11 Oct 2018

Train, Train Trainer

Train, Train, Trainer on vickiarcher.com

The closest I will get to a marathon is the trainer.

The moment has passed; with some nostalgia, my running days are over. I did love running and pounded the pavements for my fair share but the time has come to preserve the knees and stick with other practices. Change is a wonderful thing so I have no problem with that.

What hasn’t changed is my love of a good trainer. I am happy to find the most comfortable of shoes as a hot fashion item. The powers that be are showing us the sports style trainer with every type of outfit – from the very casual to the quite dressy.

Sneakers and trainers have been a staple in my fashion wardrobe for some time and if it is considered the mode to wear them with the most unlikely of outfits, I am going to. I won’t be wearing the tracksuit and money belt look outside anytime soon, but I will be wearing a skirt, sweater and a pair of trainers often. Or a dress and leather jacket combined with a white or even a coloured pair.

I like Nikes right now.

As much as the designer gang are creating wonderful combinations and styles I am too mean to pay extravagant prices for this type of footwear. The Nikes do the job every time and now they are playing along and showing very fun colour options available.

If the sneaker/trainer trend is new to your comfort zone, stay in classic colours – the white, grey or black options all gives the look we want. Ready to experiment; check out these beauties in green smoky silver. Imagine with all grey or even camel and grey?

Today it’s grey dress, white trainers and leather jacket later. Tomorrow I’m definitely outing the rose/crimson flash. xv

Train, Train Trainer

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Linda B Kerr

I must admit that I’m slow to see the attraction of wearing trainers with formal wear, or even dresses. Maybe it’s my age?
As a little girl (born in ’53) I couldn’t WAIT to relinquish my Mary Janes for a strapless shoe! And HEELS were something else entirely! I’ve always loved delicious leather shoes, preferably Italian or French made. That said, I do wear sneakers to workout, and sometimes to work, but they are sleek Pumas, in black or red. I enjoy the comfort. I am VERY slow to see any beauty in chunky white trainers. Perhaps it’s because I associate them with older people on cruise ships? I just don’t get the aesthetic. It doesn’t compute. I think other women can pull it off, and it’s definitely a surprise to see them underneath a formal gown or dress–but just not for me.


I would love to see some photos of everyday people sporting this look. Kind of liking it, but not sure quite how the working woman over 60 wears this look. Right now loafers are my answer to comfort outside the gym, but I’m willing to change, just not sure how.


I need to get out and take some Jeanne… or maybe just of me!! I seem to be wearing them every day with each outfit ;) ;)


I like the look when it is neat. Of the three pictures above, the middle look is more me. I like a slimmer pant with a sneaker as the wider leg pants just look sloppy. I also like the more traditional tennis shoe vs. the trainer with dresses. Just my thoughts. :)


I felt like that too Missi, but now I have become used to wearing the others too… I like to mix it up a bit depending on what I am wearing…

Taste of France

I really liked the Phoebe Philo look with her Stan Smiths. And what set the “cool” shoes apart was that they all had a retro vibe, while tourists and “not-cool” people wore the bulky white or fluorescent trainers. I suppose it’s the inevitable joli-laid evolution that the bulky shoes would become cool, because the only way to pull them off is to be ultra-cool in every other way.
I had bunion surgery about a decade ago on one foot; it is starting to ache again despite a complete ban on heels. And the other foot always hurts but I don’t want to go through surgery–rather the month of being immobile afterward. So I applaud the trainer trend and take advantage of it to the fullest. However, I’m not cool enough for the bulky style.


That’s why I like the Nike’s .. get the look but not too much of the “out there” style!
Good luck with the feet :(

Pamela P.

I started wearing sneakers when I was told that I needed both hips replaced (I’m in my early 60s). I wasn’t sure about trading my high end shoes but pain made up my mind. I found a shoe that I love and haven’t looked back – even post-surgery. Tao’s shoes, Freedom is the style. Check them out – especially great for casual wear.

Lesley McLellan

In 2002 I had a magical two week holiday with my son Jamie who was living in Milan and when I put on my trainers , he commented most disparagingly that I looked like an American ( forgive me , I am a New Zealander) tourist. That same son years later designed a leisure shoe for Allbirds . The perfecting of the shoe took years and it is hugely successful in New Zealand and America.


How timely is this! Just put two more pairs of Stan Smiths in the shopping cart (already have two) and a pair of Adidas Alphabounce Beyond. Love the white leather sneakers with cropped jeans and a tee and whilst I can’t yet bring myself to wear with dresses or skirts (working on it) I do think they compliment good fitting jeans and a peacoat/blazer/casual jkt.
So now, do I go Nike or Adidas – off to checkout your suggestions again. Thank you Vicki for this post!


Try both… for me Nike has a better range and also I love the fit and they wear well… I’m about to add to my rainbow ;)


Ohhh PS – love the title on today’s post “The closest I will get to a marathon is the trainer”. Still chuckling!

Linda Gallacher

I wear trainers most days too with anything but jeans. Adidas fit me well and have 1/2 sizes so tend to stick with them. Like Vicki I didn’t see the point in spending big bucks on designer trainers but saw the Stella McCartney loop sneakers in London and was totally hooked (and they are the most comfortable thing I’ve worn on my feet!)


Good morning Vicki! I am so glad that these are in fashion because when I first went to France 16 years ago, I was advised to NOT wear white trainers, for it would show that I was a tourist. I wore them anyway, since I knew I’d be walking a lot. No one bothered me about it, but as I look at photos, I sure could have styled up my attire while wearing them! They look gorgeous here, as the models wear clothing that suits the look so well. Nothing says I can’t go for this look again, but this time, in style!

Michelle à Détroit

Frankly, this a trend that either women love or hate. There’s not much middle ground. Those of us who hate the look will probably not be swayed no matter how many chic Parisians jump on the bandwagon. Of course those who love it will keep wearing big sneakers with everything until they go out of style.


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