28 Aug 2018

On The Agenda: Would You Wear Yellow Nail Polish?

To yellow or not to yellow that is our question?

Last week at the VA office yellow nail polish has been a topic of discussion.

It seems the colour scientifically proven to make us happier has caused quite the stir when it comes to our nails.

But what is it about yellow nail polish that makes it such a marmite beauty product?

Nail polish for some is as important as the shoes or the handbag. Nail colour matches or risks the danger of colour clashing. For others, the chosen colour is not tied down to anything sartorial. If the colour works it works, regardless of what is worn.

Perhaps we shy away from the yellow because it is too bright, despite us loving the warmth and sunshine in our interiors and clothing.

Why is it a different story when applied to our fingernails? It is, after all, the colour of happiness and flowers.

Here is what we all said:

Vicki would not wear yellow nail polish even though she thought that having grey hair would make them work but she decided the colour would not flatter her skin colouring. Reds, greys and khakis all the way.

I (Mary, creative writer intern) would not wear yellow nail polish, as I’m not one for drawing attention to myself. Like Vicki, yellow is not part of my fashion colour scheme. I do love seeing others wear yellow nail polish and this colour can truly brighten up people’s days. Favourite varnish colour? Orange, please.

Amy, our graphic designer, would only wear yellow if it were the right shade; perhaps a more pastel or ice cream shade of yellow.  This decision could be partly because Amy is blonde and feels that yellow nails and yellow hair are too much. She’s thinking about vanilla?

Chloé, our resident tech guru, would absolutely wear yellow nail polish and beamed when asked the question. It’s clear that yellow really does make people happy. Although Chloe admits that there isn’t a colour that she wouldn’t wear. Today’s choice – nude pink.

Do you “follow the yellow brick road”?

VA Nail Polish Of Choice

your chanel giallo napoli  ||  vicki’s butter london british khaki

mary’s deborah lippmann hot child in the city  ||  amy’s butter london lemon drop  ||  chloé’s smith & cult ghost edit

images, jamie nelson 

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I am wearing nude pink as we speak, or type, as the case may be. Yellow is my favorite color, just not on my nails. I can see a young person wearing it for fun.


Nude pink is my choice on nails for years. On holidays I will go for fun colors like grey or black. Yelowwww?? On no, never. I am not al fan of yellow at all.


Nope. Yellow, blue, green, as well as stark white on nails are no go’s for me. Dislike


Nail polish discolors my nails to the point I can’t wear it. But if I could I would wear yellow.

Lynn Ballard Gosselin

Prefer my nails to be simply buffed and polished. No color for me except on my toes…..then anything goes!


I love nail polish and my toes, especially are never without colour but I wouldn’t paint them that delicious shade of yellow. I would feel it was too out there for my 65 year old self. Funny really! I painted my toes orange this summer, so why not yellow?


Well… I’m glad you can’t see my face turning red as I cringe and admit that… I did wear yellow nail polish on my toes nails during 1973. What was I thinking? Never again!

Marsha Alspaugh

I ordered the British khaki and yellow polish
I am all over the place right now!
Trying it all


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