27 Sep 2018

Dressing Effortlessly: 3 Easy Pieces

Dressing Effortlessly: 3 Easy Pieces on vickiarcher.com


I have had one of those weeks, I partly blame jet lag and tbh it is probably pretty much par for the course once a change of seasons is on us. I rant and rave; I have nothing to wear! A smart person, actually any person, who looked in my closet, would immediately disregard this statement. Obviously, I have something to wear but my mood is feeling the opposite. As I wore the same black tuxedo pants three days in a row with an alternating blouse I figured out this was one of my go-to effortless outfits. This is what works when my inclination is to sit in the PJ’s all day. 

The girls and I discussed the subject of effortless at length – funny how women can talk and talk fashion – and we came up with 3 outfits we revert to, despite our different ages. 3 choices that never fail, that constantly look good and 3 we are happy with. 

I asked Mary to put our conversation down,

Effortless is an adjective meaning achieved with admirable ease. In fashion, effortless could mean the simplest of outfits. Jeans and a t-shirt immediately spring to mind. However, dressing effortlessly means so much more than this. Dressing with minimal work means that it is done easily, but well.


Some days, picking an outfit is the hardest part. Perhaps it is the weather making it difficult to come to a decision. Or maybe it was worn too recently? Constant doubts swirling. It could simply be me on a particular day.


Fashion shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Dressing should be fun, not intimidating. Easy dressing doesn’t have to mean wearing your comfiest clothing.


But what about the days we want to look like superstars but we haven’t got it in us?


There are 3 easy outfits we can always rely on to look fabulous, and more importantly, make us feel full of self-confidence. They are uncomplicated choices because once on, the rest of the outfit comes naturally.

The Little Black Dress

Perhaps a no-brainer, the Little Black Dress is a simple, iconic piece that is incredibly versatile to style. This is a garment most of us know and love. Whether it’s for work or an evening outfit, “one is never over or underdressed with a little black dress” according to Karl Lagerfeld. There are endless varieties of the L B D, ensuring there is a style for everyone.

The Tailored Jacket

The Tailored Jacket is another straightforward win/win piece. The masculine style of a blazer means it to be styled in a number of ways. Wear it with sneakers and a t-shirt for an off-duty look. Or style with heels and our favourite earrings for a more glamorous ensemble. Go classic or try a velvet number?

The Feminine Blouse

The Feminine Blouse we may have all but forgotten?  It is a key contender for effortless dressing. This may be the easiest piece yet as it will sharpen up most outfits. Simply paired with jeans, a feminine blouse can make any pants more thoughtful.

We can relax with the timelessness of these 3 and feel unstoppable when we walk out the door. Relying on these means we can achieve the look we want fuss-free and without losing the appeal that more time consuming and laborious outfits would take.

When the what-will-I-wear day strikes next time – we have the answer.

When In Doubt

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Lovely choices. The LBD looks sooooo Audrey! If you continue having a hard time making decisions, you may be dehydrated or low on iron. Both can cause brain fog and indecision (voice of experience) so you might want to get checked.


I have one more piece that I always resort when in doubt – a jumpsuit. I know that it doesn’t work for everyone, but it surely works for me! ;)


I love a jumpsuit on a tall frame.. sadly I am not tall enough… and i can’t seem to grow ;)


I have all these things! I’m ready to go to work now knowing that what little I have in my closet will work for me today!

Michelle à Détroit

Yes, yes and YES! I rely on all three pieces, to which I would add the solid, cashmere pullover v or crew neck sweater and the black pencil skirt.


My LBD is a French navy blue rather that black which can be a bit harsh and draining. I have been also thinking about a charcoal grey capsule collection as well


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