23 Aug 2018

3 Trends To Withstand The Test Of Time

Trends. You either love them or hate them.

Trends are part of our love for fashion because who doesn’t want to know what everyone we admire is wearing.

We want to stay in the loop, be informed and of course look our best selves.

Change is tough and thanks to the constant surge of social media (we’re looking at you refresh button) it’s hard to know whether what is current will still be in the wardrobe in a few years or relegated to the local charity shop.

Queue the trends that truly have stood the test of time. These are the pieces you can rely on season after season, that need to be front of house as you’ll be pulling them out week after week.

The Trench

There’s a reason why Burberry have been creating their historic trench coat for all these years, season after season and that’s because we continually reach for this iconic piece.

The trench coat is the ultimate layer that works for nearly every season. With the tailored cut and classic finish, it’s a staple that every woman wants in her wardrobe.

Over the years, we’ve seen our beloved trench take the form of a variety of prints, colours, and materials (think vinyl and plastic), but it’s always our trusty beige favourite that we return to.

Leopard Print Shoes

Leopard print is adored by some of the most stylish women in the world. Those who would otherwise be a little hesitant about such a statement
often favour the print. Hesitance aside, our lovable leopard print is just as iconic on our feet as it is on our backs.

Leopard print shoes are a wardrobe staple that is guaranteed to add interest to any look. There are leopard numbers available for every season
ensuring their place in our favourite all-time trends is rightly appointed.


When Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis developed the first pair of jeans in 1873 they were made for workers who wanted to wear something
comfortable and practical whilst on the job.

Nearly 150 years later we’re still wearing them for the same reasons, but perhaps with a little more finesse.

These days we have a wider range of styles to compliment every body shape. From flares, to boot cut and our ‘back in business’ high waisted
numbers, jeans can be trusted to be number one for as long as you see fit.

Like the trench coat and leopard shoes, jeans are a brilliant addition to a daytime look and with the right styling can sneak their way into the
evening parade as well.

I’ve got five pairs of leopard print shoes and counting; how many do you have?

3 Trends To Withstand The Test Of Time


***london fog heritage  ||  burberry kensington


***linea paolo mule  ||  gianvito rossi kitten heel


levi’s high waist  ||  rag & bone white skinny

images, benny horne for vogue 2015, marc philbert for elle 2012, karim sadli

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Ah, good….I have two new trenches, one in black of course, and another in a coral color! I DO NEED a pair of leopard print shoes, but denim is always in my closet. Oh Vicki, I go back into the classroom on September 3, and I have no idea what to wear. I guess it will depend on the weather!


Get some leopard shoes/booties Anita… and wear them with your all-black ensembles… throw either of your trenches over the top and… voila… Superbe! :)


Perfect advice for Anita, Vicki! I would add to your list of pieces that withstand the test of time: the classic white shirt, and the black blazer. With these five, you almost have a complete, chic, and timeless wardrobe, don’t you?

The only thing missing from mine right now is the trench coat. My leopard shoe count? Three. And they’re the ones I always turn to when I need a little lift in my step! xo Lidy


Yes, 3 “must have” which never run out of fashion. You can wear these from 18-80 and
look always chic. But I would also add the white blouse.

Michelle à Détroit

I have one pair of leopard print “smoking” slippers lined in dark red leather. I wear them when I need to add oompf to an all black pants ensemble. I do consider them a “must have” classic.


The iconic trench has been dropped from my wardrobe. It was a staple during my working years but I now have no need for such, preferring a classic style coat for dress and an anorak for casual.
I don’t own any leopard print shoes but would love to have some in rotation. I have narrow feet and have not found a pair that fit and feel good.
Yes! Jeans are a staple, for sure. I have many in blue, black and white, skinny, flared and bootcut. They are my go to most days.
I would suggest a LBD. One that can be dressed up or down to fit most any occasion. Every wardrobe needs a black dress!


Staples for me? Anything that’s in Sarah Harris’s wardrobe ha ha – my daughter wishes! But I do find her staples are pretty close to what I would consider my staples to be. I rarely wear dresses, love ankle length jeans with boots, the white shirt/tee shirt of course and have just purchased a navy cashmere peacoat. Have previously had 2 Burberry trenches and both have left the house via my daughter. I find them rigid, maybe not so bad worn open but when done-up and belted, I feel like a corseted bollard!!! I don’t have any leopard print footwear for fear of growing tired of them after a few wears, but do admire on other women – one day maybe. This was a fun exercise Vicki and a good way to decide your staples is to ask yourself if your wardrobe was destroyed in a fire, what would be the first three clothing items you would rush out to purchase. For moi – jeans, white shirt/blouse, navy knee length jkt. Loved this discussion!


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