20 Aug 2018

Where Do You Find The Inspiration?

This is one loaded question?

One, it assumes we are inspired and two, it presumes we have the answers.

I am never inspired all the time and there are moments when I wonder how I will ever have another idea. Have I written my last thought? Will fashion or France continue to inspire me on a daily basis? How can beauty remain intriguing and interesting for others? All very valid questions.

Creativity, the result of inspiration, is a moody beast; the greats would tell us that.

There are days when the words and ideas flow at VA and others where original thought is on a go-slow. What I know is this; don’t worry and whatever I do, don’t panic. Inspiration and creativity require rest like we do and the one true thing is, they come back. This is what continues to amaze me and in turn inspire me; creativity is a never-ending stream that continually provides me with reason.

Without creativity, inspiration starves and without inspiration, creativity has no fuel. They are the Ying to each other’s Yang. If that makes any sense at all? Inspiration is not the same for everyone and how fortunate is that? If we all resonated to the same beat, life would be dull and creativity lacking in dimension.

I can only tell you what inspires me and how I top up the “inspiration” bank when my energies are lacking.

Most importantly, I remember it is a “spell” and not a sentence. Past experience has shown me my most creative adventures and output are still to come. When I can’t think of what to write I don’t punish myself, I take myself away and focus on something else.

I think a great deal about what I want us to talk about. Conversations count and are up there as an inspiration source. I am realistic and know I cannot keep 100% of the people happy all the time; what inspires me is to evolve and for as many of us to move along together as we can. Hearing your opinions is what drives me. Inspiration comes when the subject matter is real and authentic. Having this focus means my mind is on high alert and the conversations I have around this resonate.  I am simply a translator. Days like today I want to touch deeper levels; other days I really only have the perfect raincoat on my mind. We, women, are like that.

Beauty is my greatest source of inspiration. Stating the very obvious, but so true. It is in every day, everywhere and we must create it for ourselves and not rely on external sources only. It is in the smallest gesture and the micro-moment of detail; a state of mind, not a state of play. Beauty has no entrance fee or opening hours and only limited by our own imagination.

Movement and activity are what inspire me. The more movements I make, the more creative I become. Flexibility and strength are my motivators as I try to work my “better, not younger” mindset. The more I move, the better I am and that is everything.

An open mind and a willingness to learn are the “divining rods” of creativity. Ageing makes it more difficult to grasp and learn new ways – I truly believe we must learn something new every day and fight to stay in front. We may be slower than our children, than our teachers but who cares? The act of learning is an individual one and the challenges personal. Read more, watch more and dare more. Yes, let’s be more daring.

People, the ones I know and those I don’t, are responsible for creativity. Even our little Pug, Marloe inspires me. His gentle soul and true heart teach me every day. There is so much inspiration in the obvious.

Inspiration is infinite – it is us who create the barriers. xv

Inspired By Needle & Thread


layered lace  ||  butterfly rose  ||  halter gown  ||  lustre sheer sleeve  ||  sequin tulle

image, emilia clarke,  mariano vivanco, harper’s bazaar 2017

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I once read what a famous writer said about writing: “You just need to be there. You have no idea what you’re going to write, but your responsibility is to get to your typewriter, journal, computer, and just be there.” I find that to be true. Not that every day that you are present and start to write will yield good results, but it does one thing: it creates habit. Like anything else, we make habits, we break habits, or at least try! Those of us who have made it a habit to notice, observe, write, photograph or create in some other manner will never lose it. It’s habit.

Linda B

Thank you for this amazing piece on inspiration. . . Indeed, it is inspiring for us, your readers!
I totally agree that beauty is a very key starting place.


Thank you Linda… as Anita said, creating becomes a habit and I think beauty is what enables it :)


that’s what life a for…daily learning but it’s getting harder when you get older. isn’t it?

Sue Robins

What a beauty today VA! Inspiration – now that absolutely comes in all shapes and sizes and hits us in the most extraordinary ways and changes with our age. When I was teaching Visual Arts I was constantly surrounded by fabulous Secondary age students, galleries, trips, wonderful discussion and such beauty. I hardly recall a day when I wasn’t inspired and hence motivated. When I retired my inspiration came elsewhere – not as intense but equally motivating. Now it is in much more gentle discussion, gardens, travel even just taking myself off to Melbourne for the day to sit amongst the bustling copious crowds rushing everywhere, with a cup of tea to observe the fashion (or non fashion) passing by, the language, laughter and the wandering thoughts and memories and I often catch myself smiling. Smiling because this makes me reflect and still wonder in the places we can find inspiration and beauty. Yes, inspiration is truly amazing and hard for me to imagine a world without it. Just wish people would open their minds and hearts a likely wider sometimes to let it in!

Mary-Jill Bellhouse

Love this kind of topic/discussion. At 69, sometimes I think, ‘What’s next?’ But then I reflect on how inspiration to try something new has tapped me on the shoulder when I was least expecting it. Following an unexpected and sad ‘silver divorce’, I was motivated to take up music again. I was ‘forced’ to learn the violin from age 7 to 18 (in those days you did as you were told!) & I became quite an accomplished player. However, when parental restrictions ceased, I gave up music to ‘have fun’, follow a career, marry & have children. By chance I discovered a community orchestra in my city &, with my heart in my mouth, I joined. I was so rusty I could hardly play a note, but I enjoyed the camaraderie & it was like coming home. Fast forward 13 years later, rehearsing every week, I have made some lovely friends, I play first violin with a full 60 piece (symphony style) orchestra which gives 3 concerts a year to an audience of at least 300 people each time. As amateur players we take it seriously – although sometimes it can be like living in the Village of Dibley, which makes for some hilarious fun too. During this time, inspiration also gave me a nudge to dip my toe into the world of writing & take another passion of mine – Oral History – to the next level. I’ve never done anything like all this before – but for some reason it seemed right to follow those nudges of inspiration (intuition?) & see where they led … So now I say ‘Yes’ to inspiration and wonder ‘What’s next?’


On my…I found myself swooning over these beautiful, feminine, gorgeous dresses! Love how you always share links to what inspires you. I’m a visual person and always appreciate seeing your interpretations of what you write about. 💓


After reading this post, I sat with it before responding. Inspiration is concept really and in no way a tangible thing . For me inspiration comes in two major different ways , external and internal. For example your lovely floral shot on this post takes my mind to a fanciful garden party . This is external inspiration , my senses take something in and I react creatively. On the other hand internal inspiration is those inner thoughts that come alive with a fertile imagination .
I believe more than anything that you must practice both .
Dress The Part


Sue Robins and Mary-Jill Bellhouse, what lovely posts you have both written. Thank you for sharing. I do agree as you get older inspiration comes to find you in different ways and it’s wonderful to grasp it and go and try new ideas that makes you feel just fabulous!

Michelle à Détroit

Very inspiring Vicki. Thank you so much. I think that artists and creative people use all of our senses to take everything in (particularly visually) and store it away below the surface, in our subconscious. It’s always there, even if we think it isn’t. That indescribable “zone” that artists enter when working is all that we have “banked” bubbling up to the surface. It makes the technical part of the work much easier.


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