24 Sep 2018

Anxiety: 4 Ways To Deal With This Culprit

Anxiety: 4 Ways To Deal With This Culprit on vickiarcher.com



HOW WE CAN BEAT Anxiety when it Rears It’s unhelpful Head.

Sunday night arrives and the uneasy feeling for the week ahead can begin to surface.

Anxiety can produce an uncontrollable minefield of what ifs and maybe’s as thoughts turn to the future.

Glimpsing the endless to-do list for the week ahead and overthinking microscopic problems makes them appear bigger than they really are. Our minds go into overdrive.

Anxiety is a nervous uncertainty, often lurking when we don’t feel in top form, but there are easy ways we can crush these negative thoughts.

And we want to because anxiety is nobody’s friend.

Practice Mindfulness

Enabling our mind and body to bring themselves back into the present helps ease anxious thoughts.

This can be achieved with simple breathing techniques if time and space are limited.

If these are not an issue, Yoga and Pilates are the best companions.

These type of exercises require a clear focus on breathing which allows thoughts and feelings to calm.

Remember Self-Care

Looking after ourselves is always important as it can considerably boost the way we feel.

Sunday’s and Wednesday’s are good days to take time out for us.

Plunge into a relaxing scent laden bubble bath and prepare for Monday. Take time mid-week for a confidence-boosting blow-dry or mani.

Create Accountability

Accountability can be a fun and uplifting way to wave goodbye to anxious feelings.

If we challenge negativity and look at situations clearly, in most cases it isn’t quite as difficult as it may appear.

Take action and be in control. What are the top wins for the week? What can we improve on and what are our commitments? Holding ourselves accountable can be a very successful way to work towards our goals.

Stay Organised

Being organised is what holds the key.

Schedule the diary and write lists – keeping on track is a huge weight off the shoulders.

Jotting it down helps to bring us control and order.

Finding peace in a frantic world can be challenging at times. These 4 really work.

Anxiety Free

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Michelle à Détroit

I hated Mondays when I worked in corporate America. Now that I am self employed and doing what I love, I look forward to Mondays and the fresh start of a new week.

Leslie in Oregon

I had the same experience, Michelle à Détroit. Leaving political office employment in the U.S., and its time-wasting meetings and other superfluous and frustrating demands on my time and energy, for self-employment doing the portion of that former job I most loved, entirely changed how I felt as I approached Mondays. Even though I worked more total hours and had less financial security as a self-employed person, I felt so much less stress and had so much more freedom and satisfaction than I had had as a political office employee. The coming of Monday was no longer full of dread. Next year, I will start my 36th year of grateful self-employment.

Dr Andrea Phillips - Seidel

there are a myriad of beautiful ways to enhance the every day; every moment experience of the life that we live…
my soul’s purpose is to offer a gentle guidance to all beings – make everything count and accelerate your experience!! Monday? just a name….


I love this. Just yesterday, I experienced some anxiety on the job, but it was warranted; I had to do something I had never done before with standardized testing via the computer. Managing 27 eight year olds while getting them logged into the computer and doing my part at my computer was anxiety inducing indeed. But the help of calm and kind colleagues, I got the job done. WHEW….I love the self-care component of these ideas because truly, if we don’t take care of ourselves, no one else CAN. We have the power!

Linda B

I read this yesterday on my phone as I came back from a wonderfully destressing long weekend trip to Moab, Utah. So today is my Monday this week! I am realizing how much better I am prepared to meet it when I have given myself so much time with friends, cycling, and hiking in the beauty of a spectacular place. I will be pondering how to replicate this in miniature on regular weekends!

I do want to say thank you for another wonderful post about how to manage things in a healthier way.


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