14 Jun 2018

Wearing The Grey With The Silver

As we were talking about the grey,

What about wearing grey? I am talking about wearing grey when our hair colour is silver or thereabouts.

I like wearing shades of grey with my silver hair. Yes, I have recovered from my blahs and managed to stay the distance – thank you for your wise counsel in this matter. The subject is a fantastically dividing one and probably the reason I like this discussion so much. It seems to me those who want to wear their hair silver will happily do so and those who don’t will never, at least not in the short term.

How I see it is not about, “how old it makes me look’.

Let’s be realistic, overly dyed hair is neither youthful nor attractive and there is no easy way to be out of this dilemma. Silver hair and a good head of it can look absolutely beautiful or downright dowdy – it very much depends on the hair, how it is dressed and the personal style that accompanies the silver.

What silver or blonde or auburn or pink for that matter does not denote is “younger looking”. Changing our hair colour is our prerogative and some of the best fun of all – I have enjoyed myself as a brunette, a blonde, a redhead and now as silver. All of which I loved and wore repeatedly but going back there will not make me look younger. At least I doubt it. Being fitter, more flexible and sharper will have more of an effect and will be much less of a trouble.

Just saying. And I am very happy to agree to disagree.

Back to grey.

Grey and white is such a winning combination and especially if you are crowned in silver. As a fan of the blazer and pants look with sneakers, these photographs resonated. The red backdrop reminded me just how good a red lip can be and especially with this combination.

Once upon my time, grey was for school uniforms and not my very best friend. Grey conjured up images of flannel and piping, tunics and pleats; ridiculous hats that had to be worn. Now grey, every shade from the palest to the deepest charcoal, is my first and last call.

What a difference a few decades can make? xv

Wearing The Grey With The Silver

grey on top 

caslon utility ||  sandro double breasted  ||  emerson rose herringbone  ||  emerson rose check ||  toga single-breasted

pair with 

eileen fisher pants  ||  emerson rose check pants  ||  vince pants  ||  linea paolo pump  ||  adidas sneaker  ||  estée lauder liquid lava flow

images, karim sadli for vogue 2014

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Taste of France

I love the outfit on the left–the slim skirt with the sneakers. Feminine yet sporty. Can-do. Great attitude.
I have a few grays starting. I had planned to do highlights, figuring it was better to make the silver part of a plan. But I wasn’t good about keeping up with touchups and have gone back to natural. I have other priorities.


I’ve worn gray and black all my teaching career, and with a pop of color. But I think the most successful “pop” of color has always and will continue to be, my spirit. HOWEVER….that red lipstick, those blue drop earrings with a blue scarf and a gray dress always take my style a notch up. I think it’s what we find for each one of us that engines our joy that counts. I bet you are smashing in whatever you choose to wear, and whatever evokes a warm smile from your lovely face. Happy day, Vicki!


I also think that the bright “jewel”colours like deep cobalt blue, emerald green, orange, and shocking pink look great with silver and white hair. And such fun too. I’m enjoying my greys


Dear Vicki,
I popped in to St Remy today and happened to walk past your Maison du Village. I had a peep through the doors, it was closed like most during that time in Provence where everyone is still at lunch. It looks absolutely divine and I look forward to visiting another time. You hair looks fabulous btw and you should never doubt it !

Kris Flury

I love your support of gray hair! Absolutely agree that my (former) overdyed hair wasn’t doing me any favors. I am looking forward to finding the perfect red lip and charcoal gray outfit for fall. Please keep up the excellent content!


Something I have found since having grey hair is that pink suits me. I’ve never been a ‘pink’ girl, instead always wearing many tones of red, burnt orange and various shades of beige. Now I’m wearing more grey and then pops of brighter tones in my accessories. The best pinks I’ve found are the blush and then bordering on red for lips, black is of course still ‘the one’ and I’m even wearing a little navy (black was always my preference over navy!) Metallics are always a ‘lifter’ too!


Yes! The nude/blush pink colours are a beauty with “silver”… and definitely the red lips… :)

Michelle à Détroit

Love silver in all its spendor. But…… now we’re supposed to wear our sneakers UNTIED?? We can’t very well be “better, not younger” if we are hobbling about on crutches! 😉


I might leave mine laced for the moment Michelle… ;) ;)
Fashion is a funny thing sometimes… :)


As someone who has silver/white hair, (short) I wear a lot of gray. Different shades mixed with some pink, white and black. Blazers with pants and sneakers are a staple, I am a bit of a tomboy still at 66 and the pink softens the look when I want it to. The clothes are comfortable which is important to me and I always feel free feminine in them.


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