8 Sep 2018

Faux: Not Pho


Decisions, decisions.

Deciding where to invest in fashion is one of those talents requiring time and experience. Most of us have bought unwisely at one time or another despite our budget. I have never been one to buy only designer for I believe real style is not about a label. Some designers charge a bomb and it is worth every penny; others do and it is simply not.

I take an open-minded approach to designer wear and consider some pieces worth the investment and others, well others we can buy “less” and get as much if not more. “Get the look” and all that.

Faux leopard is one of those.

I was browsing faux coats looking for a new one for this coming winter. It’s time. Faux and leopard are the scene-stealers this year. I found an amazing coat, truly stunning but one which had me coughing and spluttering over the price.

There is good news? It set me on a path to find a “less is more” version because when I wear the lookalike, I will look – alike. And I am looking for faux.

This coat is just as stunning and a fraction of the price – it is still expensive but a considered investment. This other one at a fraction of the price is gorgeous and will also do the job beautifully.

There are places to save when re-inventing the wardrobe and this is one of them. xv

Faux: Not Pho

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Yes. AMEN! This makes a statement. Maybe I should wear one of these jackets to send a message to my students: GRRRRRRR!


Not only is the faux version good looking and less expensive…..it can also be worn with a clear conscience.
The “real thing” states in the description, that it is crafted from very soft rabbit fur.
Cruelty free is always a better choice.


Wish there was a YES box to tick for your comment Laura!!!! I even balk at faux when it comes to animal print unless the fabric is obviously not fur and even then I cringe a bit. Glad we’re all different – would be a boring old world if we weren’t.


although I am a leopard fan since it cames in fashion I think less is more. The coat
for eleventhousend….I would never buy it too.

Linda B

I will always, always adore looking at leopard coats and jackets in pictures and on others. I am not brave enough to wear that much leopard in a town where no one else does. A good part of that is that I live where one barely ever actually needs a real coat because our winters are so mild; but also, it is just so casual out here in the Southwest of the US. I’d stick out like a sore thumb in a coat like these. . . So I content myself with admiring from afar. And I wear my leopard shoes, which somehow seems acceptable.


Go to etsy dot com. type “vintage leopard coat” in search. So many affordable, chic choices.You will be astounded by the selection. Did I say affordable? Oh yes, yes I did!


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