4 Sep 2018

The Art of Movement: On The Road Again

When I am on the road, it all falls apart.

My movement,  exercise routine.

Yes, I promise myself I will find a local yoga class, swim laps somewhere and pound the pavements. I never do. The mind is willing but the body; well the body has other ideas.

Being consistent with exercise is not my strong point, it never has been and I have to work at the regularity and discipline constantly. When I am home it is easier and I know this is an excuse but it is what it is. I need to find an answer because I travel frequently.

Somewhere in the dark reaches, I have allowed myself to “stop” as soon as I pass through an airport terminal. It is as if all sense of routine evaporates and I am in free fall. I have a double persona – the homebody and the traveller. The traveller couldn’t give a thought for the exercise routines, turns her nose up, orders room service and binges on the latest Netflix series when she should be down in the gym. You get the picture.

It is really not ok and I am determined to shake this habit of mine.

So how to do it?


The age of movement is upon me and there can be no excuses.

The mindset must be in place and I’m hopeful mine is. I feel differently, more determined and next week will tell.

Plan ahead and allow time in the day for exercise. I am guilty of jamming my away days so there is no time for movement.

Could that be intentional? Another habit to break.

Schedule a local class. Yoga/ Pilates/ Gym is pretty much on every street corner these days; there are no excuses.

Create a routine to be practised each morning, if venturing out into the unknown is too much – it is not like I cannot figure out a program of exercises to do on my own. How hard can that be? I will write one in my diary (yes, I have a non-electronic diary) before I leave. Do you do that?

Walk and walk some more. First thing and every morning a walk is an easy way to get the step count up, enjoy the destination and turn the heart volume up. Do not be deterred by rain; there is nothing a warm shower and a high voltage hair dryer cannot fix.

Repeat. If Day One is not as strong as it should have been, there is always tomorrow. One day’s grace is all though.

Pack the gear. This is my worst excuse of all; leave the kit at home.

Help! Am I the only one who fails with this? xv

The Art of Movement: Who Said Looking The Part Doesn’t Help

must have in my suitcase:  1 x jacket goes over everything and travels everywhere   2 x leggings  2 x tank tops   1 x sweatshirt 

camo field jacket  ||  the upside matte leggings  ||  the upside performance leggings  ||  the upside leopard sweatshirt  ||  tank top  ||  grey tank

images, fabio bartelt, james macari

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Taste of France

Vogue has a bunch of videos with models exercising in hotel rooms, using things like water bottles as weights. Not sure whether they are motivating, though, since the models are so young and so thin.
Don’t forget that lots of walking around counts.


Walking around is a must… but even I don’t do enough of that sometimes..especially if I am in Provence and have a million jobs to do!


Travel does make it more difficult to work in movement. However, if I have not gone for a run or long hike over 2 days, my body literally pushes me out the door. If in a city, or area where my usual routine is not convenient, then it’s off to the nearest gym!
Two days without significant movement is my limit, and I really try to avoid even that, when traveling.

Vicki Lindgren

I love your articles but I especially love this one. I thought it was just me. Exercise is ALWAYS in my mind to do but I don’t. Being constantly disappointed in myself is exhausting. Thank you for the encouragement. I’m at the age now where exercise is a MUST in order to keep moving (66).

Linda B

Good for you for making a new resolution in this area, Vicki! If you can stick with it, and make new habits, I promise you’ll enjoy your travels even more in the end! You get a whole new perspective on local life when you get out somewhere new and move through the landscape.

I spent three weeks traveling this summer. I took my running gear, and ran, walked and/or hiked all but maybe 3-4 days, when very early travel times made it impossible. It was the first thing I did every day. I enjoyed every moment of exploring the neighborhoods I was in, and then felt free to eat and drink what I pleased the rest of the day (and didn’t gain any weight, with all the extra indulgences.) I have learned the hard way, as I age, that this is how I feel best when I am traveling!


I think for me the answer is to do it first thing before I get wrapt up in my day.. then as you say, I am free to do whatever I have to… I’ll let you know! :)

Marsha Scott

Same problem here ! But, I must say, I absolutely hate exercising in any organized way, like classes with set schedules. I love walking fast, but I’ve discovered it must be on a trail meant for this purpose. We have a giant park nearby with a 3-mile trail for runners/walking. It’s beautiful there and the really good thing: once you start you must finish. Taking my doggy walking doesn’t count my MD says. Just me or with girlfriends so we can chat and fast walk all the way around. And, I must wear the old shiny leggings (mosquitos). Great inspiration, V. Makes me want to get up and OUT ! Fall is coming and the weather here will be wonderful for a few months, so no excuse at all !!!

Robyn Kreymborg

Yes yes yes agree Vicki 💖💖 I am constantly dieting and exercising madly from one event, holiday or special occasion to the next 😩I can’t seem to be sensible all the time with either diet or exercise so as soon as the gorgeous outfit and shoes come off I think a little chocolate or pastry won’t hurt and I don’t have time for the treadmill today 😜😩it’s like hitting the repeat button omg 60 days till the Melbourne Cup and I can’t zip up the dress I purchased 3 months ago 😩😂😂 wish I were more like the French women who never seem to overindulge or change shape 😂😂 We are all beautiful women and we try to be our best selves 💖💖 even if our crowns dislodge sometimes 😂😂💞💞


I’m sure French women do change shape but one thing, especially Parisian women, is never stop running up and down stairs!


For flights that have long layovers, I research the airport hotels and sign up for a fitness pass. Once the plane lands, I head over to the gym, workout, shower and then go to my overnight flight. All the stress from packing and getting to the airport melts away. I arrive at my destination feeling relaxed and refreshed.


Vicki, I’ve been in Provence for 6 weeks and have done yoga several times a week. I bring my yoga gear with me and am completely hooked. It’s so wonderful doing this in a different environment to the one I’m used to at home, especially outside, and with different people who don’t know me but are so welcoming. I then just slipped easily back into my home yoga when I returned. Try it somewhere different, it’s invigorating.


I am going to!
I am really loving yoga right now so you have motivated me to try…Thank you… :)


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