5 Nov 2018

Burning Bright: Our Latest Scented Candle Crush

Candles are one of our winter essentials.


Candles bring ambience, warmth and fragrance to our homes and as the nights get darker and the air blows colder, candles are one of the best ways to bring cosiness into the evenings.

During the spring and summer months, I tend to reach for lighter scents or nothing at all, in the winter I feel much more inclined to burn candles and make it my ritual to light one every night.


For me, candles create all kind of emotions. That’s the main reason but there are others.

They conjure up a sense of nostalgia and prompt beautiful memories. 

Candles add ambience to any room; real luminosity.

They can be a major feature in our decor. 

Scents can set the tone of the season. I look forward to lighting my festive candles at Christmas time, and my woodier scented candles in the autumn.

VA’s Favourites

Diptyque’s, Feu de Bois is the ultimate cosy night-in candle. Translated from French as a wood fire, it will transport us with its familiar, warm scent. Baies, also from Diptyque, this candle has notes of rose and blackcurrant for a darker floral and fruity scent. Perfect for those who still reminisce for the fragrances of seasons past. 

Cire Trudon’s, Abd el KaderLumiere and Philae (VA’s newest loves) blend heavenly scents reminiscent of ages past. Totally dreamy and some of their best scents ever.

Scented candles can turn our homes into the most relaxing environment. We can make our evenings so much more intimate and comfortable by lighting them. Like Vicki, I have mine burning in the sitting room, bedroom and always the bathroom.

Burning Bright

diptyque feu de bois  ||  cire trudon abd el kader  ||  cire trudon philae  ||  cire trudon lumiere  ||   diptyque baies


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Vicki is the one who first introduced me to Feu des Bois candles by Diptyque. My absolute favorite. I have it in all sizes and also have the room spray and diffuser.


Isn’t it the best!
I have Feu du Bois throughout the La Maison du Village in St Remy at the moment, Melanie… and I have Baies on my terrace in London… So delicious :) xv


Both Feu du Bois and Baies are two of my favorites. I also love the Figuier for spring and summer. I always purchase the Diptyque 5 candle set at the Nordstrom anniversary sale and enjoy each fragrance at a different time of year. It’s finally autumn here in Pennsylvania and it’s a gray day so I’m going now to light my Feu de Bois candle.


Yes…”Emotions” is the key. I’m even teaching my third grade students how to tap into their emotions and five senses as I read to them, as the read, as they write. But for us adults, how lovely to unwind from a hard day with a flickering wick of hope and light. I can almost smell the perfume…


I love candles as well, but after reading about the toxicity that regular candles release into the air in our homes, I have been looking for safer alternatives. Are any of the candles you recommend soy-based, with essential oils as the scent base?


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