28 Jun 2018

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I have worn glasses since I was 11, says Nicola.

(I asked Nicola, our beauty guru about the whole wearing make-up and glasses deal. I don’t wear glasses other than for reading and writing but that is plenty of the time in my world. I never know about the eyes and what to make-up so I tend to adopt the less is more approach. I’m sure there is more to it.)

Chronically short-sighted; I had to wear ghastly peach framed horrors all through school and contact lenses were a revelation to me in my early teens. Glasses were confined to Sunday nights on the sofa with a box set. Now however it seems that as well as being short-sighted, I have the addition of reading glasses and I have to say, I like it.


There has been a renaissance in the world of specs in recent years and it is now cool to wear facial furniture, which has become somewhat of a fashion accessory.


I had lunch with my friend and fellow speccie, make-up artist Sara Raeburn this week and we got talking about the art of makeup with glasses. I always feel unglamorous when I wear my specs and never make much of an effort with my make up when I wear them and I wanted to know what I should be doing make up wise when wearing my glasses, I loved what she had to say.


Sara says: “Everything is relative to the size of your glasses so if you have a larger frame, check where the shadow of the frames will fall and if you have varifocals the undereye area will be magnified so apply concealer carefully and really blend well”.


Top Tip – Invest in a full-face magnifying glass, that way you won’t have to squint when applying any makeup around the eye area.


Keep eye makeup to a minimum when wearing glasses and make it all about the grooming of the eye area, that means beautiful lashes and eyebrows that will add structure and look super chic but effortless.  Sara recommends threading the eyebrows over plucking or waxing as it gives a great shape with clear definition and doesn’t make the brows too thin. Get eyelashes and brows tinted regularly and don’t forget the all-important eyebrow pencil. Eyelash curlers are a must to add lift and really help to open up the eye area. If your lashes are a bit lacklustre, try RevitaLash, I know many women who swear by this product for lash growth and thickness.


A bright lip looks great with a statement pair of glasses and really lifts and enhances the complexion; Sara recommends a neutral lip pencil to outline the lip and prevent bleeding or feathering – it will go with every shade and then you can let your style dictate the lipstick colour.


I have now adopted a slick of red lippy when wearing my glasses and am finding a renewed sense of style when wearing them. xn


In The Frame

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Do you know why threading would be better than plucking? Plucking is hair by hair so there’s control, no? My daughter said her brow lady who threads also claimed it’s better. I said that’s because she threads! Nice tips in the post. Thank you


Nicola wrote, “Sara recommends threading the eyebrows over plucking or waxing as it gives a great shape with clear definition and doesn’t make the brows too thin.”
This is what I have found when I have had mine threaded too. :)


I went on YouTube to look at threading videos and now I get it. Very clear definition. But I would want someone I really trust. A little worried they could end up too thin.


Oh, do I know the ups and downs of wearing glasses since I was 10. I recently got a new pair, a proper fit this time and it has made a world of difference. For vanitie’s sake, I wore rimless glasses for about 12 years but they were far too small to accommodate my prescription, so for those years, I never saw to the full extent of my prescription. Now with larger lens I can see better, but I do have to be creative with my make-up application!


Agree. Have been getting my brows threaded for about five years now. The beauticians who do this are so expert with wonderful control. Then the same girl tints the brows to a colour that works with the darkest color in my still natural hair. Would love to have eyelashes done at same time but have sensitive eyes and skin around them so it’s not possible (have tried). Makes life easier- never need to worry about brows or eyebrow pencils ever again. It gives the face definition yet looks natural. Best wishes, Pamela

Alexandra Ehlen

Good Saturday Morning! Was reading your blog re women who wear glasses and the best eye makeup techniques and products. You mentioned RevitaLash for “lackluster” lashes like mine. I eagerly went to the Nordstrom site where it led me, and got a message, “Not for sale in the state of California”. Can you shed some light and recommend another product perchance? My home is in San Francisco.


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