11 Aug 2018

Weekend Wardrobe: Travelling In Comfort

Travelling In Comfort is everything.

I mean everything and it does not mean where your seat is in the aeroplane. Comfort when travelling starts when you close your front door, find your way to the airport, negotiate check-in and security to when you board and sit for however many hours to your dream or not so dream destination.

Practicality works with comfort and while the aim is to include good looking and fashionable in the mix; comfort is key. I also want to travel in style, even if modern-day flights prevent that and what I wear makes all the difference.

One of the biggest challenges to my personal comfort is temperature. I am either way too hot but more often than not far too cold. So many flights set arctic conditions and provide nothing more than a nasty, thin cover up – if anything. Apart from a large cashmere scarf in my handbag, I have taken to wearing an oversized almost coat-like cardigan. It’s brilliant. Seriously.

This long length open fronted cardigan works not only to snuggle in but also looks fab over most outfits. Depending on the length of the flight, mine is either cashmere style pants and a thin sweater or jeans and shirt. The other advantage, it rolls up and is easy to carry if need be or doubles as a great throw.

I usually travel in trainers or flat loafer/mule style shoes in the summer; short boots in the winter. This cardigan is now going everywhere with me, despite the season on arrival. Remember when air travel was comfortable and a luxury, wherever you sat? Nowadays it’s up to us to provide the luxurious experience.

Of course, this piece is also a great addition to the winter wardrobe but right now I’m thinking travel. Lucky for me I am up in the air frequently, the joys of living in Europe make it far too easy; this cardigan is my new best friend.

I’m not quite sure what I did without it. Going anywhere soon? xv

Weekend Wardrobe: Traveling In Comfort

vince hooded cardigan

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I love how you consider every step of the way, not just the seat on the plane. Brilliant. Vicki, I adore you.


Yes, I do, Anita!
I travel so frequently… minimum twice a month so for me it counts once I shut the front door… I want it to be as “pleasant” as I can make it because very often it is far from that! A bad airport experience can totally ruin the day.. so at least if I am feeling comfortable, I am winning.. ;)


Travel in style also choice of the seat is so appreciate when you look at the rest of travellers…
Sounds arrogant but I am with you, it makes so much difference to start a journey


I love this Vicki as nice and loose. I’ve found a lovely cashmere summer styled poncho which does the same thing and adore it. So easy to put on if the evening is cold and perfect for the over zealous air con in transport! It also folds neatly into my handbag.


Agree about the cardigan. Have been wearing them for years for long haul flights. So often the temperature is glacial even when you’re travelling through the tropics. My oversize cardigans are usually a mix of fine wool and mohair. They don’t crush and can be rolled up and tossed in the overhead locker if it’s warm or stuffed into a bag at transit points. So comfortable and comforting. I’m always surprised by the number of people who board in tank tops, shorts and thongs and always wonder how they survive the cold for hours. The cardigans work well with indigo or black jeans and black leather sneakers. Best wishes, Pamela

Roma Demeyere

Re Vince hooded cardigan…..I am uncertain about sizing because the chart only relates to number sizing.
Would you say the sweater runs large . Is it roomy for a sweater underneath? I am between large and medium and I don’t know which size to order. Thanks


If you want to wear something large underneath then go for large.
If you prefer finer knits or tees then go medium. It is a generous cardigan so I went medium and have plenty of space underneath. :)

Michelle à Détroit

Great idea, Vicki. Small additions can make a world of difference when traveling.


I also always travel with a long cardigan. But I find the hood on this Vince sweater too much. For a fraction of the cost, Nordstrom also sells a Halogen waterfall cashmere cardigan in several versatile colors. I have the grey and it will be travelling with me to Malta & Sicily next month.


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