2 Jun 2018

This Makes Scents

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Scent is everything.

And the scents are what have kept me enchanted with Provence all these years. It is a fragrant region, whether it is wild thyme and rosemary fragrances floating in the air or the lavender beds of June and July. There are so many wonderful smells I associate with Provence; too many to mention.

Provence is a sensory overload.

Isn’t it funny how life turns out?

Diptyque has always been a brand I believe captures so many of the fragrances of Provence – Baies, Gingembre, Figuier, Lavande – and many more. We have always burned Figuier and Lavande at home in the summer and Feu du Bois in the winter; it is our tradition and the scents resonate with us. Now I find myself the proprietor of a small Diptyque shop in Saint Rémy de Provence. Who would have thought?

The Diptyque boutique is part of La Maison du Village, our new boutique hotel in Saint Rémy and I will admit it is fun to have this addition. The interior sprays are heavenly – Gingembre and Fleur d’Oranger being my very favourites. I love to fragrance up the spaces each morning and have the scents lingering ever so slightly during the day. The candles, as you can imagine, are burning in the little Salon and oftentimes in the garden; Baies is the perfect accompaniment in our secret garden.


What follows is obvious, I think I am my best customer and our new home in Notting Hill, London smells decidedly delicious – Gingembre is wafting ever so gently throughout and the Baies will be burning tonight on the terrace.

Fragrances create memories and that is why they are so important to me.

The slightest hint of tuberose and I am transported; lavender and fig and my heart beats for Provence. There are so many memorable perfumes that linger in our lives and I believe scent is an integral part of homemaking. Our homes are our castles and nowhere should be as comfortable, familiar and cosseting as where we live. At La Maison, my greatest desire is for our guests to feel as if they are “home” Before our guests arrive I like to “scent” the rooms – ever so lightly – to create a memory. Not overly, as too heady and it’s uncomfortable. A fragrance is also particular and I am mindful of that.

The houses of Diptyque, Bully and Cire Trudon are my most-loved interior fragrances, what are yours? xv


This Makes Scents


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You first introduced me to Feu du Bois..always a favorite with me. Do you have the room spray in this scent? Can’t find it in America.


Oh, the temptation of having one’s own Diptyque boutique! Bottles and jars would be clinking in my bag on the way home every night. My fantasy is to have my own scent boutique someday and I am currently blending my own natural perfumes. I am loving the Diptyque candle in Menthe Vert these days!


Heavenly. Love these scented candles you name too. They use the real essential oils in creating them, not horrid artificial chemical scents of cheaper candle fragrances. As with body perfumes, they can be so evocative of places and memories and can bring back happy emotions of wonderful holidays. It’s why I often buy perfumes, candles or incense that seem to bring alive the essences of places I’ve loved in hols. One in particular was incense pebbles for a charcoal burner that I bought in an old nunnery in Meteora in Greece. It was heavenly – flowers and herb scents from their lovely garden. Not to sweet or too strong but haunting and full of happiness. Sadly have never found it anywhere else. I think it was made by the nuns themselves from their own flowers and herbs. Also love the potpourri from the Officina di Santa Maria Novella in Florence. How wonderful to have your own perfume boutique! Best wishes, Pamela


I will never forget when I first landed in Provence. I was wisked away to my dream destination, perfumed in lavender and rosemary! What I loved as well, was going into these little boutiques to try the olive oils, the perfumes, candles, everything that had a scent. Oh Provence, you are my home.


Hello Vicki,

I am so with you regarding scents. I”m not sure which wins the day, flowers or scented candles. I love both. How special you have your own perfume boutique. That is like a candy store! Currently I am burning a Trapp candle in vanilla/orange. It quickly fills a room, so I don’t burn it for long, but I do love the scent. Thank you for sharing your love of Diptyque.


I enjoy how you have describe the scents at the Provence and how you care for every guest Taking time for scent each room, all This make me wish to be there. I have not been at the Provence yet, after reading you I will look for visit this place and smell every scent as you describe ti. Thank you for share these scents.


I absolutely agree with you about fragrance and how it evokes such memories. I also love the fig scent and of course lavender. My yoga teacher has started to drop lavender on the eye pillows for us to use in our meditation session. I am transported to Provence everytime with thoughts of warm sunshine, blue skies and purple filled lavender fields. Vicki, the shop at Maison du Village is wonderful – not cluttered that you become afraid of walking in with a bag and so many fragrances and I look forward to visiting again in August. Scents I also find are so personal and take me back to specific moments in my life, in particular my Mum’s perfume she wore, she died a few years ago but if I ever smell this now she is immediately in my mind.


To me it’s always amazing how scent is such an underrated sense . How scent can take you back somewhere. The other day I walked into a shop and WoW I was back in Provence.

Michelle à Détroit

D. Porthault 50 Avenue Montaigne has been my favorite candle for years. I also like almost any of Ralph Lauren’s home fragrances. Los Cabos was the absolute best. Sadly, I think it’s been discontinued. I love Diptique Eau Rose. To my nose, it’s the best rose perfume out there. I’m not sure wheter it’s also part of the home fragrance line.


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