21 Oct 2018

Jump Through Hoops


Go big or go home as they say.

Hoops are forever making a comeback. We see countless articles year in and year out and they’ve been aptly circling their way through the glossy pages every season. But did they ever really go away?

The answer is absolutely not.

We’re still loving them as much as we did decades ago but 2018 has been the year of the earrings. Big, small, decadent and arty, we’ve seen them all. I’m a huge fan of the recent resin styles in pastel shades. Paired with a monochrome outfit, they’re the ultimate pop of colour. Nonetheless, it’s circular ones we’ll always be partial to.

Hooped earrings are our saving grace, the style we remain loyal to, and like what often happens with trends, we return to.

However, there’s been a slight shift in size. No longer are we craving small and dainty; it’s bigger the better we’re lusting after. Big but not huge is the way forward; it’s effortless impact in its greatest form.

The thicker hoops have pushed their way to the frontline. A great choice for simpler outfits, they’re powerful, strong and add a whole new dimension to our look. Wear these with hair up for maximum effect. We’d suggest toning down on other jewellery when wearing this style and let the hoops do the talking. Less is more right?

A thinner set speaks elegance. Their subtlety makes them a glorious choice for every ensemble. Wear these with hair loose and let their delicacy be the perfect addition to your day-time or evening outfits. Be more liberal with your jewellery as layering these with finer necklaces and bracelets looks incredible.

Another latest trend in hoops is those with added interest. Whether this is an added diamond or a different shape – think squares and ovals. Or in a colour that strays from our traditional gold and silver. It’s great to wander from the classics, and there’s plenty of options out there. We love this pair with the tortoise-shell addition. And the little gold disc on this set is the cherry on top.

Big hoops shouldn’t be tied down to trends, they’re timeless. It’s incredibly exciting to see the ways they have been re-imagined over the years and remarkable how key pieces we’ve always loved have evolved and become a staple for all ages.

They’re a constant go-to in my jewellery box and I’ll be making space for them without exception.

If you fancy jumping through hoops, try these too.

Hoops To “Jump” Through

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argento vivo tortoise  ||  zoe chicco washer  ||  melissa joy manning extra large

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I love the hoops I have. I was smitten back in the 70s as a high school student when the singer Cher made them popular in our circles, then smitten again when I first saw the original Sabrina with Audrey Hepburn wearing them as the transformed Mademoiselle. I happened to find a pair very similar to hers with that 50s look and they are a staple in my wardrobe accessories! No, the hoop will always be there, like the ancient circle and symbol that represents the constant release and return of things.


Yes they are forever stylish, aren’t they? I am re-stocking and might try some with a little extra bit of “something” too… seems I have lost mine!
Now my hair is long I do love the idea of them.. the more hair I have the more confident I am with the earrings… :)

Donna D

Funny you should bring these up at this time! Was in London this week and bought the most gorgeous pair, total tortoise shell … had not worn a pair since the 70’s. Whilst dining in the Wosley, I had two women come up and enquire where I had purchased them…


And they are gorgeous Donna – sadly no Massimo Dutti in Oz and they don’t ship internationally. Not having much luck lately with all the tempting fashion – trip planned for next year, thank goodness!!!

Michelle à Détroit

I especially the love the idea of wearing the thick ones with no other jewelry, Vicki. The size is just perfect. I must get a lightweight pair right now!

Jody Bradshaw

Thank you Donna, love them and just called my local store to hold them for me. I tried online, but out of stock. Vicki, I always find interesting things on your blog….I believe this is my first time posting, but I follow you regularly and have bought a few things you have posted about.

Linda B Kerr

I am wearing a cool pair of vintage Ben Amun hoops in my profile pic on facebook. They are hoops with a twist. Check it out: Linda Boardman Kerr.


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