2 Aug 2018

The Only Way To Peel

Peel? Not ideal.
I don’t think any of us want to intentionally peel – not these days, with all the warnings out there.

I’m nervous of anything that leaves me looking like a beetroot or with a face that is so sensitive I can’t touch it.

It reminds me of a “peel” I had many years ago; it’s funny now, wasn’t then. For whatever silly reason I made an appointment for what I thought was a light and invigorating treatment. WRONG.

I had mistakenly booked myself in for one of those shed-your-skin-like- snake- treatments. It feels all so cool and refreshing at the time of application but a few hours later the ugly reality set in. My scarlet face, burning bright and burning hot for days until the skin tightened and started to shed was as good as any Halloween look. Ok, I was ridiculously ill informed and should have known better but I didn’t. My appearance was so shocking I had to hide not only from my children but also the rest of the outside world. I was a horror show of the most frightening kind. I’m laughing as I relate this story but at the time it was most unpleasant. I can still imagine and “feel” the tightness of the peel to this day.

On the flip side, as disastrous as it felt, it did work wonders and when my face regained its normal complexion my skin felt and looked like that of a new born baby. The result was amazing but the painful reality of the “peel” not so great. Was it worth it? NO.

These days I restrict myself to gentle “peels’ and those that give results without the pain and suffering. My skin is sensitive and all the scrubbing and rubbing often creates more chaos than not. This is where Susanne Kaufman, skincare creator extraordinaire comes in. Her plant-based products never give me any grief, feel absolutely wonderful and liven up my skin beautifully.

You must try the Enzyme Peel – it’s sensational and it goes along with bath time once a week. It feels zingy and fresh, revitalising and nourishing all at the same time. It’s most definitely a keeper.

The peel to have when you ‘don’t’ want to peel. xv

The Only Way To Peel

susanne kaufmann enzyme peel  ||  also available here

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Well, whatever you do Vicki, you look great. Just the glimpse I got of you yesterday in a mirror (with your hair piled high as you snapped the photo), your skin looks amazing.


That peel must have been horrific and so scary. Have never tried anything like it. Exfoliating creams are as far as I go. Every year while we are in Antibes I have a few appointments at the hotel spa. Their facials are wonderful, including exfoliation and then a great relaxing and hydrating mask. While you lie back waiting for the mask to work its magic, they don’t go away. You get a fabulous foot massage then a hand massage. That’s as far as I’m prepared to go with beauty treatments. I want to enjoy them and I don’t expect miracles. But good luck with your lite peel! Best wishes, Pamela

Michelle à Détroit

I don’t use peels as I have been using Retin-A for over 30 years. That’s like a mini-peel every night! I also use my Clarisonic daily. Any sort of peel on top of all of that would be too much for my skin.


I have also used Derma-E overnight peel and MUAC 40% lactic acid peels. The former is much gentler – the latter is ok if you build up to it – first time, no more than 60 seconds on your face. I max out at 2 minutes if I have been using it a while. The Derma E is literally something you put on before you go to bed.


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