3 Sep 2018

It’s Monday, Start The Week Right: 3 Ways To Boost Confidence

3 Ways To Boost Confidence on vickiarcher.com

How CAN we put that spring back in our step?


We are taught that having confidence is vital if we want to succeed in life or give off the impression that we are. Many of us lack confidence and spend time trying to uncover how to ‘get it’.

For some of us, confidence comes naturally. It’s intuitive the second we wake up and nothing can dampen our spirits. For others, it’s something we continually strive for; something we long to have that can seem so out of reach.

Self-confidence is something to aspire to, regardless of whether we have heaps of it or have to work towards it.

Although there is not one simple step to becoming confident overnight, there are 3 simple ways to boost confidence that can have a hugely positive effect on our wellbeing and mental health.


  1. Appearance

Change on the outside can have a profound effect on the inside.

  • Adding a bold red lip can make an outfit we are not feeling so confident about a thousand times better.
  • Getting a haircut can be revitalising. Whether that means going for the chop or having a simple trim, a fresh haircut can give a whole new lease of life. A minor adjustment may be all we need to feel lighter.
  • Wear something that makes us feel confident. Clothing that doesn’t, isn’t worth keeping. Having a wardrobe clear out is extremely helpful to ensure that all the clothes we own, we love, making our mornings that little bit easier.

  1. Exercise

As well as improving our physical health,  exercising can boost self-esteem, elevate our mood and improve our sleep.

  • By adding a yoga class to our weekly schedule, we are already on our way to improving confidence. Yoga frees the mind and has been proven to lower stress levels as well as making us feel better about us.
  • Running or walking for half an hour after a busy day at work can relax and make us feel more in tune. This time is for us.
  • Simple stretches in the morning after waking are guaranteed to start the day well. Not only do stretches energise us and make that bed to breakfast journey that bit easier, they encourage blood flow and stop muscles from aching.



  1. Challenge Yourself & Make Changes

Confidence can be hard to obtain when we are stuck in routines. Routines can be comforting for some, but they can also mean we are not challenging ourselves. Simple changes can make all the difference to our self-esteem.

  • Challenge ourselves every week to do something we otherwise wouldn’t such as walking instead of getting public transport or trying new recipes or restaurants. What about a language app? Try Italian or French on Duo. It doesn’t matter how big or small the changes, the important part is leaving our comfort zone and embracing the new. Give one compliment a day to a stranger; that is a challenge of the best kind.
  • Newly found confidence is about finding what works best for us. It’s not the kind of steps that matter it is the taking of them.

Monday morning checklist:

Yoga with extreme difficulty done, hair trimmed and styles and compliment given; about to wear the favourite jeans and add the lipstick.

Boost The Confidence

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eileen fisher a-line dress this one will look good every day in every way  ||  art stick harlow red ||  silver sequin sweatshirt cute with the jeans

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First of all…I love your photos. I have embraced the tint of pink this summer, and I have found that for the more “mature” me at age 60, pink is a great color to wear. In my younger years, it did not interest me. I wore more POP out colors but now, it’s about the soft edges….second, I start school tomorrow. Mind you, I’m teaching 8 year olds now, and they DO notice how you comport yourself! Confidence in any profession is critical, and as a teacher, you will either be eaten alive if any tinge of fear is detected but respect will ensue if you respect yourself and how you treat others. So Vicki, your post is perfect for me today as I venture out tomorrow on my 16th year of putting myself out there in front of children of all ages, to teach them the content AND how to also be confident through their struggles as well as successes! Thank you!


Much love to you, Anita! I admire you for putting yourself out there as a teacher. Bravo. It’s not an easy profession and the pay certainly doesn’t boost confidence.


I struggle too… especially with exercise… it is my least favourite thing to do, Sandra.. so I push and challenge myself there… I don’t find it easy but I do know I feel better if I do… start out with small ideas and you know… they do grow… Walking is a good starting point, small achievable targets that are not going to fail before they get going… that’s how I manage… :)

Linda B

What wonderful reminders! I am not at work today–it’s a holiday in the US–but I have been keeping up with work emails over the weekend (which I regret–must break that habit!). My job involves working with parent questions and concerns in the private school I work at. . . and for some reason, suddenly the number jumped, starting late last week. I suppose it is just the beginning of the school year, and people adjusting. . . but my confidence has felt rattled. When I go back to work tomorrow, I am going to wear a fabulous dress and a color of lipstick that totally cheers me up and gives me confidence, as per your advice!

I am intrigued by your idea of making change. . . I tend to be one that relies on the support of a daily rhythm, which mostly is pretty healthy–but I see your point that I should also stretch myself in some way to bring some spark into life. I am going to ponder this. . .What is that spark going to be for me? Thanks for the push!


It doesn’t have to be a massive change or dramatic one.. something small, but something that challenges you… or is slightly out of the comfort zone is another way of putting it… and lipstick always helps.. :)


It’s funny Vicki you raise this question on confidence and challenging ourselves as I ponder this often when doing my 6km early morning walk with my 2 dogs. Whilst walking I plan the day (more so now I am retired), I am usually inspired and then it can all crash as quick as a blink. Slight exaggeration but my mood is often set by my ‘encounters’ with other early morning runners, cyclists and walkers. I always start off happy and love to say good morning but all it takes is one ‘grump’ and I am left thinking why are people so agro that early in the day and if I don’t pull myself up, I can become quite despondent. BUT I never give up, the next walker will give the biggest smile and happy hello and all is positive in the world again. It’s very odd because when I was teaching I felt that I was always surrounded by happy positive people, and as a Principal I ensured my staff created this positive environment – it was the most empowering influence on our students. Sadly I can no longer ‘control’ my environment but I am challenging myself to smile and say ‘hello’ to a stranger as often as I can and hope it is as important to them as it has always been to me. You’ve nailed it again Vicki – don’t ever stop being our inspiration!


Thank you Sue and I know exactly what you mean.. positive energy from us and others is everything. I often find aggressive drivers can wreck my upbeat mood in the same way… as you say .. the never giving up or letting our positivity drop is the answer… and if it does… and it does from time to time… recognising it will return… :)


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