hand jewelry.


Oh so true….I take care of my face, but my hands honestly, are ugly! Thank you again Vicki for targeting all the parts of ourselves, from head to toe, from heart to the art of living!


Normally I do not make New Year resolutions any more, but this year I did resolve to recommit myself to my hands. Besides a nice smile with white teeth, our hands are one of the first things that people notice. This morning when I did a peel on my face I did my hands as well. I have found that keeping my short nails polished helps not only the look and condition of my nails, it also inspires me to take better care of my hands in general. I will definitely try Blanche, although no matter what lotion or cream you use, consistency is the key. On my shopping list this week is also a new brighter shade of nail polish.


I love hand creams and like L’Occitane and their little tubes of hand creams. I particularly adore their lavender and almond ones and put on at night drifting off to sleep with the evocative fragrance of Provence!
What’s not to like about that!


Vicki, reading Chris’ post about a nice smile and white teeth, could you do a posting on teeth please – to whiten or not, and how to keep white besides the obvious of brushing daily!!!
It’s the natural white teeth look or the celebrity ridiculous startling white!!!

Beverly (Canada)

Oh how timely to receive this useful reminder! Looking at my hands now, they are definitely asking for more attention. They usually benefit from the foot cream I apply at night to my tired tootsies, but would thank me if I remembered to apply a hand cream more often throughout the day. Where I live in Canada (the foothills of the Rocky Mountains) is known for its particularly dry climate especially during the cold winters, and if I am not diligent with hand cream care, the skin around my fingernails could very easily become cracked and sore. Something to avoid for sure…


Having two big dogs in the family means that I am constantly washing my hands. Thank-you for the reminder to use a sunscreen on our hands – and we should be applying it to the neck/exposed collarbone area as well. After all, what’s the point if our skin care stops at the jaw line? Who wants their neck and hands to look years older than our faces?
I agree with Chris: I find that shorter, pale nails not only make my hands look well-kept, but more youthful. So it’s Essie pale pinks on my fingernails and bolder shades in the summer (Geranium is a favorite) for my toenails. (Plus daily wear is not as noticeable on a pale nail as it is on a bright red one.)


So true about the need to look after our hands. I have sensitive dry skin and constantly need to apply hand cream. I keep an Aesop pump bottle by the kitchen sink, a smaller tube on my book/coffee/handwork table in the family room and of course in the bathroom I use the LaRoche-Posay body cream after a shower – on my hands as well as body
(unscented so it doesn’t clash with my perfume of the day). So they are well nourished. But ugly as sin. Specially as I’ve got older. Age freckles on the backs and osteo-arthritis distortions have done a lot of damage. It’s one of the reasons I wear large chunky silver jewellery – rings and bangles. No-one notices my hands any more, they just see my favourite jewellery and admire. But I do wear nail polish as well – reds, coppers, oranges or bright pinks work well with the silver. And I always do the manicure myself. One of the things I absolutely loathe is when a man (and it’s only ever a man) thinks he has to shake hands, even with a woman, with a steely vice-like grip. It’s excruciating if you have arthritic hands. At our church there’s one man in particular who at the Peace Greeting always does this. He’s otherwise a nice well meaning man and I can’t bring myself to say anything in case it upsets him but he really does hurt! I wish men would realise they don’t do have to do this with a woman. Best wishes, Pamela


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