6 Sep 2018

Packing in the Beauty

Packing again.

This time a long haul pack which means forget mini size skincare and makeup, everything is going into the check-in bag. I will be carrying the minimum on the plane – if I am checking in, then let’s check it in.

Recently I was given the most gorgeous makeup/skincare pouch and what I like most, apart from it is super pretty, is the shape. Seriously, this shape is the best. I have always used traditional bags for my products and making this small change has meant all the difference.

Because I can see what I have. I don’t have to dig in and rifle through or pull everything out to find the one essential pencil.

The contents are not only easy to access but also quick to arrange or not depending on your habit. I like to arrange all my bits in the bathroom as if I were at home. Ideally I would like to travel with two of these for a long trip and divide the makeup and skincare but for now one is enough.

I pack minimum on makeup and go long on skincare.

And all of the above will be in there, especially the sunglasses. xv

Packing in the Beauty

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I am wearing that BOBBI BROWN FAT pencil as liner and lipstick and am LOVING IT!It does not bleed into my wrinkles!!!!!!SAFE TRAVELS……………XX

Elizabeth C

I recently traveled with the EMME bag. It has multiple pouches that folds in together and zips up. It lays so nicely flat in your suitcase. Although I can definitely see the advantage of seeing what you have at a glance. Love your blog!


Agree about having see through bags for travel. I have one for skincare and another for make-up. Works so well. Easy to see everything and check all is there when packing. Mine were not expensive as they came as gifts with purchase. When we travel OS it’s usually for almost two months so I can’t manage with sample sizes either. But they’re brilliant on long haul for in flight use. Best wishes and happy travels, Pamela


I need a beauty treatment this weekend after my first week back to school. All of the above looks just like what I need!


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