4 Apr 2018

When It Rains

It’s been raining cats and dogs.

I never know what that means but all I know is it has been as wet as anything.

The rain is my friend if I am snuggled up inside with a good book or an entertaining film; not so much when moving furniture and cartons through a muddy garden on the drippiest of days. Not ideal.

Never mind, these challenges are hardly problematic but it did make me think I need an old-fashioned raincoat. I have the trenchcoat version which is a great “going out” coat and doubles as a mid-weight protection against the elements but some days, especially in London and Provence, I need the full-on-not-so dressy-number with an umbrella to match.

Lately, I have been crushing over yellow – don’t ask me why – it is highly unusual. Much has been surprising about my choices recently and it may well have something to do with my determination to shake things up and think outside the box a little. It could have more to do with the combination of primrose and grey, which I love and a mix I want to add to my wardrobe this spring. 

But, would we wear an all yellow raincoat?

Not so sure, I may be reminded of my adorable Aussie nieces when they were dressed for school on a rainy day and feel like school days is best left to them. I did see a woman on my early morning walk wearing a yellow raincoat with cute boots and cropped jeans. She looked fabulous. Should I re-think? Rainy days need not be drab?

An easy way in is maybe a touch of yellow on the umbrella?

Either way, my raincoat wardrobe is growing. I’ve started with this one in French Navy and we will see from here. xv

When It Rains

hunter waterproof on sale ||  joules ‘right as rain’ raincoat  ||  joules hooded jacket  ||  cole haan on sale  ||  marilyn & me

rain, rain go away

the all clear  ||  yellow bubble  ||  moustache bubble

images, Terry Richardson Vogue Paris August 2017, Mikael Jansson Vogue Paris September 2003

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Jean Rowland

I know – we need a raincoat so much of the time here in the uk. Do you know the Stutterheim raincoats? Gorgeous!


I’m also loving these raincoats Vicki, they seem to be everywhere at the moment. I’m more of a navy person but do admire those who wear yellow but think you definitely have to have the right colouring to wear something so bright. I’m quite liking the spotty raincoats as well and Boden have some lovely ones too. Whatever our choices let’s hope the sun shines warmly soon!

Mary Hite

While I love your rain coat in the navy, I think you would also look fabulous in the yellow.
A bit of sunshine on a drab day is always welcome. And it is so stylish, it could double as a jacket
during those iffy Spring days when we aren’t certain what the weather will be – or when it is warm, rains
and turns cold in the same day. So stylish!


I just got a red with blue/white flowers rain coat and…I :) wearing it (with my navy blue rubber booties!) Our lake is down several inches…could use “that” rain….just sayin…franki

Kathy Kelada

You will LOVE this raincoat by Gerard Darel. I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it. It’s khaki so it goes with pretty much everything and the cut leaves plenty of room for a cozy sweater.
Just thought I’d throw that out there since I’m always searching for the perfect lightweight raincoat!! Stay dry!! Hope spring arrives soon. LA is hot hot hot already, and we had our2 days of rain so I think we’re done for.


Hi Vicki, I love a good raincoat, light, easy to throw into a tote, they don’t generally crease, easy to travel with and also keep out the wind. The brighter the better I say. Having said that, my go to rain jacket is a Camilla jaguar print, subdued in colour but not in print, definitely a practical statement piece.


And it’s been snowing on my parade here in Minneapolis! I’m still wearing my parka and I long to wear lighter clothing! We’ll eventually make it to spring and summer my friend, and we will rejoice.


Yes, yellow raincoats remind me of my son’s when he was a primary school boy. But can imagine a brilliant yellow n a heavier shiny coat could look fabulous on a miserable drippy day. I so rarely need to wear a raincoat because we live in a very dry place but I always take a lightweight easily fold-up raincoat to carry in the tote when rain is fairly clearly going to happen during the day on our hols in Europe. Definitely not glam But practical and not heavy. Because if you’re out for the day and it warms up, or even inside buildings like art galleries which can be over-heated, the other kind are too heavy and too hot to keep wearing, but too heavy to carry for long.
But I’m very cautious as I get older about wearing yellow. Not all over anymore. But yes touches – like in a scarf or jewellery, or even a handbag. It combines so well with navy. I love the colour but as my skin ages I feel it doesn’t do any favours. Love that clear plastic umbrella with the yellow stripe!! Hope the weather improves for the rest of your moves! Best wishes, Pamela


I Love the waterproof hooded jacket from NordStrom. I’ve been searching for the perfect raincoat for a while now. What caught my eye on this one was the length. I am 5’9” and always find my hips and legs still get wet with regular rain coats. The length on this jacket reaches me at mid thigh. It is heavy enough to keep you warm and protected but also lite enough to layer with a sweater or lighter jacket. I love that I can sinche in the waist for a more tailored look.


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