26 Nov 2018

Cyber Monday: Lounge, Leisure and Lingerie

There aren’t many women who don’t love either lounging, leisure or lingerie.

I stick my hand up for all three, please.

As it’s Cyber Monday and we have already scouted the best of the wardrobe essentials and some pretty fabulous shoes, lingerie and leisure are where I am headed.

Wearing good underwear, even shapewear and smart PJ’s is an absolute non-negotiable for me. Do you feel the same?

The inside and the quiet time in my life needs as much attention as the public persona, sometimes even more. If what is underneath feels wrong, then it doesn’t matter how great my outfit is, I don’t feel confident. Sleep time for me is all the better if I am wearing not only comfortable pyjamas but attractive ones. Ok, the silky lingerie is not so much on my agenda, I have always preferred PJ’s, but it doesn’t mean I need to look like I am wearing institutional garb.

Masculine style pyjamas can look quite ok if we wear them well.

Shapewear has come a long way and I absolutely swear by it.

Yes, it’s better to be sylph-like and toned to perfection but we all know that’s not always the case.

We do our best so what is wrong with a little help if it is on offer. It would be downright churlish to refuse. Right?

This lingerie makes all the difference; it’s on sale and I am stocking up.

Loungewear is like the pyjamas; it needs to look decent. Maybe not 100% of the time but with wonderful leisurewear and athleisure options available there is no excuse to look scruffy when we are relaxing. If there is one thing I absolutely adore it’s a good TV crime series, a cashmere lounging suit and my feet up in front of the fire. Bliss. xv

Just Because It’s Not On Show

stock up on shapewear

spanx shorts  ||  spanx lace briefs  ||  ***wacoal seamless brief  ||  ***spanx body suit  ||  spanx mid-thigh shorts  ||  tc high waist control

**leg shaping tights  ||  **tummy shaping sheers  ||  **sheer knee highs

prance in these pyjamas

vintage cotton  ||  the white company cotton  ||  camisole silk pyjamas / cashmere cardigan  ||  long sleeve silk pyjamas / cashmere robe

netflix + lounge time

cashmere crewneck sweater and pant lounge suit  ||  jogger lounge pants  ||  natori lounge pants

wear with iceland wool sweater  ||  wear with sam edelman down jacket  ||  wear with cole haan down jacket

image, victoria beckham, patrick demarchelier for vogue

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I really enjoy your posts, but I wish you would think about posting pictures of the items you link to rather than just the link. It would be more helpful to know exactly what I’m clicking to, and it takes a long time to click on each link in order to find out what each is. Thank you.


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