24 Oct 2018

‘Girl With A Pearl Earring’

Girl With A Pearl Earring on vickiarcher.com


This girl wants a pearl earring.

Or two.

Hoops with pearls to be exact. After last week’s crush on hoops, I really feel like embellishing the hoops. I have yet to explore the idea of multiple earrings in one lobe – that’s another topic we need to discuss – and I suspect I am too boring and cautious to wear many. If I had a few more areas to decorate, heaven help me. I would be jumping through hoops everywhere.

Pearls are my thing; they always have been.

The idea of wearing a larger earring adorned with one or many pearls appeals to me. It’s a combination of impact from a bigger earring, which I like and the flattering effect the pearl sheen has on our skin tone. Apart from this, pearl earrings are widely available this season and at every price point. 

A pearl hoop does not have to break the bank and maybe you prefer to save your powder for a pearl classic; that’s why I love these. All the look and little pain. These can work their magic but don’t need to stay in the jewellery box forever.

Then there are some major players, like these from Mizuki; a favourite jewellery brand of mine. They have a very unique and beautiful way of working pearls into modern and wearable styles.

I am in an earring mood, I keep finding beauties, and so I’m running with it. It is the same old story – when I need it, I can’t find it and when I don’t, I do. xv

This Girl Wants These Pearl Earrings

don’t refrain

pearl drop hoops  ||  morocco hoop earrings  ||  marquis hoop earrings 

divine inspiration

mizuki pearl hoops  ||  sea of beauty baroque hoops ||  all pearl hoops ||  fine demi pearl hoops

images, scarlett johansson “the girl with a pearl earring, 2003, original painting johannes vermeer, 1665

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Linda B Kerr

When I was a teen and first had my ears pierced, I noticed that something special happened when I wore a certain pair of pearl studs. Suddenly my face was radiant! There seemed to be some magic at work. Today I still look to pearl earrings to illuminate my face. If I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to do a full make-up, I’ll grab for some pearl earrings, put on lipstick, and I’m ready to go.


I love love love pearls. They are so flattering and particularly on bad days they are a
must in my outfit.

Celia Becker

From one pearly girl to another, in the art museum in Vienna, Austria the gift shop sells a replica of “The Girl With the Pearl Earrings” earrings. I loved them and am still kicking myself for not buying a pair! I took a photo of them which reminds of my epic fail!


museumshopdenhaag.com sells the same earrings ( available online) as in Vienna I think you will find Celia


I love pearls. I have all kinds of necklaces, bracelets and rings. The sad part is I can no longer wear earrings of any type. I will have an allergic reaction to any type of earring. I have tried every metal, non-metal available and nothing works. BUT there is nothing like pearls. They make you feel special.


Girl with a Pearl Earring, oil painting on canvas (c. 1665) by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer, one of his most well-known works.
This fabulous painting also inspired a film of the same name .
Pearls are one of the most classic stones , making up some of the most beautiful jewelry.
I love your recreation of this piece .


Years ago when I first married my father bought me pearl earrings and a drop pearl necklace. 40 years later I still love them. I have recently purchased a set of single drop pearl earrings but this time with a gold setting. My wedding earrings were studs but I do like a drop earring and am revisiting all my gold jewellery I had but didn’t have any drop earrings. I do agree Linda B Kerr that they do illuminate your face and are just perfect with a crisp white blouse. Simplicity with jewellery is very stylish Vicki.


I believe you’re either a ‘diamonds’ or a ‘pearls’. While I do have a few diamonds, I am definitely a ‘pearl girl’!


Oh Vicki, you are speaking my language here! I LOVE PEARLS! I have been looking for a pair of fresh water pearl drop earrings such as in these images, but they are hard to find. I love the idea of hoop earrings with that dangling pearl..now you have me thinking!


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